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Thursday, April 11, 2013

MOVERS OF OCCUPY BALUWATER MOVEMENT INVITED FOR TALKS BY GOVT CHIEF Kathmandu, 12 April: Government of Khil Raj Regmi has invited organizers of the Occupy Baluwatar Movement for talks at Singha Durbar Friday at two in the afternoon. Human rights activists have been staging daily two-hour sit-ins in front of the official residence of the prime minister for 105 days demanding action against rights violators, including former Maoist legislator Bal Krishna Dhungel. Dhungel moves around freely on Maoist company even after conviction For murder by the supreme court with life imprisonment and confiscation of personal property. Th official residence of the government is situated by Baluwatar. Nnnn CPN MAOIST ‘CAPTURE’ LAND FROM NEW LAND LORDS UCPN MAOIST IN KAILALI; Kathmandu, 12 April: CPN Maoist has captured 22 bighas of land used by UCPN Maoist at wards 2 and 3 of Lalbhoji in Kailali, Dil Bahadur Chatyal in Nagarik from Dhangadi. UCPN Maoist wasusing the land of Nabaraj Bahadur Singh--a relative of Former King Gyanendra. The land was first captured during the peoples war and never returned. Nnnn MEDIA GOOGLE "There is no suitable time for election before the end of November. Both the monsoon and the festival season would be over by November end. I urge the Maoists not to dream about capturing the power anymore. People have already seen their potential." (UML leaderL{ Sharma OLi, The Kathmandu Post, 12 April) nnnn


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