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Saturday, June 1, 2013

NARAYANHITI MASSACRE REMEMBERED Kathmandu, 2 June: Twelve years ago Sunday evening, Crown Prince Dipendra, still a bachelor, shot dead his parents—King Birendra and Queen Aishwarya—at a reception in the Narayanhiti Royal Palace. He also gunned down his brother Niranjan and sister Shruti Rana whose husband and two children survived. Princesses Shanti and Sharada, sisters of King Birendra, were also killed. Kumar Khadga—husband of Princess Sharada-- was also killed. Dipendra also killed aunt Princess Jayanti before turning a gun on himself. “That has was internal quarrel. The question remains who was behind the quarrel and for what. That can’t be a state issue forever. “It’s the responsibility of history now,” then parliament speaker and chairman of an investigation commission Taranath Ranabhatt said in an article entitled Days after the Massacre Sunday in Annapurna Post. All survivors of the massacre, who are royal relatives, confirm Dipenda shot dead his relatives. This has been confirmed by the Ranabhatt commission. But the don’t know the reasons for the unprecedented massacre. nnnn


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