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Thursday, August 15, 2013



Kathmandu, 15 Aug.: Former Prime Minister Marich Man Singh Shrestha was cremated at Pashupatinath Aryaghat Thursday as relatives and well-wishers shouited anti-government slogans and rejected ‘special state honour’/
Shrestha died of ling cancer Thursday morning.
Protesters instead sangs the old national anthem rejecting honour announced
by the government and draped the body in national flag before cremation.
The atmosphere was tense.
Chairman Khil Raj Raj Tegmi and party leaders, inclusing Maoist Chief and Deputy Bbauram Bhattarai, paid their last respect to the former leader at Singh;s Dhapasi residence.  
 The Government decided to perform former Prime
Minister Marich Man Singh Shrestha´s final rites with
state honor.

The cabinet decided to make arrangements of Nepal
Police contingent, [not Nepal Army] to carry the body.
The Shrestha rejected a dole of Rs.500,000 for Shrestha’s treatment.
Leaders said Shrestha was a patriot with a clean inage.
:”He had clear views,” said NnC’s Sher Bahadur Deuba.
Home Minister Madhav Prasad Ghimire and other ministers, UCPN leader Baburam Bhatarai, Rastriya Prajatanta Party – Nepal Chairman Kamal Thapa and CPN-Maoist leader Dev Gurung also paid tribute to Shrestha.


Kathmandu, 15 Aug.: Nepali Congress President Sushil Koirala has said that none can stop the Constituent Assembly (CA) election in slated
Date, RSS reports..

At a programme organised today by the Prof Basudev Chandra Malla Memorial Foundation on 16th Memorial Day of the late Malla, Koirala said the NC has accorded top priority for the election as election was inevitable to safeguard democracy and for the nation's development.

Koirala said, "Talks with the dissenting parties have been expedited. The election should be conducted in slated date and the NC is committed to that end."

There are many problems to hold the election by forging consensus but the NC would not compromise with any force against nationality and democracy, Koirala added.

On the occasion, human rights activist Nutan Thapaliya was honoured with the Prof B. C Malla Prize. The prize carries a purse of Rs 10,000.


Kathmandu, 15 Aug.;  The CPN-UML is to adopt high-tech style in view of the election campaigning for the second CA election this year, RSS reports..

The party has decided to use the high-tech methods of publicity including e-mail, website, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, videos and documentaries concluding that the means of traditional system have been less effective and dearer than the high-tech ways, said UML Chief of Publicity Department, Pradeep Gyawali.

The traditional means of publicity have been less effective and just become a one-way communication, therefore, UML prefers the high-tech style, added Gyawali.

"The new generation is displeased with politics, and the youths have dissatisfaction that the political parties just exploited them for their partisan interests and that we have adopted the policy to have direct interaction to understand the gap between them and the party,” He said.

The UML has also been shooting documentaries in the districts and two others in the centre for the election campaign. The first documentary would include UML party policy and views while the other will include materials that reflects the horrors of armed conflict.


Kathmandu, 15 Aug.: - Chairman of the CPN-UML , Jhala Nath Khanal, has directed the party's youth front, Youth Association of Nepal (YAN), to immediately stop carrying out parallel activities, RSS reports.
Chairman Khanal wrote YAN Chairman Mahesh Basnet and Vice-chairman Jhapat Rawal urging them to stop the YAN gatherings scheduled to be held in Biratnagar and Kathmandu.
Basnet group of YAN had called a two-day gathering in Kathmandu starting from Thursday while Rawal group had called the gathering for Friday in the Capital.
UML Chairman Khanal wrote in the letter urging to stop activities that affect party organization and settle the problem through discussions in the party leadership.
Meanwhile, YAN Secretary Saroj Dilu Bishwokarma said that the YAN organized the gathering in Biratnagar as per the party direction by cancelling the programme in Kathmandu. 


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