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Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Kathmandu, 28 Feb.: Dev Raj Lama aka Bishwo Kranti, is the prime suspect in Monday’s in a capital bombing that killed three persons and injured 12 others in an explosion of a remote controlled devise in front of the head office of Nepal Oil Corporation (NOC)

Metropolitan Police Crime Division has issued an appeal on its website with his picture for information that could lead to his arrest.

Bishwo Kranti, 37, was born in Hile, Dhankuta, and is coordinator of United Ethnic Liberation Front Nepal (UELFN) that first claimed responsibility and then withdraw the claim in telephone calls to local journalists minutes after the blast.
Lama is the 5’3” with a fair complexion.
Police said Tuesday he’s hiding somewhere in east Nepal; international borders have been sealed to nab him.
Security has been reinforces deploying additional personnel and security forces have been put on high alert until 28 May for any ’counterrevolutionary’ bid to boil peace and constitution writing attempts, Prime Minister Baburam Bhattarai said.
Vigilance has been increased around government offices. residences of VVIPs and telecommunications facilities.
The Valley Division Nepal received telephonic bombing threat one day after the bombing, division headquarter at Narayanhiti, the former royal palace, would be blown off, Radhani reports.

Lama has a history of arrests with charges for extortion and bombing, including a blast outside the office of the RPP-Nepal in Baluwatar on November 28, 2009 and was involved for bombings in neigbouring Dhading but was released on bail.
Lama worked as a security guard as a mess of the US army in Iraq. Nagarik reports.
He contested constituent assembly elections from Kathmandu-3 five years ago before entering UELFN. And was a supporter of Ramraja Prasad Singh, a terai lawyer who advocated la republic and toppling monarchy during the panchayat regime.
During the rule of King Birendra, Singh bombed Rashtriya Panchayat killing a legislator; a reception of a hotel owned by the royal family was killed in bombing the same day as two bombs exploded at the royal palace in front of Keshar Mahal and Jai Nepal Cinema Hall.


Kathmandu, 28 Feb.: Renowned US magazine has declared Nepal’s Sano Babu Sunuwar and Lakpa Tsheri Sherpa 2012 People's Choice Adventurers of the Year
They polled 72,000 votes beating off competition from around the world earning the plaudit.
Sunuwar and Sherpa began a quest April 2011 to climb Mt. Everest, paraglide from the summit and kayak on the Ganges river to the Indian Ocean.
They completed the the-month adventure in low by budget 27 June.
becoming the first to complete the descent Mt Everest, the world’s tallest peak, to the Indian Ocean.

Kathmandu, 28 Feb.: The Special Court has begun recording the statements Sarita Giri, accused of laundering money, who is also wife of notorious criminal Niranjan Hojai, today [Tuesday], The Himalayan Times reports.

According to the court, the hearing will start tomorrow [Wednesday] on whether or not to grant her bail.

Hojai is chief of Dima Haolam Daogah (Jewel faction) aka Black Widow, an Indian underground outfit. Giri, the Nepali wife of Hojai, was arrested after it was found that she was assisting her Singapore-based husband’s outfit by financing through hundi.

The Department of Money Laundering Investigation (DMLI) had filed a case against six people including Hojai and his wife Sarita, Raju Giri, Seti Giri, Ram Chandra Giri and Sita Giri as per section 22(2) of the Assets (Money) Laundering Prevention Act, 2008, yesterday.

DMLI has claimed Hojai was found to possess Rs. 8.6 million illegal money. It has demanded punishment as per section 30(2) of the Act and confiscation of property. Hojai, who also possesses a Nepali citizenship, is still at large.

DMLI has claimed that Sarita Giri was also found to possess Rs. 45.1 million in illegal money. It has also sought action against her as per the section 30(2) of the Act and confiscation of property.

Likewise, DMLI has also charged Raju Giri, Seti Giri and Ram Chandra Giri of allegedly assisting Hojai and Sarita Giri to hide illegal property and sought action as per the section 30(5) and confiscation of property as per section 34 of the Act.


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