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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Govt. sanctions money for animal sacrifice

Kathmandu, 29 Sept: Government has sanctioned money for animal sacrifice during dasain, Rajdhani reports.
Money has been sanctioned for the sacrifice of 54 buffaloes and 54goats at Hanumandhoka and Taleju Bhawani.
Government decided to give continuity to animal sacrifice following protests of the Newar community after money wasn’t sanctioned for sacrifice during the Indra jatra festival.
Fulpati will not be brought to Hanumandhoka this year from Gorkha.
The tradition was started by Shah kings.

Nagarjung for former king

Kathmandu, 29 Sept: Government is preparing to let former King Gyanendra to stay for life in Nagarjung, Tarun reports.
Former anchaladish Surya Bahadur Sen Oli has been given responsibility to make arrangements.
The former king was preparing to move to Chauni.

India recalling Sood

Kathmandu, 29 Sept: Ego war between officials in the Indian intelligence agency Raw and foreign ministry has peaked, Tarun reports.
Following the ego war, Indian Ambassador to Nepal Rakesh Sood could be recalled.
Government was also considering replacing RAW Chief Alok Joshi.
Alok charges Sood is leaking RAW plans; Sood complains Alok is not sharing information.

Divergent views on integration

Kathmandu, 29 Sept: There seems to be clearly divergent views on the integration of the Maoist combatants in the Nepal army with Department of Foreign Investment (DFID) and government of Britain advocating, and even willing to assist in the process, and India opposing it, Newsfront reports.
In fact, former PM GP Koirala had shut down a DFID sponsored workshop aimed at exploring integration a few months ago.
According to information available, while the government of India is keen to give vocational training for Maoist combatants, it is opposed to their being integrated in the army. India, with its long association with Nepal’s military, is also believed to have told PM Prachanda during his recent visit there that integration of ‘politically indoctrinated’ combatants in the army may politicize the institution.
So far, only some European countries, mainly United Kingdom and its development agency DFID and UNMIN have shown their interest in the security sector reform in Nepal.


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