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Friday, June 14, 2013

MORE ON CHAIRMAN REGMI’S NATIONAL ADDRESS Kathmandu, 14 June: Chairman Regmi said in his address Friday his government was independent of the judiciary as he spoke to the nation from the hall of the National Planning Commission in the presence of ministers and senior officials. Amid calls from leading lawyers he resign as chief justice the government chief Asked lawyers to be ‘positive’. He appealed for help from all to make the election free and fair to which he was committed. He asked all to participate in the announced election. He said the government will be ‘neutral and fair’ and asked for creating an environment for a vote. ‘Take the election as a right,” Regmi said and added preparations had been complete for elections. He asked parties opposing elections to come to the negotiating table to discuss demands. “Create and election friendly atmosphere,” Regmi said. nnnn


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