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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Top communist leaders call for unity

By Bhola B Rana

Kathmandu, 1 Feb: Top leaders, including PM Prachanda, have called for unity immediately after efforts to form a democratic front under leadership of Nepali Congress President Girija Prasad Koirala.
The meeting in the capital Saturday was attended by Mohan Bikram Singh of CPN (mashal0, a firm critic of Maoists.
“If unity isn’t possibly immediately, let’s have working unity for drafting a progressive constitution,” Prachanda told the meeting.
Communists already dominate the government and parliament but are divided.
CPN-UML, the second biggest communist party in Nepal, criticizes Maoists for being extreme communists.
The call for unity comes after the merger of CPN (Maoist) and CPN (Unity center/Mashal) to form Unified CPN (Maoist).
Prachanda said: “If a communist party can’t be formed immediately, there should be unity of the proletariat, peasants, workers and others to draft a popular constitution.”
CPN-UML leaders participated in the meeting.

Ordinances won’t be withdrawn: PM Prachanda

Kathmandu, 1 Feb: Prime Minister Prachanda said Saturday three ordinances promulgated by government won’t be withdrawn even amid declaration by main opposition Nepali Congress to take to the streets against rule through ordinances.
The Maoist-led government said it will bring in two more ordinances to establish a truth commission and another on disappearances.
Prachanda told a meeting the ordinances were ‘to give relief to the people’.
“We will bring ordinances, whatever the protests. This is the need now,” the prime minister said.
Amnesty International and International Committee of Jurists also protested the government announcement to form truth commission and a disappearance commission through ordinances.
Prachanda charges governments during the people’s war of bringing in ‘terrorist-like ordinances to kill people’.

16 arrested for sale and production of spurious liquor

Kathmandu, 1 Feb: Police Saturday arrested 16 persons during raids in the capital for the sale and production of spurious liquor when two persons died after drinking adulterated liquor.
Adulterated liquor and materials used for manufacture were also seized.
Government had earlier banned the sale of popular brands Khukri Rum and Virgin Whisky,

Tharus say there are not Maeshis

Kathmandu, 1 Feb: A Tharu group has protested government decision to bracket them in the Madeshi group.
Tharu Kalayamkari Sabha protested the government move and asked government to rescind the decision threatening protests.
Tharus are indigenous people of the terai.

Govt. allocates Rs 10 million for Maoist hospital

Kathmandu, 1 Feb: The health ministry has allocated Rs 10 million for a hospital in the capital operate by Maoists, Kantipur reports.
There’s no legal provision to fund privately operated hospitals.
The hospital is Balaju.
The fund was set aside on orders of the health minister.


“Nepal Army is permanent and national army, while the PLA is a temporary and private one.”

(Madhav Kumar Nepal, The Himalayan Times, 1 Feb.)

‘There’s a danger of Nepal turning onto a Sri Lanka if the war of words between Maoists and Nepal Army continues.”

(Madhav Kumar Nepal, Annapurna Post, 1 Feb.)

EU ambassadors and representatives hold discussions with PM

By Bhola B Rana

Kathmandu, 31 Jan: Ambassadors and representatives of EU based in the capital held a collective discussion with Prime Minister Prachanda at his residence.
They discussed the drafting of the constitution, the peace process and the controversial integration of the PLA combatants in Nepal Army.
Other details weren’t immediately available.
Ambassadors of five permanent members of the UN security council and Japan Friday were briefed by outgoing Ian Martin, Special Representative of the secretary general, at the British Embassy.
Martin has been accused by main opposition Nepali Congress of being openly pro-Maoist and has opposed filling in vacancies in Nepal Army but supported by three ruling parties in the Maoist-led government and Congress.
Ambassadors of USA, Great Britain and France had collectively held discussions with Girija Prasad Koirala with whom they complained Prachnada was behaving like Venezuelan Preaident Hugo Chavez.
Western ambassadors collectively met CPN-UML leader KP Sharma Oli separately as well amid charges by Maoist mouthpie4ce Janadisha ambassadors of power western countries were flouting diplomatic norms and interfering in Nepal’s internal affairs as a political crisis develops.

Jhalanath Khanal issues warning to Maoists

Kathmandu, 31 Jan: CPN- UML General Secretary Jhalanath Khanal Saturday warned Maoists to change their ways or the party will take a grave action.
He told a public meeting Maoists should ‘change’ themselves and threatened CPN-UML ‘ will be compelled to take grave action’.
Such a threat has been issued before as well.
CPN-UML is in a dilemma whether to quit government or continue in the Maoist-led coalition.
Top party leaders have also publicly been calling for a replacement government to be led by CPN-UML.

