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Sunday, March 3, 2013

MAOIST STUDENTS CLOSE DOWN PROVATE SCHOOLS Kathmandu, 4 March: It was the turn of students affiliated with ruling Maoists government Monday to close down private schools nation-wide Monday affecting. They vandalized school vehicles in the capital with the closure affecting more than 2 million students. Management Sunday closed down educational establishments after a school bus was vandalized by Maoist students at Syambhunath last week. Nnnn PETROL PUMPS CLOSED DOWN Kathmandu, 4 March; Owners of petrol stations Monday closed down pumps nation-wide pressing eight demands, including increased security and commissions. A Nepali owner of a petrol tanker was killed and a loaded tanker was hijacked across the border in India last week. Long queues waited patiently for petrol at army and police petrol pumps in the capital. Indian Oil Corporation also reduced exports to Nepal with delayed settlement of dues by Nepal Oil Corporation.. nnnn


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