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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Girija, KP Oli meet

Kathmandu, 29 Nov: Nepali Congress President Girija Prasad Koirala and anti-Maoist CPN-UML leader KP Sharma Oli agreed Saturday to continue with the government by inducting Maoists.
“We discussed ways to induct Unified CPN (Maoist) in this government to make it a national unity government,” Oli said after consultations.
The two leaders said the incumbent government should continue amid a sensational revelation Prachanda and Girija agreed to a seven-point agreement to replace President Dr Ram Baran Yadav with the congress president while appointing Prachanda prime minister.
Maoists denied the report.

Cabinet to meet at Gorakshep 4 Dec.

Kathmandu, 29 Nov: A cabinet meet will be held at Gorakshep situated at 5160 meters below the 8848 meters high Mount Everest, the world’s tallest peak.
The meeting was first scheduled for mid-November at the base camp of the mountain but was postponed.
“The meeting will only be symbolic and won’t last long,” said Bishnu Rijal, press advisor of the prime minister.
Cabinet members could develop altitude sickness by flying directly to base camp without acclimatizing to the rarefied air.
The assembly will adopt a resolution for the December Denmark summit
on climate change.
Nepal will highlight the adverse impact of climate change on the Himalayan environment.
Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal is leading the Nepali team to the summit.
Nepal is emulating Maldives which held an at the bottom of the ocean to highlight its concern with rising sea level that will drown the island.

International forces don’t want change: Prachanda

Kathmandu, 29 Nov: Chairman Prachanda warned Saturday some unidentified international forces don’t want change which is inevitable.
“Some international forces don’t want change in this country. The fight against reactionaries will end soon,” Prachanda said.
“Government is running of the strength of international support.”
‘The prime minister and other ministers in government have been used against national interest by foreign powers,” he added.
“Progressives will win the battle between regressive and progressive forces. “The result will be seen in a few months,” Prachanda added.

Sujata cancels Kenya visit

Kathmandu, 29 Nov: Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Sujata Koirala has cancelled a proposed visit to Kenya to attend a south-south summit, Kantipur reports.
The visit has been cancelled to enable her to attend a meeting of the constitutional council.
[Note: The scheduled Sunday meeting has been postponed.]

Chinese military team coming

Kathmandu, 29 Nov: A eight-member Chinese military team headed by a top general is arriving 4 December, Nepalpatra reports.
The general is chief of the PLA in Tibet.
The team is flying to India from Nepal.

Nepal out of ACC T-20 cricket

Kathmandu, 29 Nov: Nepal is out of the ACC T-20 cricket tournament even after a seven wicker win over Bahrain Saturday.
Nepal scored the required 158 runs in 18 overs in UAE.
Nepal won only three of five matches in the Group B


“Those who do not give donations to Maoists are regressive for them.”

(Finance Minister Surendra Pandey, The Himalayan Times, 29 Nov.)

“She [State Minister Begum] is changing her statements repeatedly to hide her mistakes.”

(Former Parsa CDO Durga Prasad Bhandari, Dhristi, 29 Nov.)

“Maoists are not in favour of removing the president. But the prime minister should be a Maoist on the basis of the mandate of the people.”

(Maoist vice-chairman Narayan Kazi Shrestha Prakash, Annapurna Post, 29 Nov.)


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