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Saturday, June 1, 2013

TASK FORCE TO MAKE ANOTHER ATTEMPT TO RESOLVE DIFFERENCES ON ELECTION LAWS Kathmandu, 2 June: A eight-member task force gives responsibility to resolve differences an electoral, ordinance to be promulgates by President DR. Ram Baran Yadav on government request meets again Sunday. The last meeting of the task force with two members each from the Big Three and Madesh Morcha was inconclusive. A high-level political committee (HLPC) empowered the body to suggest solution to differences on a one percent threshold to limit number of political parties, the size of a constituent assembly, whether persons with criminal records should be allowed elections and other issues. Government is waiting for the HLPC to recommend contents of ordinance before announcing official dates for a vote. The task force should report suggestions to the committee Monday, Nnnn POLICE PATROL FIRES ON GROUP OF SMUGGLERS TAKING RARE ANIMAL BODY PARTS TO TIBET Kathmandu, 2 June: Police patrol and a groupsmugglers with body parts of rare animal body being smuggled to Tibet clashed Friday in Darchula,, Kantipur reports. One smuggler was injured in the shooting that broke ot.Sunsarapani in Darchula. Three persons were arrested. The injured has been taken to Dhangadi for treatment. nnnn


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