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Saturday, May 25, 2013

DEUBA FACTION TO ASK KOIRALA TO CORRECT DECISIONS Kathmandu, 26 May: The faction led by senior Nepali Congress leader Sher Bahadur Deuba is planning to meet party President Sushil Koirala to urge him to ‘correct recent appointments in the party’, The Himalayan Times reports.. Koirala’s decision to make appointments in 42 departments of the party has irked the Deuba faction and given rise to fierce criticism from his own supporters as well. Sources close to Koirala said the party president will meet representatives of the Deuba camp in a day or two after holding discussions with his supporters on resolving the internal conflict. Koirala, on May 18, nearly three years after the 12th general convention of Nepali Congress in September 2010, had given the party’s 42 central departments full shape by appointing 860 members. A meeting of the Deuba camp held yesterday at his residence in Budhanilakantha decided to meet Koirala and urge him to rectify the appointments as per his promise to form the departments in a balanced manner by including members from the Deuba faction as well. “We have sought time from the party president to put forth our concerns, and we expect a call anytime soon,” said Gopal Man Shrestha, a senior member in the Deuba camp. Stating that Koirala had reneged on his promise while making the appointments, the Deuba faction came down heavily on Koirala for running the party organisation unilaterally. Some of Koirala’s supporters too are not happy with their leader’s decision. They are of the view that many of the appointees ‘do not deserve the posts they have been given’ and that ‘right persons were not appointed’. Purna Bahadur Khadka, who is close to Deuba, said the appointments violated the party statute, rules, regulations and principle of balance. “About a year ago, around 18 department and zonal coordinators had resigned in protest after Koirala went against party rules while appointing coordinators. He never corrected that move. Nor has he made appointments this time in a balanced manner. We cannot work in the departments if the appointments are not rectified,” said Khadka. Yesterday’s meeting of the Deuba faction decided to meet Koirala to ask him to correct the appointments either by forming a taskforce or by holding consultations with department coordinators. Leaders of the Deuba faction said that of the 860 members appointed in the 42 departments, hardly 200 were from Deuba’s camp . Although Koirala was to make those appointments within two months after the party’s general convention, it took him nearly three years to give the departments full shape. Party departments make the organisation vibrant, but half of Koirala’s term passed without appointments in those bodies, resulting in sluggish performance of the party. Koirala had appointed coordinators of the departments 10 months ago in July 2012 and then had put the remaining appointments on hold after he failed to satisfy his own supporters and the rival faction led by Deuba. The NC chief is yet to nominate the party’s co-general secretary, four more CWC members and form the parliamentary board responsible for naming candidates for general elections Nnnn ATTEMPT TO UNITE MADESH PARTIES Kathmandu, 26 May:: Tarai Madhes Democratic Party Chairman Mahantha Thakur took the initiative to end political untouchability among some Madhesi leaders by organising an informal gathering, but his goodwill gesture, as anticipated, was cold-shouldered by some Madhesi parties — Madhesi Janadhikar Forum-Nepal, MJF-Democratic and Sadhbhavana Party, Ram Kumar Kamat writes in The Himalayan Times.. Thakur’s attempt to promoting cordiality among Madhesi leaders was evident when he said Madhesi leaders had not shared a common platform for a year and it was high time they sat together. Representatives of most Madhesi parties were present today but no one turned up from MJF-Nepal, MJF-Democratic and SP. TMDP Vice Chair Hridayesh Tripathi downplayed the absence of these three parties saying they had busy schedules and had informed about their inability to attend the gathering. Some top leaders of Madhesi parties are not on speaking terms and view each other as saboteurs. Some Madhesi leaders’ grudges against others have proved big obstacles to possible merger or alliance of Madhesi parties/forces. TMDP leaders have been saying they are ready to make any sacrifice to merge Madhesi forces or form poll alliances. All other Madhesi parties, however, were present at the gathering today. Representatives of MJF-R, TMDP, TMDP-Nepal, Nepal Sadbhavana Party (Anandi Devi) led by Khushi Lal Mandal, Sarita Giri, Devendra Yadav, National Madhes Socialist Party, Tarai Madhes National Campaign (TMNC) and Federal Sadbhavana Party were present at the gathering. Addressing the gathering, TMNC Coordinator Jay Prakash Prasad Gupta said absence of any Madhesi party should not be viewed negatively. He said Madhesi parties needed to put in efforts to make the upcoming CA polls result-oriented. He added that if Madhesi parties decided to take part in the polls or adopted the path of struggle under Thakur’s leadership , his party would extend unconditional support to him. “It is true that we entered agreements with the state in the past and the state ditched us every time, yet we should not lose hope. Such things happen in a struggle, but it is the state that always loses the battle when it tries to subjugate communities,” he argued. NMSP Chairman Sharat Singh Bhandari said why a constitution could not be framed from the last CA was known to everybody. “We need to come together to claim our rightful share in governance,” he said, “ If the current trend continues, there is danger that the CA polls might not be held.” NSP (Anandi Devi) Chairman Khusi Lal Mandal said had the newly emerged Madhesi parties taken cue from the splits in his own party, Madhesi parties would not have to suffer dissension and splits. Devendra Mishra said today’s gathering had given a positive message of unity among Madhesi forces, but the ruling class could still conspire to divide them, therefore, Madhesi forces needed to remain vigilant. Talking to reporters after the meeting, Thakur said unity among Madhesi parties was the earnest desire of Madhesi people and his party would try its best to bring all Madhesi parties together. Asked whether he would forge alliance with Federal Democratic Republican Alliance in the upcoming polls, Thakur said, “ Our first goal is to unite ourselves. We cannot compromise with anybody in fielding candidates against Madhesi contestants.” nnnn


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