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Tuesday, August 13, 2013



Kathmandu, 13 Aug.: No group that does not participate in the election can consider itself as a political party, RSS reports..
The government, Election Commission and major political parties are preparing for the election to the Second Constituent Assembly slated for November 19 this year. It is not clear whether some political parties that are opposed to the election process will join in the election. But the ongoing talks between the protesting parties and the government and High Level Political Committee indicate that this will be decided soon.

Going by their demands, it appears that hard negotiations have to be done as some of the demands put forth by the protesting parties are difficult to be met.

In this context, Prakash Silwal interviewed CPN (UML) Chairman Jhala Nath Khanal for RSS at his residence in Dallu on Tuesday.


Only 99 days are left to go for the Second Constituent Assembly Elections. What is your appeal to the voters in this situation?

First of all, the country is facing crisis in every sector whether that be political, economic, social and cultural following the dissolution of the First Constituent Assembly. The crisis pertaining to nationality has deepened equally. The change brought about by the 2006/07 People's Movement is historic, comprehensive and multi-dimensional. We have achieved such a valuable change.

The works related to protecting the achievements of the movement and the institutionalizing Loktantra remain to be done. The Constituent Assembly is the means for institutionalizing it. The First CA failed to do so. Now, there is no alternative to holding the election to the Second Constituent Assembly to take the country forward. There is no other way.

It has become imperative to hold the election by any means. This is the need of the entire nation. It is the people's need. In this situation, it is the responsibility of all the political parties and the people to make the November 19 election successful. So, I want to appeal to all – Let us all make this election successful and open the door to the future of the country and the people.

Presently, there is some doubt and concern among some parties and also at the public level regarding the election; the major parties are not able to allay these misgivings, why so?

A certain section of the people is casting doubt on the election, but there is no alternative to it for taking the country on the forward-looking path.

We have made all the preparations for the election. On the one hand, preparations are done on the political, technical, administrative, legal, financial and security aspects related to the election. On the other hand, the people are ready for and in support of the election. People in all regions of the country- from mountains to the Tarai and from Mechi to Mahakali- have girded up for the election. The international community is in favour of this election. Therefore, I declare, this election will certainly take place and the country will move forward.

That means, the election will take place by keeping the parties opposing the election process aside?

No group that does not participate in the election can consider itself as a political party. If they really call themselves political party or a democratic group, they are bound to take part in the election. They should take part in the competition.

They should take the endorsement by the people. Any party not joining in the election and the competition and refusing to get the endorsement of the people cannot be a political party at all. The parties not participating in the election knowingly or unknowingly are preparing the ground for their elimination. So, I once again call upon all the parties to participate in the election and create the environment for the same. Let us not create a situation of becoming oneself alienated by staying away from the election.

How much flexible would you be regarding the scrapping of obstacle removing ordinance, dissolving of the government and such issues raised by the poll opposing political parties?

The four political forces in the High Level Political Committee have made a concept that all political parties should be brought in the election process and that the talks among the political parties are underway. The talks will be held on Wednesday as well but it would not go for indefinite time. Political parties that could not join in the recent talks could also join latter. The history moves ahead. It is the fact of historical development. The Political forces that understand this fact could move ahead together. Those, who fail to understand the fact of the development, have the risk of being left.

Then how many days would you spend for talks?

We could not give more time for talks. There is no situation that the talks process lengthen more than two days.

Does it mean until Friday?

Sure, let us say August 16. We could not give further time after then. The talks process would be ended after that. We would concentrate our complete mind to the CA election.

Whether the security and other challenges be increased or not when the door to talks were closed and the anti-election forces go to protest?

Any political parties could do what they think is right. The administration would maintain peace and security. If any programmes to disturb and make election process difficult, the administration should manage it.

In which phase is now the CPN (UML) for the preparation of election?

We are in course of a nation-wide people's mobilization for the preparation of the election. The party has made preparation of people's mobilization in all the constituencies. We will decided for the preparation of manifesto, policy on mobilization of party in election and declare candidates by holding central committee meeting soon. We will accelerate election campaign with this.

You have made public the decision of becoming the largest power after the election on the basis of survey carried out by the central representatives deployed by the CPN (UML), what is the basis for it?

We have assessed the position of all the political parties including the CPN (UML) in all the 240 constituencies. It was not a survey, it was our evaluation. We have also rights to evaluate and assess. We are in front position around 130 constituencies. It is clear that no one force of the country would stop the CPN (UML) to become the largest power if it moves ahead maintaining it.

There is talk that many of top leaders of the CPN (UML) will not be contestant of first-past the post election. It's true?

It is only an illusion created by some of media without knowing our party's policy. Our top leaders will be contestant of first-past the post election. We will go simultaneously in mobilization of election and electoral works with this. We will forward election mobilization systematically.


Kathmandu, 13 Aug.: Former Under Secretary in the Kabd reforms MIistry
Prem Prasad Dhungana ,71,,was found dead in Pashupati
He was found hanging Tuesday from a tree in the forest outside Bishwarup Temple in
Pashupati area.


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