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Friday, June 7, 2013

DETAILSMOF GOVT. FORMER THARU CHILD WORKERS AGREEMENT Kathmandu, 7 June: The government and the agitating freed Kamlharis (girl bonded labourers) have reached a 10-point agreement. As a result, the freed Kamlharis have called off their strike following the agreement on Friday, RSS reports.. All our programmes of protest have been withdrawn after the government agreed to address majority of our demands, said former CA member and ex-Kamlari Shanta Chaudhary. The talks were held at the Ministry of Women, Children and Social Welfare. We will wait for a month to see if the agreement reached today is put into force, otherwise we will resume our agitation, added Chaudhary. Proper rehabilitation of the freed Kamlharis , identity papers, treatment of those injured in the clash that took place in Kathmandu and various places in the western and far-western region among others are the demands put forth by the former Kamlharis . The former Kamlharis took to the streets initially calling for investigation into the alleged murder of Srijana Chaudhary, an ex-Kamlhari who died at her employer's house in Lalitpur. Nnnn PARTIES SLUGGISH ON AGREEING ON ELECTION CHARGES CHIEF ELECTION COMMISSIONER Kathmandu, 7 June: At a time when some political leaders have put blame on the Election Commission for slow preparation for the Constituent Assembly election, Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) Neel Kanth Uprety on Friday accused the political parties of not hurrying towards the election, as they have not agreed on electoral laws Yet, RSS reports.. "Why is the political parties´ preparation for election sluggish though they decided to hold CA election one year ago," he wondered. At a programme organized by the National Election Observation Committee (NEOC) to launch books on electoral education and observation of elections in Nepal at the Election Commission on Friday, CEC Uprety said the EC has proposed the CA election date for mid November. He made it clear that the EC would wrap up the voter registration campaign by mid July. According to him, preparation was on for producing informative and educational materials on election as comprehensively as possible in diverse languages. But, the problem is there are many languages (spoken) that do not have a clear script, he added. Similarly, Mr Uprety said EC was committed to holding all-acceptable election with free and fair atmosphere. On the occasion, NEOC Chairperson and former Chief Election Commissioner Surya Prasad Shrestha said the NEOC was following up every activity of the EC including the voter registration process lately. The voter registration must be ´unpolluted´, he pointed out. Lauding the election preparation of the EC, Mr Shrestha blamed the political parties of undervaluing the election, as their political behavior is sometime adverse towards election and constitution. He underscored that Nepal´s election system needs a review and was of the view that political parties should indeed be aloof from the technical aspects of the election. Similarly, Professor Kapil Shrestha said free and fair election was instrumental to democracy. On the occasion, CEC Neel Kanth Uprety, NEOC Chairman Surya Prasad Shrestha and Professor Kapil Shrestha jointly released two books- Electoral Education in Nepal, and Review Report on Election Laws, Administration and Management. nnnn


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