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Monday, August 5, 2013



Kathmandu, 6 Aug.  Election Commission (EC) Modau recognized
16 more new political parties ifor the 19 November ssembly elections.
Applications of  4 of 130 parties have to be diced.
Akhanda Sudur Paschim Party Nepal, Garib Ekata Samaj Party, Nepali Janata Party, Rastriya Tharu Samaj Ekata Party, Nepali Jana Bhawana Party, Bahujan Samaj Party, Tarai Pahad Himal Samaj Party, Rastrabadi Ekata Party, Rastrabadi Janata Party and Nepal Labor Party were registered Monday.
Even old parties have to register for every announced poll.

Kathmandu, 6 Aug.: hairman of the Tarai-Madhes Loktantrik Party, Mahantha Thakur, has said that initiative for working unity among Madhes-based political parties is underway in view of the upcoming election to the Constituent Assembly
(CA ), RSS reports.,.
At a news conference organised by the Madhesi Journalists' Society, Parsa, here today, Thakur said that discussion is underway for an alternative for going to CA election with an election alliance if initiative for working unity was not successful.
He pointed out the need of federalism which makes every people as part of social and economic transformation of Nepal, equal behavior to each language, religion and culture and all Nepalis.
Thakur said that the government and High-Level Political Committee should lend a hand for co-work with the dissenting parties including CPN-Maoist for their participation in the second CA election.
He added all parties should have participation in the election by finding solutions of all the problems through talks.
Similarly, leader of the party, Hridayesh Tripathi, blamed that the CPN-Maoist has been engaged in activities opposed to CA election to prove the rational of its split. RSS


Kathmandu, 6 Aug.: Morning’s capital temperature on a rainy
Tuesday  mornig was 20 degrees Celsius.
Temperature is expected to rise to 27 degrees Celsius in the afternoon.
Rainfall Monday was 22.3mm.


Kathmandu, 6  Aug.:With the first formal talks between the High Level Political Committee (HLPC) and the 33-party alliance of dissident political groups scheduled for Tuesday, leaders of the disgruntled parties led by the CPN-Maoist have decided to push for deferring for now the Constituent Assembly (CA) polls scheduled for November 19 and all other election-related programs.

"When we sit for talks tomorrow [Tuesday], we will first demand deferral of the scheduled poll date and all other election programs for now as this is the basic rule for any negotiations," Mani Thapa, chief of the Revolutionary Communist Party, told Republica.

The Election Commission last week made public a two-month election program starting from September 22.

A meeting of the CPN-Maoist led alliance also set out some other conditions to be put forth during the negotiations. "We will stand firmly for scrapping the 25-point ordinance issued by the president for amending the constitution to remove political difficulties," said Pasang Sherpa, leader of a member party of the alliance.

The 33 fringe parties have been protesting against the formation of the present government headed by the chief justice and insisting on its dissolution. The present CJ-led government was formed in March as per the 11-point political agreement reached among the parties in the HLPC -- UCPN (Maoist), Nepali Congress (NC), CPN-UML and United Democratic Madhesi Front (UDMF). Since then, the 33 parties have announced that they are to prevent the election to be conducted by the present government.

Narayankaji Shrestha of UCPN (Maoist), a member party of the HLPC, said that they will listen to their demands during the talks on Tuesday and later the leaders from the HLPC member parties will discuss the views of the agitating parties.

"Tomorrow´s talks are preliminary. We will first listen to their views and discuss them among HLPC members parties afterward," Shrestha told Republica.

Mani Thapa also said that leaders from the alliance are for lobbying for a roundtable discussion among the political forces to seek a solution to the major contentious issues.

According to him, representatives from all the 33 parties will attend the talks on Tuesday. "Later, we will form the alliance´s talks team if there is an environment for continuity of the talks," he said.

The HLPC meeting on Monday also decided to hold separate formal talks with Upendra Yadav´s Madhesi People´s Rights Forum and the Ashok Rai-led Federal Socialist Party on Tuesday. These two parties have also announced a boycott of the polls to be conducted by the present government.



Kathmandu, 6 Aug.: The representatives of the Dalit, women, indigenous nationalities and other marginalized communities in Dhangadhi have urged the political parties to ensure that their representation is not reduced in the upcoming Constituent Assembly electionm  Republica reports from Dhangadi..

Stating that the parties were trying to reduce marginalized communities´ representation especially under the proportionate representation system, they warned that any such move would be counterproductive to institutionalizing democracy in the country.

Local women rights activist Santoshi Sharma said that the ratio of their representation under both first-past-the-post and PR systems in the last CA election should be maintained.

she added "To reduce the ratio of women is an attempt to further sideline us."
Dalit rights activist Amrit Bishwakarma said any attempt to lower the representation of marginalized groups by decreasing their ratio of representation in state mechanism would be construed as a ploy to further sideline them.

"The erstwhile CA could not ensure the rights of the marginalized communities," he added.
Social Scientist Yam Bahadur Kisan said that the achievements of political movements could not be safeguarded unless the oppressed communities´ rights are ensured.



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