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Saturday, May 25, 2013

CHAIRMAN REGMI, HIGH-LEVEL BODY MEET SUNDAY Kathmandu, 26 May: Leaders of the high-level political committee of the Big Three and Madesh Morcha and Chairman of the Interim Election Council Khil Raj Regmi are reviewing progress for second constituent assembly elections Sunday. The current chairman of the body and UML Chairman Jhalanath Khanal will brief government on preparations made so bay by it in creating an atmosphere for a vote.. Talks are being held amid differences between major parties on election ordinance that have to be promulgated by President Dr.. Ram Baran Yadav on government recommendation. Parties differ on a one percent threshold to limit the number of parties in the vote and whether persons with a criminal background should be allowed to contest polls. Parties accuse government for announcing election date even two months after its installation. But government says firm election date won’t be announced until full preparations are made for the vote even as parties differ of election laws and 33 parties oppose assembly elections. Government and party leaders are trading acusations on delay for announcing election date. Reports said CPN Maoist is training cadre to disrupt the vote with 33 parties opposing elections after parties and government failed to promulgate a constitution to institutionalize a declared republic in seven years. The high-level political body will meet again to review its meeting with the Regmi government. Regmi asked parties to be serious on election laws for a vote.. Government and parties are reviewing elections as NC had demanded resignation of Regmi as chief justice while continuing as government chief. Parties also differ on the size of the assembly with Maoists and Madeshbadi parties demanding a 601-member assembly instead of a smaller legislature of 491-member assembly. nnnn TRAFFIC DISRUPTED IN NAWALPARASI FOLLOWING HEAVY RAIN RE Kathmandu, 26 May: Movement of vehicles has again been disrupted in Nawalparasi. A diversion was washed away Sunday morning at Laukaha khola following heavy rain. Nnnn NEPAL ARMY PLAYS SHANKATA IN GURKHA CUP Kathmandu, 26 May: Tribhuvan Club of Nepal plays Shankata in the Gurkha Cup.Sunday at Dashrath Rangashala. MMC meets Tusnal in the second match. In Saturday’s match, Santosh SahuKhala of Three Star Club scored a hat-trick against Deshbhakta Youth Club of Nawalparaso. Nnnn


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