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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

CHAIRMAN REGMI, UCPN MAOIST TALKS Kathmandu, 15 May: Talks began Wednesday between Chairman of Interim Election Council Khil Raj Regmi and UCPN Maoist on announcing dates elections for second constituent assembly elections possibly in November/December. Regm personally held talks with NC Sunday and UML, Election Commissioner Nilkantha Uprety and representatives of some parties Tuesday on the proposed vote. Regmi completed two months in office Wednesday without announcinf firm dates for the vote. Government is awaiting complete preparation before official announcement asked by Election Chief Uprety Tuesday. Regmi is Nepal’s first to hold posts of government and judiciay chiefs. Talks between government chief and parties have centered around contents of election laws, dates for the vote and negotiations with parties opposing the vote to create an atmosphere for elections. Nnnn CAPITAL’S MORNING TEMPERATURE 17.3 DEGREES CELSIUS Kathmandu, 15 May: The capital’s morning temperature at seven Wednesday was 17.3 degrees Celsius and mercury is expected to rise to 29 degrees Celsius in the afternoon. Minimum temperature Wednesday will fall to 15 degrees Celsius. Nnnn BIRD FLU RESURFACES IN VALLEY Kathmaandu, 15 Bird flu has resurfaced in the Valley. Avian flu with HSN1 virus was detected in at a farm in Milpani district in Kathmandu district. Nnnn GLOBAL IME, SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT BANK TO EMERGE Kathmandu, 15 May: Globan UME Bank has started merger process with Social Development Bank. Applications were submitted to Nepal Rashtra Bank Tuesday to increase capital. nnnn.


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