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Thursday, March 14, 2013

REGMI’S FIRST ACTION IMPLICIT CRITICISM OF PRECECESSOR Kathmandu, 15 March: In an implicit criticism of the outgoing government of Prime Minister Baburam Bhattarai government, the first decision of the three-member Khil Raj Regmi government Thursday said it won’t distribute government dole to persons and individuals. The action came as the outgoing government was described as the most corrupt by parties and lawyers. The three members of the interim election council, so described because of the specific responsibility assigned according to Regmi, took office in national dress. Bhattarai and his cabinet colleagues, except Deputy Prime Minister Narayan Kazi Shrestha who appeared twice in public in the national dress nattily dressed in a suit, always wore a suit with an open shirt even on formal occasions. Regmi will have to expand the government whose members will have to be retired special class government officials or former secretaries, according to a 11-point agreement. Four foreign governments from India, China, USA and UK Thursday Thursday’s Nepal developments hoping elections will be held and a constitution drafted adopting the policy the end justifies the means. Foreign governments have pushed illegal or ‘political decisions’ in the last seven years to push their agenda. Bhattarai hasn’t formally resigned even as Regmi was installed in Singha Durbar Thursday. Nepal for the first time has the same as the head of the executive and judiciary. Bhattarai, who has moved to a house in Sanepa from Balywatar, hasn’t officially resigned as prime minister; at least the people haven’t been told. “The interim constitution has been smashed. Yesterday there was Nepal bandh. The four-party syndicate has brought the county to this state. How can anybody believe elections will be held in June,” Rashtriya Janamorcha Chairman Chitra Bahadur KC asked. .”How can you reach heaven by taking the path to hell?” nnnn CAPITAL’S TEMPERATURE 11 DEGREES CELSIUS FRIDAY MORNING Kathmandu, 15 March: The capitals temperature was 11 degrees Celsius a seven in the morning Friday. Temperature is expected to rise of 28 degrees Celsius in the afternoon with a slight drizzle late afternoon. nnnn


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