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Sunday, June 23, 2013

HEATING OF WRIT AGAINST CIAA CHIEF KARKI POSTPONED FOR THIRD TIME Kathmandu, 24 June: No hearing was conducted for the third time Sunday at the supreme court on a writ challenging the appointment of Lokman Singh Karki as CIAA chief. Karki was chief secretary during the royal regime of King Gyanendra and critics charge of the CIAA chief excesses during the last days of the King’s regime. Citing conflict of interest, Justice Bharat Bahadur Karki refused to preside over the hearing which was postponed. Former President of Nepal Bar Association (NBA) Shambhu Thapa was pleading on behalf of the writ petitioner. Thapa and Justice Karki had worked together in the same law firm before the latter was appointed as SC justice. nnnnl. FOR THE RECORD Kathmandu, 24 June: Interim Election Council Monday unveiled its works of hundred days. In its 95-page progress report divided into 64 headings, the government has listed the fulfillment of the officials in some constitutional bodies such as Election Commission, Commission for Investigation of Abuse of Authority, and formation of Election Delineation Commission and a government talks team led by Home Minister to hold talks with dissident political parties as its important gains in officem The Rising Nepal reports.. "It will achieve final feat after successfully holding the Constituent Assembly (CA) slated for November 19," said Minister for Information and Communications and government’s spokesperson Madhav Poudel highlighting the major works and gains of the government formed on March 14. The bureaucratic government got full shape five days later. Poudel said that the government was formed to meet country’s special need in the request of major political party leaders. “We have our own constraints but in 100 days we have made some major achievements which are vital to create atmosphere for CA poll,” said Minister Poudel. He said that the government tried its best to address some of the demands of dissident political parties to ensure their participation in CA polls,” said Minister Poudel. Other other major The government has also enlisted relief package distribution to flood-hit victims of Mid-west and Far-western region as major achievement. The government by this year has increased amount in Central Natural Disaster Rescue Fund from Rs. 40,000 to Rs. 50,000. Similarly the government has claimed the introduction of several ordinances like Constituent Assembly members election, money laundering second amendment ordinance, Civil Servant Service Act amendment and amendments in Election Act and Citizenship Act as other major achievements of the government. The government said that the decision to deploy government officials to distribute citizenships across the country under Integrated Mobile Camp as another important achievement of the government. The government prioritized to announce full-size budget for the upcoming fiscal year as an important achievement. Likewise, the government has taken the issuance of Citizens Charter with compensation to service seekers if any government civil servant proved to be doing delay-dallying in executing public works especially in Immigration Department, Foreign Employment Department, Transport Management Department, Land Reforms Department and Department of Survey. The government has provisioned to provide compensation up to Rs. 5000 if any general public felt and lodged complaints in dilly-dallying in their works from government officials. The government has also been able to increase in collecting higher taxes than it has aimed. The government said it has so far collected Rs. 250 billion taxes and implementation of about 81.13 per cent of complaints lodged through Hello government till the end of Baisakh. A much praised road expansion drive began in the capital would very soon got its full-swing and would be completed within its timeframe, said Minister Poudel. Likewise, the government enlisted implementation of red and blue colours cooking gas cylinder provision, scrap of Landless Squatters Commission, complete end the increasing trend to provide and release of unnecessary money in the name of different institutions and individuals, decision to import 30,000 metric ton sugar by paying one per cent customs for upcoming festive seasons of Nepal and decision to buy two narrow body Boeing for Nepal Airlines by exchanging loan agreement with Employees Provident Fund Office as other major achievements. nnnn


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