Parliamentary committee begins spot study of border incursions by India

Kathmandu, 31 Jan: A parliamentary committee Saturday started on the –spot investigation of encroachments along the border by India after what was called ‘unsatisfactory’ replies in parliament by Foreign Minister Upendra Yadav.
The team led by Padma Lal Bishwakarna began the study from Ilam.

Nepali Congress comes out against shifting of district headquarters

Kathmandu, 31 Jan: Nepali Congress came out against any government plans to shift district headquarters in the terai amid growing and violent public protests.
The party issued a statement Saturday after a delegation from the terai held discussions with party President Girija Prasad Koirala.

Govt. campaign to control filariasis

Kathmandu, 31 Jan: Government Saturday launched a two-day campaign to curb filiarisis in 20 of the nation’s 75 districts.
Free medicine is being distributed by 4,000 volunteers and doctors.

President listens to basanta shrawan

Kathmandu, 31 Jan: Like past kings, President Dr Ram Baran Yadav listened to basanta shrawan recited by Hindu priests at Hanuman Dhoka.
Maoist Prime Minister Prachanda also listened.
Spring has come to Nepal with the end of a mild winter.
Goddess of Learning Sharashwati was also worshipped at temples and homes.

People displaced by Kosi river return home

Kathmandu, 31 Jan: Several families displaced by the flooded river returned home from a camp in Sunsari Saturday.
Each family received Rs 50,000 in compensation.
The river was brought back to its original course this week.
Mahendra Highway, damaged by the river, will be linked to the national network in another three weeks.

Army publishes results of written exams for recruitment; other details

By Bhola B Rana

Kathmandu, 31 Jan: Nepal Army, amidst protests of only Maoists in government, Thursday night published results of written examinations for recruitment of 2,800 to fill in vacancies.
Main opposition Nepali Congress and three other ruling parties.
Downsized and downgraded UMNIN also criticized the move supporting Maoists.
Main opposition Nepali Congress leaders called outgoing UNMIN Special Representative Ian Martin a pro-Maoist as the party said it has noted with ‘seriousness” Martin’s comments.
Army published the results even as the defence minister and its Chief Ram Bahadur Thapa Badal to stop recruitment.
The results have been pasted at Chauni barracks.
“The publication is against the peace agreement,” Maoist Spokesman Dinanath Sharma told Nepal Samacharpatra. “The issue will be discussed in the party.”
Senior officers, including generals, held a meeting Friday and the peace agreement wasn’t violated, Rajdhani reported quoting unnamed military sources.
The meeting concluded to garner political and diplomatic support for a constitutional move, the newspaper reported.

Maoists shifting district headquarters for their convenience; other details a new strategy is being formulated

By Bhola B Rana

Kathmandu, 31 Jan: Concluding their bases have been destroyed in terai and Madesh, Unified CPN (Maoist) have adopted a new strategy to regain lost ground, Janasatta reports.
According to a Maoist source, a new strategy is being formulated considering political, administrative and economic sectors.
The source said present district headquarters don’t benefit Maoist politically and strategically and headquarters are being shifted to places that suit Maoists.
Maoists have adopted a strategy to shift integrated service centers to confuse people and quell protests against the complete shift of district headquarters.
As an example, Bardibas in Mohottari suits Maoists.
Maoists are trying to move centers to places easily accessible areas near forests.
Maoists are trying bring agitating Maoist groups into their fold.
Terai leader Matrika Prasad Yadav, currently in China, has been given this responsibility.
His rebellion in the party is just a sham.
Meanwhile, Unified CPN (Maoist) central committee meets Sunday to adopt a terai, Madesh policy
Following a two-day interaction with persons of the south in the capital.

Chairman of CPN-UML to be powerful person in party

Kathmandu, 31 Jan: The elected chairman of the CPN-UML will now be the most powerful person in CPN-UML, the third largest party in the CA.
Until now, the general secretary controlled the party.
The party statute approved by the standing committee and central committee has approved the statute to be presented at a party general convention to be held in Butwal next month.
Details were revealed by organization Amrit Bohara Friday.
Former General Secretary Madhav Kumar Nepal and incumbent party chief Jhalanath Khanal are expected to contest the chairmanship.
The chairman will head the standing and central committees; the chairman will also preside over the proposed national representative council.
The council can sack central committee members; the council will be represented by two members of 200 plus electoral constituencies and members of central agencies.
The new general secretary, the second person in the party, will head the central secretariat and oversee implementation of party policy and plans besides implanting orders of the chairman.
Nobody replaced ceremonial chairman Manmohan Adhkari after his death.


