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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

GOVT. ENDORSES MINIMUM RS.8,000 MONTHLY SALARY Kathmandu, 11 June: Government has approved a minimum monthly salary of Rs.8,000 for workers through a notice in Nepal Gazette. The minimum salary was agreed at a tripartite meeting including trade union representatives. But CPN Maoist has demanded a minimum Rs. 15,000 salary and forcibly closed down industries nationwide for two days. Nnnn PRIVATE SECRETARYOF GACHEDHAR ARRESTED Kathmandu, 11 June: Private and personal Secretary Jayaraj Limbi of former Deputy PrimeMinister and Home Minister Bijaya Kumar Gachedhar was arrested in Biratnagar Monday, Khilanath Dhakal writes Annapurna Post reports from Biratnagar. Limbu was moving around freely for fouryears even ashe was convicted for inviloeent in murder by the supreme court. nnnn


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