Nepal Today

Sunday, May 19, 2013

RPP CENTRAL COMMITTEE ELECTION MONDAY MORNING Kathmandu, 20 May: Following the election of former Prime Minister Surya Bahadur Thapa Sunday as Chairman of a united Rashtriya Prajatantra Party (RPP) and Rashtriya Janashakti Party (RJP), election is being held Monday morning for 77 central committee members. The united two parties of former panchas led by Pashupati Shumshere Rana and Thapa respectively will be named RPP which has adopted a republic as its formal agenda rejected by RPP-Nepal—a party of former panchas who aadvocaated active monarchy and a partyless system of government.. The chairman nominates 30 members. The extended unity convention of the two parties concludes Tuesday. Thapa, 85, is the first chairman of RPP before splitting Nnnn SUSHIIL KOIRALA FORMS PARTY DEPARTMENTS Kathmandu, 20 May; NC President Sushil Koirala Sunday 41 party departments following resolution of differences with another senior leader and former Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba. Departments which should have been formed immediately after a party general convention 31 months ago,. A parliamentary party, a joint general secretary and members of a complete central committee are yet to be nominated. Nnnn DAUGHTER OF FORMER PM BHATTARAI CANDIDATE IN TU STUDENT ELECTIONS Kathmandu, 20 May: Daughter of former Prime Minister Bhattarai and Hishila Yami is a candidate for theor post of ANNISU-R president of TU Central Campus. A vote is bei9ng held for the first time for student union elections in four years. Manushi Yami Bhattarai is the Maoist student candidate for elections this moth. Widespread voter registration irregularities ongoing amid clashes at campuses to capture the vote at TU to capture the vote which should indicate strength of parties amongst students. nnnn . SP SUSPENDS PROTEST Kathmandu, 20 May: Sadbhabana Party (SP) has suspended its five-day death fast in 22 districts pushing 10 demands overnight following talks with the government overnight. The party was demanding official announcement of assembly elections while pushing regional demands in the south. The death fast threatened by Chairman Rajendra Mahoto has also been suspended .amid threats the protest will be resumed if talks with government donpt yield results. nnnn FORMER PM BHATTARAI IN DOHA Kathmandu, 20 May: Former Prime Minster and UCPN Maoist Vice-chairman Baburam Bhattarai Sunday evening flew for Doha, Qatar, where he’s addressing a meeting of the 13th Doha Forum being attended by nearly600 delegated from 84 countries. Bhattarai will speak on Nepal’ social and economic situation. He returns 22 May. nnnn ‘BARBARIC’ PRADIP NEPAL’S NOVEL BASED ON LIFE OF MADAN BHANDARI RELEASED Kathmandu, 20 May: :”Barbaric” –a novel penned by UML leader Pradip Nepal and based on the life of Madan Bhandary was released Sunday by author and another now inactive UML leader Modhnath Prashit. Bhandary is a former UML general secretary who was killed among with Jibnath Asheir at Dasdhnga. UML claims Bhandari was murdered—a claim never proved even when the party invest9igated the incident when it was in power. Nnnn PARALYTIC FATHER, SON COMMITE SUICIDE Kathmandu, 20 May: A father and son from a poor Dalit family committed suicide under mysterious circumstances Sunday night at Bhimdubba municipality in Kanchanput along Mahakali river. They were paralytics and were found hanging froma single rope of their hut. nnnn BASKETBALL TEAMS LEAVING FOR BANGKOK Kathmandu, 20 May: Men’s and women’s basketball teams are leaving for Bangkok Monday. They are participating in the First FIBA Asia Men’s and Women’s U-18 3X3 Basketball championship in the Thai capital from 22 tp 24 May. Nnnn CIAA ASKS NRB REASON FOR GOLD NON-AVAILABLITY AT REDUCED PRICE Kathmandu, 20 May: CIAA wrote Sunday to Nepal Rashtra Bank (NRB) to respond in writing within three days on the normal supply of gold in the market through import. CIAA made the move following complaints clients couldn’t buy the previous metal at reduced prices and sake of adulterated yellow metal. Shortage persists despite NRB’s permit last week to increase incports from 15 to 20 kg. nnnn : CAPITAL’S MONDAY MORNING TEMPERATURE 22 DEGREES CELSIUS Kathmandu, 20 May: Capital’s Monday morning temperature at eight was 22 degrees Celsius on a rainy day. Mercury is expected to shoot up to 30 degrees Celsius in the afternoon nnnn