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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

SMALL PARTIES AGAINST GOVT. OF CHIEF JUSTICE REGMI Kathmandu, 12 March : The leaders of the small political parties have said new government should not be formed under the leadership of the Chief Justice, RSS reports. At an interaction on ´Current Political Crisis and Its Outlet,´ organized by the Media International in the capital on Tuesday, the small party leaders claimed that it would be against separation of powers to elevate Chief Justice to the Prime Ministerial post. Suresh Alemagar of the CPN-Maoist said his party would not accept the decision made only by the UCPN-Maoist, Nepali Congress, CPN-UML and the Madhesi Front. An all-party roundtable conference would be the best alternative to seek political outlet in the country, he argued. Similarly, Chairman of the Madhesi Janadhikar Forum, Upendra Yadav said concentration of judiciary and executive powers in a single person would be against the independence of the judiciary. It was irrational to believe that Nepal would have election under the leadership of the Chief Justice and it would bring constitution, he said, adding it was unconstitutional to form government under the leadership of the Chief Justice. Chairman of the Rastriya Janamorcha, Chitra Bahadur KC said handing over the prime ministerial post to the Chief Justice would give a message that political parties were failure. So, the prime ministerial candidate must be sought from within the political parties, he argued Nnnn DETAILS OF TRADITIONAL SENFOFF OF SADHUS Kathmandu, 12 March: Saints visiting Pashupatinath on Shivaratri return RSS KATHMANDU, March 12: The Pashupatinath Area Development Trust (PADT) on Tuesday bade farewell to some 2,700 holy persons (sadhus and santas) who were at the Pashupatinath Temple to observe the Mahasivaratri Festival. The PADT and Guthi Sansthan jointly offered dakshina (donation amount money to be given on religious function) and delicious food items to them before their departure. The holy persons visiting the famous Hindu temple were categorised under five groups (Naga Baba, Nawanath Baba, Bairagi, Sanyasi and generals). Accordingly, they received between Rs. 251 to Rs. 1500 each from Guthi Sansthan while the PADT offered them between Rs. 151 to Rs. 751. Although, it was the sole responsibility of the Guthi Sansthan to make offering to the holy persons visiting the temple on the occasion of the Mahasivaratri, the PADT also started giving dakshina to them, following their complaints that money provided by the Guthi Sansthan was not as per their expectations, said Ramesh Upreti of Shivaratri Main Celebration Committee. According to the PADT, around 4,500 sadhus and santas from different parts in the country and from Andra Pradeh, Tamil Nadu, Illahabad and Benaras of India visited the temple on the occasion of Mahashivaratri. Some of them returned to their destination on Monday. This year´s Mahashivaratri Festival was observed on March 10. Nnnn ________________________________________ KALIKOT CLOSED DOWN FOR THIRD CONSECUTIVE DAY Kathmandu, 12 March: Kalikot was closed down for third day consecutive day Tuesday, Locals closed down the far-West district demanding opening of the Karnali corridotand other benefits to meet hardships in the remote area. nnnn


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