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Sunday, May 19, 2013

REPAIR OF KALIMATI NEGETABLE MARKET BROUGHT DOWN BY FIRE DEMANDED IMMEDIATELY Kathmandu, 20 May: The entrepreneurs of the Kalimati based Vegetable and Fruit Market have demanded repair of the multipurpose building that is in dilapidated condition from the fire last year, RSS reports.. They demanded it by forming a Kalimati Vegetable Market Struggle Committee as there were dangers of accident any time from the broken walls of the building where there was damage from fire 14 months ago. In the press meet organized today, Committee Convenor Ujjwol Karki demanded transparent distribution of the business space of the market by renovating the building. It also demanded appointment of Market Development Committee Board and urged three nominations on their behalf. They have made public a plan to tie black bands on Monday, stop vehicles of the committee on Tuesday and stop entry of committee staff on Wednesday to pressurize the committee. Nnnn NC CHIEF OPPOSES JUMBO ASSEMBLY Kathmandu, 20 May: Nepali Congress (NC) president Sushil Koirala Sunday said that a jumbo Constituent Assembly (CA) was not a prerequisite for drafting a new constitution, The Rising Nepal writes from Pokhara. . Launching ‘Pragyaprabhat’, a mouthpiece of Democratic Teachers Association Nepal, Prithivi Narayan Campus Unit Committee here, he said that it was not certain that a new inclusive constitution would be promulgated if there were too many CA members. “The dissolved CA failed to promulgate a new constitution even when it had 601 CA members,” said Koirala, adding that a jumbo CA was not necessary if the political parties opted for inclusiveness. Stating that the former CA was dissolved due to the unassuming nature of the UCPN-Maoist, he urged all to take part in the election as it was the necessity of the country. “NC became the second largest party in the earlier CA election due to internal faction and idiosyncratic nature of some leaders,” he said, expressing his committment that he would not let the same thing happen in the upcoming CA polls again. Meanwhile in Kanchanpur, senior party leader Sher Bahadur Deuba claimed that his party would win clear majority seats in the upcoming Constituent Assembly (CA) election. Speaking at a press meet organized by Press Union Mahendrangar here, he said that he had found people enthusiastic to cast their ballots for NC during his visit to far-west region. He said that the NC would win majority of seats in the CA election as it had won during the past elections. Stating that the people were well aware that a new constitution could not be promulgated if other parties except NC garnered majority seats in the CA polls, he claimed that the party would concentrate towards drafting a constitution once it had the mandate provided by the people. Answering the query of journalists on the possibility of CA election at a time when dissenting political parties were against the election, Deuba said that the country would go for polls within November by persuading the agitating parties. He said that no one should bend of from the CA election as it was necessary to establish people’s right. Nnnn STUDENTS DENY VOTING IRREGULARITIES Kathmandu, 20 May: Different student organizations Sunday refuted the news reports that they admitted several students with an intention of winning the union elections, The Rising Nepal reports.. Speaking at the Reporters Club, the leaders of the student unions affiliated to the major three political parties, the Unified CPN-Maoist, Nepali Congress, and CPN-UML) accused each other of resorting to enroll more of their supporters in colleges and tried to prove them clean. They also vowed to discard student politics if they had committed such a crime. Chairman of All Nepal National Independent Students' Union-Revolutionary (ANNISU-Revolutionary) close to UCPN-Maoist, Himal Sharma said the Free Students Union election was defamed for encouraging corruption, hooliganism, adding that admitting the students keeping in view the election should be stopped. He said, "I would resign from the student politics if any one proved that the ANNISU-R has admitted students en masse in a wrong way." Similarly, Chairman of the All Nepal National Free Students Union (ANNFSU) close to UML, Madhav Dhungel, expressed his concern over students' admission en masse and in irregular manner. He said that the students' admission that is being made in an illegal way should be stopped. He said the admission of the fake students with made intentionally and illegally should be canceled. Likewise, President of the Nepal Students Union, Ranjeet Karna, said admitting the forge students would not give a good message and that such acts should be discouraged. NSU was ready to face defeat but was against admitting fake students, he said. Chairman of the ANNISU-Revolutionary affiliated to Mohan Baidya group of the CPN-Maoist, Sharad Rasaili, said the FSU election that is held admitting the forged students would have no meaning at all and that his student organization would not participate in such an election. Chairman of the Madhesi Students' Forum –Democratic, Nepal, Kapileshwor Yadav, and Chairman of the Madhesi Students' Forum Nepal, Ashok Yadav, claimed that the student organizations close to major political parties made the FSU a corrupt organization. nnnn


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