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Monday, April 1, 2013

VOTER UPDATE WORK STOPPED Kathmandu, 1 April: Election commission Monday stopped work to update a voters’ ;list for still unannounced constituent assembly elections amid obstruction by CPN Maoist activists. Officials have beeb been asked to return from districts.. The work will now be resumed simultaneously with citizenship distribution by government officials. Nnnn COURT SAYS ARMY PROMOTIONS Kathmandu, 1 Apri: A single bench of the supreme court Monday stayed the promotion of 16 .colonels to the post of colonel in what has been called a fast track promotion. The move was challenged by eight lt. colonels who were sidelined at the apex court which ruled Monday to maintain the status quo. A bench of Justice Girish Chandra Lal issued the order. The court has summoned both the plaintiff and the defendants to discuss whether to continue the interim order. The defendants the Prime Minister’s Office and the Council of Ministers, the Ministry of Defence, Army Headquarters, the promotion board headed by Lt Gen Nepal Bhusan Chand and the 16 officers who were nominated for promotions. nnnn. CHINESE AMBASSADOR UML FORMER CHAIRMAN TALKS CORRECTION Kathmandu, 1 April:: UML former Chairman Madhav Kumar Nepal held discussons with Chinese Ambassador Wu Chuntai at the former’s residence in Koteshwor Monday. The reviewed current Nepali affairs and strengthening bilateral ties. Ambassador Wu hoped a constitution would be promulgated soon. Nepal is a former prime minister as well. Nnnn CHAIRMAN REGMI BRIEFS VICE-PRESIDENT ON ELECTION PREPARATION Kathmandu, 1 April: Chairman of the Interim Election Council of Ministers Khil Raj Regmi called on Vice President Parmananda Jha at the latter's office on Monday, RSS reports.. On the occasion, matters relating to country's contemporary situation and preparations for the upcoming election were discussed. During the meeting, Chairman Regmi was learnt to have apprised the Vice President about the progress made so far regarding the election preparations. In response, Vice President Jha suggested that the election government announce the date for the election as quickly as possible after holding discussions with all the bodies concerned. nnnn


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