“When we don’t have a single ambassador, our nominees should be appointed ambassadors to India and USA.”

(Foreign Ministry Advisor Shyamananda Suman, Rajdhani, 31 Jan.)

“UML activists should be pressurized to change of character of their leaders who are soiling plates out of which they eat.”

(Dr Baburam Bhattarai, Janasatta, 31 Jan.)

‘Unified CPN-Maoist senior leader and Finance Minister Dr Baburam Bhattarai said Friday that his party was in favour of democracy and republic but would not accept Westminister–style parliamentary democracy.”

(Report in The Rising Nepal, 31 Jan.)

Friday, January 30, 2009

Six injured in Birgunj blast, other details

By Bhola B Rana

Kathmandu, 31 Jan: Six persons were injures, including two children, Friday in a socket bomb explosion during purchases for Basanta panchami which is celebrated Saturday.
Madesh Mukti Tigers has claimed responsibility.
Terai is heating up with the advent of spring.
Locals in Jaleshwor defied a curfew and clashed with police amid charges government was moving Mohottari district headquarters to Bardibas—a charge denied by government.
Nearly a dozen locals and police were injured.
Meanwhile, journalist Rajesh Verma
of Annapurna Post was threatened over cellphone and ordered to leave Siraha district within seven days.
Amid spiraling violence in the south bordering India, PM Prachanda has directed security chiefs to step up security in the region.
One person was shot dead in Piprari, Mohottari overnight.
“There can be no single federal state in the Terai-Madesh region, considering its geography and diversities in culture and languages,” Unified CPN (Maoist) Spokesman Dinanath Sharma said Friday at the end of a two-day party conclave to address terai concerns ‘scientificlly’.

Maoist PLA chief says strength will be increased to 32,000

By Bhola B Rana

Kathmandu, 31 Jan: Maoist PLA Chief Nanda Kishore Pun Pasang has threatened to increase the strength of the former rebel force to 32,000 from 19,000 to match vacancies being filled in by Nepal Army against orders of the Maoist-led government and support from outgoing UNMIN Chief Ian Martin.
Pun said there should be no recruitment to fill in vacancies until the peace process is completed.
The 19,000 former combatants are under watch by UNMIN in 28 cantonments and satellite camps.
Recruitment by Nepal Army has been supported by ruling parties CPN-UML, Madesh Janaadhikar Forum, NSP and main opposition Nepali Congress.
Nepal Army had defied orders to stop 2,800 recruitments by Defence Minister Ram Bahadur Thapa Badal creating tensions between the Maoist-led government and the state army.
The issue was discussed Friday between Congress President Girija Prasad Koirala and Chinese Ambassador Qiu Guo Hong.
“It [PLA recruitment] won’t be acceptable to us,” Acting Nepali Congress Sushil Koirala said.

Girija accuses Maoists of totalitarianism

By Bhola B Rana

Kathmandu, 31 Jan: After bringing Maoists into the political mainstream and finally government with foreign help, main opposition President Girija Prasad Koirala Friday accused Maoists of totalitarianism.
He made the call one day after Surya Bahadur Thapa called on Koirala to lead a democratic front until next parliamentary elections and even as little headway has been made to draft a constitution before such elections.
Koirala leveled the charge through a statement read out at party headquarters by Prakash Saran Mahat.
The charge will further cool relations between Unified CPN (Maoist) and Congress and act as an obstacle to drafting a constitution.
Maoists have said their ultimate goal will be to slap communism in Nepal.
“Though the government is aware of the need for consensus and adherence to democratic norms to draft a new constitution and bring lasting peace, it has adopted totalitarian methods. This will deepen a prevailing crisis,” Koirala said.
“Issuing the ordinance to form the commission on disappearance without making any consensus and consultations exposes the government’s bad intention.”
Girija opposed promulgation of three ordinances immediately after parliament was prorogued and plans to form Truth and Reconciliation Commission and a commission on disappeared through ordinances as well.
Former Prime Minister Girija also defended Nepal Army and criticized government.
“Instead of boosting the morale of Nepal Army and mobilizing it to defend national interests, this government has demoralized the institution by triggering disputes,” Koirala charged.
Nepali Congress received firm support for attempts to from such commissions through ordinances International Commission of Jurists (ICJ) and Amnesty International.
“Such legislations should be promulgated through regular democratic process and not though the executive ordinances,” ICJ said.
Meanwhile, Acting Congress Sushil Koirala has threatened to launch street protests if the rule through ordinances aren’t immediately stopped.
But Maoist Communication Minister Krishna Bahadur Mahara defended the government saying ordinances were promulgated as per ‘constitutional provisions’.

