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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

NEPAL ARMY, BOYS UNION PLAY IN FIRST SEMIFINAL OF GURKHA CUP Kathmandu, 12 June: Tribhuvan Club of Nepal Army play Boys Union n the first semifinal of Gurkha Cup Wednesday/ The match will be played at Dashrath Ranashala. Nnnn COFFEE EXPORT ONLY WITH NATIONAL LOGO Kathmandu, 12 June: : No coffee will be exported from Nepal sans national coffee logo in the days to come, thanks to the new Nepal Coffee Logo working directives draft prepared by National Tea and Coffee Development Board (NTCDB), Yogest Pokhrel writes in The Rising Nepal.. From now on,coffee traders will have to be registered at the NTCDB and use national coffee logo compulsorily to export their coffee to the international markets. With the fear of misappropriation in the quality of Nepali coffee and its niche international market, the Board has proposed to implement Nepal Coffee Logo rule. The implementation of coffee logo rule will bring coffee trade within the purview of Board. Similarly, directives have proposed to provide national coffee logo to the trader/company that maintain specialty coffee standards from production, processing, packaging and export. Only Arabica type coffee planted at and above 800 metres maintaining shed, irrigation, and produced in organic way will be eligible for the national logo. The proper implementation of the coffee logo will help maintain standard of Nepali coffee both at national and international levels, Krishna Prasad Ghimire, a member of the Coffee Standard Sub Committee, told The Rising Nepal. Stating that Nepali coffee had niche international market, Ghimire said that the implementation of coffee logo was essential to maintain its standard, reducing the risk of losing its market. Shyam Prasad Bhandari, Chairman of Nepal Coffee Producers Association, said that though Nepal had started to produce coffee for more than six decades, knowledge and information about its quality was quite low among the traders/producers. Only quality and standard coffee would get coffee logo and it would help to make the Nepali coffee market niche and sustainable, he added. Coffee Technician at the Board Binod Ghimire said that the Board was going to finalise the draft directives and endorse it to maintain quality standard of Nepali coffee. “The process of discussion on the draft coffee standard directives is underway,” he said adding that the implementation of logo would certainly control the possible misappropriation in the coffee trading. He said that the directives have provisions to fine, prohibit and bring the traders/producers into legal framework if they did not abide by the directives. Nepali coffee has huge potential in the international market. The annual production in Nepal is around 400 metric tones of green beans. Out of the total production, around 60 per cent is exported to the international markets while the rest is consumed within the country. nnnn MAOIST CHIEF SELLS ELECTORAL ORDINANCE TO BE PROMULGATED BY GOVT. Kathmandu, 12 June:: UCPN-Maoist chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal 'Prachanda' Tuesday said that all political parties should accept the decision that the government would take regarding the election ordinance including the provision of threshold, Buddha Bir Rai writes in The Rising Nepal from Ilam.. Speaking at a press meet organized by the Ilam chapter of Revolutionary Journalists' Association, here, Prachanda said the political parties should abide by the decisions the Interim Election Council government would take to hold the election to the Constituent Assembly. Stating that the country has finally moved towards the path of election, the UCPN-Maoist chairman said the parties would accept the government decision after the High Level Political Mechanism (HLPC) of the parties failed to find a common point of agreement on threshold, election law and election date and passed on the responsibility to finalise the issues. "Uncertainty has increased about holding the CA election due to the differences among the political parties. After agreeing to accept the government's decisions, the parties have passed on the responsibility to the government," he said. He claimed that the CA polls would be held within November. He blamed the Nepali Congress and CPN-UML for the failure of the first CA in drafting the new constitution. "After the parties did not agree on the issues of state restructuring, form of governance and election system, the CA failed to deliver the new constitution," he said Stating that his party would accept the provision of threshold if the government included it in the election law, Prachanda claimed the HLPM and the parties would not create any obstacle to the government. In another context, Prachanda ruled out the possibility of unification between the CPN-Maoist and the UCPN-Maoist before the CA elections. Terming the news reports about the unification between the two parties as baseless, Prachanda however said that the two parties could form an electoral alliance. Arguing that the former CA was dissolved due to the NC and UML, he claimed that both the parties would suffer a humiliating defeat in the next CA elections. Prachanda arrived here on his way to Panchthar where he was scheduled to address a mass meeting. nnnn


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