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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Differences surface at rebel meet in Bihar; other details

By Bhola B Rana

Kathmandu, 29 Sept: Most central leaders of 14 rebel groups in the tarai are searching for alternatives to All Tarai Liberation Chairman Jaya Krishna Goit and and Janatantrik Liberation Front Chairman Nagendra Paswan Jwala Singh, Naya Patrika reports.
Nine groups are opposed to them.
There can’t be unity in the groups under Goit and Singh.
The meeting started at Katihar, Bihar, Friday
According to participants, name of Janatantrik Tarai Morcha Spokesman Bibas Bidrohi has been proposed instead.
A violent nation-wide general strike called by Rashtriya Janamorcha Sunday against a federal structure paralyzed life.
Major parties have adopted federalism as the main agenda while restructuring the state.

Former king, queen extend dasain greetings

Kathmandu, 29 Sept: Former King Gyanendra and Queen Komal have offered dasain greetings to the people.
The card bears the royal insignia.

CA to meet Monday

Kathmandu, 29 Sept: The CA meets again Monday after Finance Minister Dr Baburam Bhattarai Sunday presented a revised document of the annual budget 2008/09.
The assembly meeting resumed Sunday after Congress lawmakers disrupted proceedings for three consecutive days demanding incorporation of pledges made in finance minister’s budget speech.

YCL to be bifurcated

Kathmandu, 29 Sept: The CPN-Maoist plans to mobilize its YCL under two separate units—production force and construction force—to help bring about prosperity and sustainable peace in the country, The Kathmandu Post reports quoting YCL Kathmandu Valley in-charge Chandra Bahadur Thapa Sagar.
Sagar said it was important to keep the youth employed, for the unemployed youth bulge is more than likely to drive the country into conflict again.
CPN-Maoist currently has 500,000 organized members.
Thapa said the production force would be mobilized for industrial work such as running factories and in herb processing, while the construction force would engage in infrastructure development such as building roads and bridges.

CPN-UML also against integration of PLA in Nepal Army

Kathmandu, 29 Sept: CPN-UML General Secretary Jhalanath Khanal has also come out against integration of the PLA in Nepal Army demanded and being by Maoists who are leading the government.
Khanal told reporters Sunday,” Group induction of a politically and indoctrinated army in the Nepal Army is not possible.”
Khanal said only combatants who quit the party and meet army standards can join the state army which is also opposed to integration.
Maoists say integration is part of the peace process incorporated in negotiated peace agreements.
MJF, another coalition partner, is also opposed to integration.
Main opposition Nepali Congress has also rejected incorporation.

Bhaktapur has a Kumari

Kathmandu, 29SeptL Shreeya Bajracharya has been selected Kumari of Bhaktapur ahead of the festival season.
Bhaktapur was without a Kumari since June 2007.


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