New Sri Lankan ambassador

Kathmandu, 31 Jan: Thosapala Hewage assumed office as Sri Lanka’s new residential ambassador in Kathmandu Friday.
He presented his credentials President Dr Ram Baran Yadav the same day.


“The mode of our struggle has changed but we are still fighting for an autonomous terai state and the rights of Madeshi people.”

(Foreign Minister and MJF Chief Upendra Yadav, The Kathmandu Post, 31 Jan.)

“UML is staying in government just because it is a responsible party.”

(Party Chief Jhalanath Khanal, The Himalayan Times, 31 Jan.)

“No matter how many signatures the prime minister initials, they [seized assets] won’t be returned. They can’t be returned because during the war the land was distributed to the poor and landless.”

(Maoist leader CP Gajurel, Kantipur, 31 Jan.)

Load-shedding to be reduced to 12 hours every day

Kathmandu, 30 Jan: Load-shedding will be reduced to 12 hours every day from 16 hours with winter nearing its end, authorities said.
The reduction will come as some relief to the people.

Sweden’s Karin Landgren appointed UNMIN chief

Kathmandu, 30 Jan: Sweden’s has been appointed representative of downgraded UNMIN mission in Nepal.
She replaces Special Representative Ian Martin who is leaving in disgrace charged by main opposition Nepali Congress leaders of being pro-Maoist.

Strike in terai districts from Jhapa to Parsa

Kathmandu, 30 Jan: A strike called by Madesh Terai Loktantrik Party (MTLP) Friday paralyzed life in terai districts from Jhapa to Parsa.
The party is protesting governments to shift districts headquarters in the districts in the south before massive administrative structural changes.
The party has also called a 25-day strike against the Maoist-led government.
Maoists are currently discussing a ‘scientific’ resolution of terai demands.


“A democratic front will be useful only if it’s formed under the leadership of Girija Prasad Koirala.”

(Surya Bahadur Thapa, Bimarsha, 30 Jan.)

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Indefinite curfew slapped on Jaleshwor with other details (BREAKING NEWS)

By Bhola B Rana

Kathmandu, 29 Jan: Local authorities slapped an indefinite curfew at Jaleshwor, district headquarters of Mohottari district Thursday from five in the late afternoon.
Protestors had been protesting for 13 consecutive days charging the Maoist-led government of trying to shift district headquarters to adjoining Bardibas in the same district.
At least a dozen persons were injured, including policemen who lobbed teargas shells to drive away protestors.
Offices of ruling Maoists and CPN-UML and a police outpost were destroyed in arson attacks.
Madesh Terai Loktantrik Party (MTLP) Thursday announced 25-day protests as party Chairman Mahanta Thakur charged PM Prachanda didn’t address Madesh concerns in his national address this week.
The party has called for a closure of all terai districts to push regional demands 27 February.
Meanwhile, PMPrachanda charhed ‘regressive forces’ in the south ere trying to isolate and ‘finish’ Maoists.
Prachanda said this at a meeting of the party in Bhaktapur to address southern concerns, Spokesman Dinanath Sharma said.


“The main objective at present is to prepare a people-oriented republican constitution to reach the goal of communism through people’s federal democratic national republic and socialism.”

(Report on aim of Unified CPN (Maoist), The Kathmandu Post, 29 Jan.)

Feeling of change in another 60 days: PM Prachanda

By Bhola B Rana

Kathmandu, 29 Jan: PM Prachanda has said if people don’t get a feeling of change in another two months, the government under his leadership will fail, Annapurna Post reports.
The prime minister said this while replying to points raised Wednesday by lawmakers of Unified (CPN-Maoist).
“We’ll be successful if we show our work in two months otherwise we’ll be proved a failure. Now ordinances will be promulgated to give a feeling of change,” Prachanda said.
“It took us five and a half months to learn. Now government and constituent assembly will be managed in an organized manner,” Barshaman Pun said quoting Prachanda.
Government immediately promulgated three ordinances days after the parliament was prorogued.
The cabinet Wednesday promulgated the Investment Board Ordinance 2065, Ordinance to Declare Special Economic Zone 2065 and Public Service Ordinance by amending existing laws.
Parties in and out of immediately criticized the promulgation as undemocratic.
CPN-UML General Secretary Jhalanath Khanal charged Wednesday the ordinances were promulgated without consultation.
NC Girija Prasad Koirala said Maoists are out to finish a parliamentary system saying the ordinances should have been presented to parliament.

