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Saturday, May 25, 2013

UPDATE ON EVACUATION OF CHINESE CLIMBER Kathmandu, 25 May: Three Chinese mountaineers who were taken ill at the base camp of Mt. Kanchanjanga (28, 208 feet) have been rescued and sent to the capital by helicopter for treatment, rSS reports from Bhadrapur.. Those rescued mountaineers are Yangzechngul, Uangzhang and Dengluo (woman), according to Chief District Officer of Taplejung, Kiran Thapa. They fell sick on May 20 at the fourth base camp at an altitude of 7,400 meters in course of coming down following its successful ascent. The mountain is the third highest peak in the world and lies in Taplejung, a district in eastern Nepal. Meanwhile, bodies of the mountaineers who died on Mt. Kanchanjanga five days ago are yet to be retrieved. According to the police, they are facing challenges in retrieving the bodies due to adverse weather and geographical difficulty, but efforts were underway to that end. Five mountaineers including two Nepalis had gone missing after slipping on the face of the mountain last Monday. They were found dead on Thursday. The incident took place at an altitude of 7,500 meters while they were descending after climbing the mountain. Nnnn 43 PARTIES REGISTER WITH ELECTION COMMISSION Kathmandu, 25 May: Forty-three parties have registered with the election commission to contest second constituent assembly elections so far. Three more days remain for registration. Election lawy say parties –even already registered—have to register for every vote. No firm date for election date has been announced yet. The vote is being discussed by Chairman Khil Regmi, Big Three and Madesh morcha Sunday.. . DEFECTORS WILL RETURN SAYS MAOIST CHIEF Kathmandu, 25 May: Unified CPN-Maoist Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal has said that those deserting the party would come back to their original 'shelter' one day, RSS reports.. Addressing a programme organized to welcome the new entrants to the party at its central office, Parisdanda, on Saturday, he further said that the breakaway section of the party would come to join the mother party. 'Some colleagues have deserted the party wishing to nurture fantasy; they will return to the mother party once they come out from their slumber,' he said. Chairperson Dahal said that leader Mohan Baidhya, who split the party and formed a new one, will also come to join the UCPN-Maoist after understanding the matter. The UCPN-Maoist is the centre of communist movement in Nepal, he said, recalling that he had dreamt to make a single communist centre during a decade-long people's war and it will come true after a while. He further said the revolution could not be accomplished in Nepal with the traditional working style and Nepal has materialises the revolution on its own. Some 18 leaders and cadres of the breakaway section of Baidhya-led CPN-Maoist including former lawmaker Rupa BK, Nawalparasi District In-charge Mitra Sharan Sharma and others have entered the UCPN-Maoist. At the programme, former lawmaker BK has admitted that they were engaged in Baidhya-led party due to lack of awareness. Nnnn 16 CHILDREN KILLED IN PAKISTAN BUS FIRE Kathmandu, 25 May:: Sixteen children and a teacher were killed when their school bus caught fire in central Pakistan on Saturday, police said, AFP reports from Lahore. Seven other children were injured in the blaze which destroyed the vehicle. The van was carrying 24 children to a private school in Gujrat, about 112 kilometres (70 miles) north of the eastern city on Lahore, when it caught fire, local police chief Dar Ali Khattak told AFP. "The fire erupted in the vehicle when the children were only a few kilometres from their school," he said. The blaze was apparently caused by a spark when the driver of the dual-fuel van switched from gas to petrol, he said, adding that the fuel gas cylinder was intact. The children were aged between five and 15 years old, he said, adding that a female teacher also died. Another police official, Abid Khan, said the driver fled after the fire. Five of the injured children were in serious condition, hospital officials said. Vehicles in Pakistan mostly run on both petrol and natural gas. Pakistan has one of the world´s worst records for fatal traffic accidents, blamed on poor roads, badly maintained vehicles and reckless driving. Nnnn


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