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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Crucial parliament session starts at 05.15 GMT

By Bhola B Rana

Kathmandu, 28 May: The 601 member parliament begins a crucial session at eight in the morning (O5.15 GMT) whether or not to approve a government 8th amendment bill to the interim constitution to extend the tenure of a constituent assembly (CA) by one year.
The two-year mandate of the CA ends in another 16 hours at midnight Friday; it assembly couldn’t promulgate a constitution to promulgate a constitution to institutionalize a republic that has already been declared by an unelected and self-appointed parliament.
Parliament can’t promulgate a basic law.
Nepal is heading towards a constitutional and political crisis.
Parliament will begin discussions on an amendment bill and Maoist opposition to it.
If the bill is approved, it will have to be adopted through shortened processes in a record 16 hours.
The amendment can’t be adopted without Maoist support by a twp-third majority with the main opposition being he largest party in parliament.
Maoists Thursday said they won’t support the bill without guarantee of a national government following the resignation of Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal.
The party demanded a guarantee of the completion of the peace process and drafting of a constitution blaming ruling parties for the failure of promulgate a constitution.
The transition from a monarchy to a republic hasn’t been completed even in four years; the transition from partyless panchayat and absolute monarchy to multi-party democracy was completed in one year in 1990 when the change was ‘Nepali-owned and Nepali-managed’.
The standing committee of the UML, which is leading a 22-party coalition, Thursday night parties to support the amendment and supported beleaguered PM Nepal.
Twelve small parties in parliament to support the amendment.

At least 15 killed in explosion and derailment in India

Kathmandu, 28 May: At least 15 persons were killed in a train explosion and derailment at Mindanapore in West Bengal.
Thirteen compartments were derailed following an explosion in a passenger train which collided against a freight train coming from the opposition direction in the latest Naxalite or Maoist violence in India.
India brokered the 12-point peace deal between Nepal’s parliamentary parties and Maoists.
The agreement in Nepal has hit rough weather.
New Delhi hasn’t shown interest to start a dialogue to end the insurgency in Nepal’s southern neighbour; the rebellion has spread to 20 or 29 states.


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