Germans coming

Kathmandu, 29 Jan: A four-member German parliamentary delegation is coming 4 February on a three-day visit to discuss peace process, democracy, federalism and current political developments.
The delegation is being led by Vice-President of Bundestag Dr Wolfgang Thierse.

PM gets another Indian invite

Kathmandu, 29 Jan: PM Prachanda has received an invitation to visit India, Annapurna Post reports.
India Today group ha invited his to visit from 6 to 7 March to address a symposium in New Delhi on change and challenges.

Pakistani sentence to death for killing Nepali

Kathmandu, 29 Jan: A Pakistani has been sentenced to death by a Dubai for killing Nepali security guard according too The Nation report Wednesday.
Bahadur Badan, 34, was knifed last March.

East-West highway to reopen in three weeks

Kathmandu, 29 Jan: The East-West Highway, which was damaged after Koshi River breached its embankment last August will come into operation in the next three weeks, The Kathmandu Post reports from Biratnagar.
According to Ashok Chaudhary, chief of Department of Road office in Biratnagar, among the seven places in the Sunsari-Laukahi road section of the highway that were destroyed due to flood, the process of filling mud in five places has been completed.

Nepal joins renewable energy agency

Kathmandu, 29 Jan: Nepal has become member of the International Renewable Energy Agency (IREA), RSS reports.
Minister for Environment Ganesh Shaha signed on the founding conference on establishment of IREA held in Bern 27 January.

President serious with govt. intervention in cultural affairs

By Bhola B Rana

Kathmandu, 29 Jan: President Dr Ram Baran Yadav has said he’s concerned with repeated government intervention in cultural and religious affairs, Rajdhani reports.
The president told this to astrologers and others who had gone to present a memorandum Wednesday protesting decision to incorporate only 11 months in 2066.
“The issue is serious. This is an issue concerning Nepalis in neighbouring India and other countries. The issue should be discussed in other countries,” astrologer struggle committee coordinator Dr Lokraj Paudel quoted the president as saying.
The meeting with the president lasted 35 minutes.
After the formation of the present government, president said mistakes have been made in withholding funds for Indrajatra and appointment of priests at Pashupatinath.
The president assured he will alert government using his constitutional right and even personally.


“I have been made chairman of constitutional committee but I don’t know what my responsibility is.”

(Madhav Kumar Nepal, Annapurna Post, 29 Jan.)

“Nobody will be a Madeshi president now. Only the present political uncertainty enabled the election of the president and vice-president now.”

(Vice-President Parmanandha Jha, Naya Patrika, 29 Jan.)

“What CPN-UML leaders spoke is not their language. They were ordered to speak by power centers.”

(PM Prachanda, Rajdhani, 29 Jan.)

‘The police arrest criminals, but the ruling parties effect their release, saying they are their cadres. How can human rights be safeguarded in such a situation?”

(Chairman of National Human Rights Commission Kedarnath Upadhaya, The Himalayan Times, 29 Jan.)

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Maoists begin Madesh interaction

By Bhola B Rana

Kathmandu, 29 Jan: Maoists Thursday began in Bhaktapur interaction with persons concerned with Madesh to formulate a police on the south bordering India.
As the Maoists used India as a base for more than 10 years to launch an anti-government and anti-state activities, nearly two dozen groups are active in activities described as ‘criminal’ also.
The Maoist-led government has said it will conduct only political discussions with non-criminal groups to address regional demands.
Madesh Terai Loktantrik Party (MTLP) is announcing details of a 25-day movement in the south Thursday.
Maoists called the interaction after an influential central committee member and former minister Matrika Prasad Yadav announced he’s also announcing a regional party to push terai demands.

Martyrs’ day observed in Lainchaur not Sahid Gate

Kathmandu, 29 Jan: In a break with tradition, Martyrs’ Day was observed Thursday at Lainchaur next to the British and Indian embassies.
PM Prachanda offered floral tributes to martyrs there without going to Sahid Gate.
Busts of King Tribhuvan and four martyrs are placed at Sahid Gate.

