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Monday, May 30, 2011



Kathmandu, 31 May: Prime Minister Jhalanath Khanal and Maoist Chairman Prachanda held discussions Tuesday implementation of a five-point agreement between UCPN (Maoist), NC and UML.
This is the first time the chairmen of UCPN (Maoist) and UML met following Sunday’s extension of the constituent assembly by another three months.
The first-point agreement facilitated the extension of the assembly tenure.
But the agreement has already become controversial
Main opposition NC is demanding immediate resignation for formation of a national government while the premier says he’ll resign only after an environment is created for the a national government takeover
Others demanded new government formation, constitution drafting and peace process conclusion should move together; just one issue can’t be selectively tackled, they argue.


Kathmandu, 31 May: USA has proposed a new military agreement—Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA)—with Nepal, Bishnu Subedi writes in Annapurna Post.
The defence ministry is studying the agreement sent through the US embassy.
According to a source, defence ministry has forwarded the proposal to army headquarters asking for suggestions.
The agreement. according to experts, will facilitate the reach of US forces in Nepal.
It will also pave the way for USA to open a base in Nepal under special circumstances.
The agreement will give US forces legal and security protection while providing them facilities.
The agreement will give US forces in Nepal other facilities for their stay and departure.
The agreement was first suggested during rule pf King Gyanendra and the army wasn’t positive at the instance of the palace.
The agreement was renewed coinciding with the recent visit of Army Chief Chatraman Singh Gurung to USA at the invitation of US government.
Gen. Gurung was received with special honour.
Diplomatic lobbying has started to sign the agreement.
The agreement will give US forces protection against criminal activities.
Sources said previous US initiatives for such an agreement were foiled following concerns of others and southern neighbours.


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