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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Sujata’s personal secretary missing with lacks of rupees

Kathmandu, 28 Jan.: Foreign Minister Sujata Koirala’s private secretary Bharat Sapkota has gone missing after duping more than 50 persons, Nagarik reports.
Source said he cheated persons assuring he would tell the foreign minister for good placements, including United States, and hire persons.
Victims staged a sit-in Wednesday at Mandikatar, the residence of Sujata demanding the return of more than Rs10 million.
Sapkota went missing after the arrest last Thursday of Bachuram KC for issuing forged Nepali passports to five Afghans.

Maoists won’t immediately disarm combatants

Kathmanddu, 28Jan.: Maoists have decided the party won’t be immediately disarmed citing danger of counterrevolution, Kantipur reports.
Chairman Prachanda in an unwritten political report to the standing committee Wednesday army integration, peace and constitution
drafting process should be executed.
Prachanda said the party can’t be immediately disarmed.
“The party won’t be immediately be disarmed.,’ Maoist spokesman Dinanath Sharma said.’ The drafting of the constitution and army
integration are co-related.”
“Counterrevolution conspiracy continues,” Prachanda told the meeting.


“Madhav Nepal has carried Nepal’s democracy to a farcical end.
Every time he rushes to G.P.Koirala for his advice and
consultations, he is making a joke out of his position. When Maoists accused him of being a puppet government, this is what they should actually
have highlighted, not some unfathomable external force.”

(Narayan Manandhar, The Kathmandu Post, 28 Jan.”


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