Indian foreign minister claims India brought Maoists into political mainstream

By Bhola B Rana

Kathmandu, 29 Jan: Indian Foreign Minister Pranab Mukherjee Wednesday admitted New Delhi brought Nepal’s political mainstream by7 toppling the 238-year old monarchy even as it accuses Pakistan for the deadly terrorist attacks on two hotels in the Mumbai.
Nepal’s Maoists then were on India’s terrorist list; Maoists are still on Washington’s terror list even as the previous Bush administration supported India’s behind the scene operations.
The admission comes as India had been denying involvement in moves to topple the regime of King Gyanendra and even Nepal’s democratic constitution described as the best in the world by drafters.
Madhav Kumar Nepal, chairman of a constitution drafting committee, helped draft the 1990 constitution that has been shred to pieces by present rulers.
PM Prachanda has said he stayed in India for eight out of the 10 years of the people’s movement confirming India encouraged their stay in Nepal’s southern neighbour.
“ They [Maoists] agreed. They listened to our suggestions and a government has now been formed with other parties. Maoists are leading the government,” Mukherjee told Al Jazeera Wednesday in an interview.
“We are presenting ourselves as helpers and friends and we don’t to impose anything on them.” Mukherjee added.
Nepal and Nepalis are currently suffering unbearable political crisis as a result of changes brought about by foreigners in 2006.
Mukherjee’s admission comes as main opposition leader admitted when he was Prime Minister India’s RAW suggested to then banned Nepali Congress to hijack a Royal Nepal Airlines stashed with cash to meet a cash crunch as it was organizing protests against King Mahendra from across the border.

Nepal Army, Maoist-led government on collision course

By Bhola B Rana

Kathmandu, 29 Jan: It has come to light the differences between government and army leadership continues after Tuesday’s critical comments of Nepal Army by Defence Minister Ram Bahadur Thapa Badal, Sudhir Sharma reports in Kantipur.
After the critical comments, military officers Tuesday held discussions to ‘face any situation’.
“The army is being provoked now. But the national army won’t lose its sense irresponsibly.,” a military source told Kantipur Wednesday.’ But even a cat doesn’t stay quiet when closed behind doors. We won’t sit quietly,” he said.
According to a source, diplomats because after the dispute.
There was agreement to continue recruitment to fill vacancies and sent it quietly to the defence ministry for approval.
Mutual accusations then stopped after a meeting between PM Prachanda and Chief of the Army Staff Gen Rukmangud Katawal.
The defence minister’s latest statements has given continuity to the controversy.
“In fact, only Maoist combatants are being integrated and resettled,” NC member of a special army integration committee said.
“Our understanding is there should be civilian control over the army. Isn’t that necessary in Nepal? “Maoist PLA Barsha Man Pun Pasang chief asked.
Amid the controversy, RPP leader and former Prime Minister Lokendra Bahadur Chand supported army recruitment Wednesday and said it was a continuity.
Madhav Kumar Nepal Wednesday asked Maoists not to increase a chasm between government and army.


“Newly christened Nepal’s Hugo Chavez, Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal is struggling to wash off the slur. Ever since three powerful western ambassadors went into a joint session with Nepali Congress president Girija Prasad Koirala to convey the epithet, Dahal has been cozying up with his wily predecessor. Koirala was reportedly befuddled by the request for a joint meeting.”

(Maila Baje, People’s Review, 29 Jan.)

45 percent reservation announced

Kathmandu, 28 Jan: Cabinet Wednesday announced 45 reservation for Dalits, women, Madeshis and backward classes.
Reservation has only been increased.
The announcement was made after this week’s national address to the nation by PM Prachanda.
Critics charge the government of only dealing with superficial issues.

Foreign Minister Upendra Yadav opposes defence minister

By Bhola B Rana

Kathmandu, 28 Jan: Foreign Minister Upendra Yadav Wednesday opposed Maoist Defence Minister Ram Bahadur Thapa Badal’s previous day’s order to Nepal Army to stop recruitment into Nepal Army to fill nearly 2,8000 vacancies.
Yadav said this as the foreign ministry moved into Narayanhiti.
Yadav occupied the bulletproof office of ousted King Gyanendra at Narayanhiti.
Yadav’s defense of Nepal Army comes as
Thapa charged unidentified foreign embassies were trying to bring a rift between army and defence ministry on the issue of recruitment to fill in vacancies.
Nepali Congress Acting President Sushil Koirala Wednesday charged Badal for attempting to invite a civil war.
“Calling Thapa’s statement ‘irresponsible’, Koirala asked “What will happen if the army reacts? They [Maoists] are raising new issues.”
Koirala said army had twice filled vacancies after a peace accord was signed in 2006.
Main opposition Nepali Congress Vice-president Ram Chandra Paudel also charged Wednesday Maoists were trying to demoralize Nepal Army.
CPN-UML, a ruling coalition in Maoist-led government, has also backed Nepal Army in its direct confrontation with Maoists.

