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Saturday, June 8, 2013

UPDATE HLPC MEETS TO RESOLVE DIFFERENCES BY SUNDAY Kathmandu, 8 June: Following an inconclusive meeting with Chairman Khil Raj Regmi Saturday morning, leaders of HLPC met Saturday Afternoon to attempt another res9olution of differences of election laws for constituent assembly elections. Regmi asked leaders at Saturday morning’s meeting to resolve differences by Sunday to promulgate election laws for elections November/December. The government chief asked leaders to UCPN Maoist, NC, UML and Madesh Morcha to give up separate stances of minimum one percent vote required to qualify for proportional representation in the assembly. NC and UML are demanding such provisionto lomot number of parties opposed by UCPN Maoist and Morcha. Nnnn NEPAL ARMY ENTERS GURKHA CUP SEMIFINAL UPDATE Kathmandu, 8 June: Nepal Army Saturday entered the semifinal of the Gurkha Cup beating Nepal Police 3-0, MMC was first to qualify for the semifinal Friday. nnnn OBAMA, XI BEGIN SERIES OF MEETINGS Kathmandu, 8 June: Chinese President Xi Jinping and U.S. President Barack Obama agreed on Friday on the need to work together to resolve disputes on cybersecurity, a topic that has become a major irritant in relations between Washington and Beijing, Reuters reports from Rancho Mirage, California.. Obama, speaking after the first in a series of meetings with Xi in sun-baked southern California, said he and Xi had recognized it was necessary to establish a set of common rules on the thorny issue. The two-day summit near Palm Springs is being billed as an informal opportunity for the two leaders to get to know one another and set a fresh tone for future dialogue between the world's two biggest economic powers. Nnnn


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