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Saturday, March 23, 2013

PRESIDENTIAL CONCERN ILLOGICAL SAYS MAOIST SPOKESMAN Kathmandu, 24 March: UCPN-Maoist spokesperson Agni Sapkota Saturday said that the country had already headed towards the Constitution Assembly (CA) Election, thE Rising Nepal reports.. Speaking at the regular press meet organized at the party headquarters Parisdanda, he said that there was no best alternative than to go for polls in order to end the current political impasse. “The CA election would be held at the stipulated date as all the political parties have geared up to go for people’s mandate,” said Sapokta, adding that the Nepali people would answer the forces who were against the election. Stating that it was the responsibility of all parties to make election successful, he said that favourable environment for election was forming slowly as the parties that were opposing the election were changing their mind to participate in the polls. “The forces that are attempting to seek other alternatives and are opposing election at a time when the major political parties have forged consensus would be rejected by people,” he said, and added that the Election Commission (EC) had also expressed its commitment to hold the election on the slated date. Stating that there was no reason for the president to show concern on the appointment of chief election commissioner and other commissioners by the constitutional council on the recommendation of political parties, Sapkota said that the EC officials would be appointed within a day or two and the election date would be fixed soon afterwards. “Our party has already initiated election process through the ongoing meeting of central committee (CC),” he said, adding that the committees formed for manifesto writing and candidate selection was a sign that the party was ready to go for the polls. Informing that there was no dispute within the party on the issue of nominating members for the CC, he said that comprehensive discussions were necessary prior to the nomination as the number of eligible individuals was higher in the party. Meanwhile, UCPN-Maoist leader Krishna Bahadur Mahara said that political polarization was on the rise in the country. Addressing a programme organized by Newa: Lyam Kaba here, he said that people were divided for and against the conservation of identity based on caste. Mahara urged the youths to participate in the upcoming Constituent Assembly (CA) election as per the need of the time and country. “The election is necessary to end the longstanding political crisis and confusion in the country,” he said, adding that the major political parties had forged consensus to form the current government in order to hold election. Nnnn DESERTERS WITH TB A PROBLEM FOR HEALTH OFFICIALS Kathmandu, 24 March: The government has been faced with challenges to search for some 9,000 Tuberculosis patients that stay away from medical treatment every year, which has posed the risk to communicate the disease any time to several others unknowingly and develop drug resistance, The Rising Nepal writes. According to the estimation of the government, some 45,000 new people suffer from TB every year in Nepal. Last year, a total of 36,000 new TB patients visited health institution. However, there is no record of some 9,000 patients, Dr, Rajendra Panta, director of the National TB Center, Bhaktapur said. Case finding of non recorded cases is being a big challenges for TB controlling campaign of the government, Dr. Panta added. "Now, the government has focused its programme to find the hidden TB cases," Dr. Panta stated. Among the total affected cases, around 50 per cent are spoterm positive Dr. Panta added that an infected person of this type could transmit the disease to as many as 15 healthy people on a day. There are around 4100 DoT centers across the nation and 1100 sub center where the treatment of TB is available free of cost. However, Nepal has met the WHO target of finding TB cases, which is around 75 per cent, and of successfully treating patients, which is at 90 per cent. nnnn


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