Home Minister Bamdeb Gautam leaves for Bangkok

Kathmandu, 28 Jan: Deputy Prime Minister Bamdeb Gautam flew for Bangkok Wednesday for treatment of sinus thrombosis.
He was discharged from Neuro Hospital, Bansabari, Wednesday.

Maoist victims present demands to president

Kathmandu, 28 Jan: Victims of Maoists Wednesday presented a 15-point demand to President Dr Ram Baran Yadav.
Dr Yadav he will raise the concerns of the victims with concerned authorities.
Victims are demanding return of seized assets and a creation of an atmosphere to return home.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Unified CPN (Maoist) parliamentary party meet

Kathmandu, 28 Jan: The parliamentary party meeting of Unified CPN (Maoist) is being held Wednesday.
The meeting will discuss the party’s party statute and a code of conduct for legislators, spokesman Dinanath Sharma said.

Maoists divide country into four regions

Kathmandu, 28 Jan: Ruling Maoists have divided the country into four regions, Janaastha reports.
Central coordination committee has been formed by incorporating Mithila, Bhojpur Newa and Tamsaling regions.
Western coordination committee has been formed by including Magarat, Tamuwan and Abhad regions.
Far western coordination committee has been formed by encompassing Tharuwan, Bheri-Karnali and Seti Mahakali areas.
Amik Serchan’s Janamorcha Nepal and Dr Baburam Bhattarai’s Revolutionary People’s Council have been dissolved; instead, revolutionary people’s front has been formed of which Amik Serchan and Top Bahadur Rayamajhi are chief and deputy chief respectively.

PM appoints brother at party office

Kathmandu, 28 Jan: Hours after PM Prachanda Sunday pledged to fight nepotism, he appointed his brother at the party office, Janaastha reports.
Younger brother and lawmaker Narayan Dahal of Chitwan has been appointed chief of the party office at Buddhanagar.
Nephew Samir Dahal was earlier appointed private secretary.
Daaughter-in-law Kalapana Bishural has been appointed in Radio Nepal’s Ghatana ra Bichar programme.


“He [Defence Minister Badal] said that the defence ministry and the army headquarters had been emerged as rival institutions because the Nepal Army which was loyalty to the palace in the past.”

(Report in The Rising Nepal, 28 Jan.)

“A leader if a political party says that the Maoists should be sent to the jungle, while another expresses the view that the PLA members should be put into jail by snatching away their arms. Such types of statements have posed a serious challenge to the peace process.”

(Maoist leader CP Gajurel, The Rising Nepal, 28 Jan.)

‘Madhav Nepalji has lost his mental balance and his comments are criminal in nature.”

(PM Prachanda in Ghatana ra Bichar, 28 Jan.)

“I am dissatisfied with many Monday’s comments over radio Nepal of Pushpa Kamalji. Have learnt from others he realized his mistakes.”

(Madhav Kumar Nepal, Ghatana ra Bichar, 28 Jan.)

1,500 delegates to attend CPN-UML general convention

By Bhola B Rana

Kathmandu, 28 Jan: Fifteen hundred delegates will attend CPN-UML’s general convention in Butwal next month.
A decision was taken Tuesday by the party standing committee.
Election of delegates will be held from 28 January to 4 February.
The standing committee endorsed a proposal to form a national convention representative council (NCRC) which will be formed after the convention.
The council will have two representatives from each of 240 electoral constituencies.
The council will be empowered to review decisions of the central committee which is the party’s chief executive body.
The council, if approved by the convention, can amend party statute between two conventions.
The convention will discuss General Secretary Jhalanath Khanal’s political proposal for a people’s multiparty democracy and a proposal of Amrit Bohara to amend party statute.

Major commercial banks record profits

Kathmandu, 28 Jan: Standard Chartered Bank Nepal Ltd recorded a Rs 484.7 million profit in Q2 of the current fiscal year ending 13 January.
The bank earned a Rs 394.8 million profit in the corresponding previous year quarter.
NIC Bank earned a Rs 117.7 million in Q2 2008/09.
The bank has recorded a Rs, 121.2 million in the corresponding previous year quarter.
Nepal SBI Bank Ltd earned a Rs155.2 million in Q2 ending 13 January; it recorded a Rs 93.7 million net profit in the corresponding previous year quarter.

Home minister Gautam being discharged from hospital Wednesday

Kathmandu, 28 Jan: Home Minister Bamdeb Gautam is being discharged from Neuro Hospital, Bansbari, later Wednesday.
Dr Upendra Debkota said Gautam had blood circulation problem and was taking blood thinner.
Medication should continue for six months.
Secretary Som Rana said Gautam maybe flown to Bangkok for investigation.

