Nepal Today

Monday, June 3, 2013

MOVEMENT OF GOODS BETWEEN NEPAL, TIBET RESUMES AFTER 22 DAYS Kathmandu, 3 June: Movement of goods through Tatopani Customs Office on Nepal-Tibet border resumed after 22 days following talks between Chinesse and Nepali officials at Khasa Monday. Movement hs goods had come to a complete halt with Nepali traders protesting added Costs to load and unload goods. Chinese officials agreed not to charge such labourers at Monday;s talks. Government lost millions of rupees in revenue loss. nnn. t UPDATE GURKHA CUP Kathmandu, 3 June: Three Star Club and RCT entered the quarterfinals of the Gurkha Cup Monday. Three Sar defeated APF 2-1. RCT trounced Deshbhakta Youth Club 5-0 on another match. Suman Lama scored a hat-trick. nnnn