Retired supreme court justice Krishna Kumar Verma dead

Kathmandu, 28 Jan: Retired supreme court justice Krishna Kumar Verma died on a cardiac arrest Tuesday.
He was embroiled in a controversy after the acquittal of foreign national Gordon William Robinson charged for drug pedaling.

Durgesh Man Singh recalled over telephone

Kathmandu, 28 Jan: Ambassador to India Durgesh Man Singh has been recalled over telephone for the third time, Annapurna Post reports.
He ignored two letters recalling him.
Foreign Secretary Gyan Chandra Acharya recalled Singh over telephone Monday.
Singh said his teacher and Prime Minister Manmohan Singh was sick and it will take another month to return.

Progress on PM’s commitments sought

Kathmandu, 28 Jan: A 11-member parliamentary committee formed to monitor progress in implementing nine commitments made
by PM Prachanda to main Nepali Congress decided Tuesday to write to the prime minister’s office asking for details.
Congress has made support to government conditional on implementation of commitments such as return of seized assets and dissolution of YCL.


“It is the incompetence of Maoists that they have failed to implement past agreements though they ar leading the government.”

(Sher Bahadur Deuba, The Kathmandu Post, 28 Jan.)

‘Security challenges and pressure on the government from the streets are increasing. So the lawmakers and political parties should seriously think about it and cooperate with the police force in controlling unlawful activities.”

(IGP Hem Bahadur Gurung, The HImalayanTimes, 28 Jan.)

Nepal Army told to stop recruitment (BREAKING NEWS)

By Bhola B Rana

Kathmandu, 27 Jan: Defence Minister RamBahadur Thapa Badal Tuesday ordered Nepal Army to stop recruitment of 2,800 soldiers to fill in vacancies amid charges unnamed foreign embassies were trying to the bring a rift between the state and the defence ministry.
Badal said this while addressing a national interest committee of the constituent assembly (CA).
Badal said the army should be under the control of government.
Badal charged Army Chief Gen Rukmangud Katwal of maintaining contacts with foreign embassies and called differences between the government and the army chief on recruitment ‘unnecessary’.
Army didn’t implement a ministerial order to stop recruitment to fill in vacancies.
Army said the recruitment doesn’t violate the peace agreement.
The position is supported by main opposition Nepali Congress and other parties in and out of government.
UN said the recruitment violates a peace agreement between then government and Maoists when they were rebels.

Constitution drafting to begin 12 February

Kathmandu, 27 Jan: The drafting of a constitution will begin 12 February, according to Chairman of constitutional committee Madhav Kumar Nepal.
The committee formed five sub-committees for the purpose.
Sub-committees were formed Tuesday to draft a preamble of the constitution, role of political parties and emergency declaration.
Nepal was member of a commission to draft the 1990 constitution that was shred to pieces by present rulers.
Nepal was defeated in elections from two constituencies in the 10 April constituent assembly even as claims are being made the people are drafting the constitution.

Surya Bahadur Thapa given responsibility to form broad democratic front

Kathmandu, 27 Jan: Rashtriya Janasakti Party (RJP) meeting Tuesday empowered Chairman Surya Bahadur Thapa to conduct negotiations with other political parries to form a broad democratic front against the Maoist-led government,
The party decided to conduct a national meet of workers in Falgun and a general convention in Bhadra.
Nepali Congress President Girija Prasad Koirakla first suggested the formation of a front.

Finance secretary threatens to conduct raids to unearth black money

Kathmandu, 27 Jan: Finance Secretary Rameshwor Prasad Khanal Tuesday threatened to raid premises of persons keeping unaccounted wealth,
He issued a threat while speaking at a meeting of Reporters’ Club,
He said 40 percent of the economy is funded with black money.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Critical reaction to PM Prachanda speech

By Bhola B Rana

Kathmandu, 27 Jan: Hridesh Tripathi of Madesh Terai Loktantrik Party (MTLP) said PM Prachanda didn’t address Madesh issues in his 32-minute address to the nation Sunday.
Supply Minister Rajendra Mahoto (NSP) said,” The address is only the prime minister’s and not the government’s.”
The address wasn’t discussed in the cabinet, he said.
But Maoist leader Dinanath Sharma said the address was to implement past commitments.
“In the past only commitments were made without implementing them,” Sharma said.
“The address is no different from speeches of King Gyanendra,” CPN-UML leader KP Sharma Oli said.
Congress Vice-President Ram Chandra Paudel said,” Had expected dissolution of YCL and return of seized assets would be mentioned. That didn’t happen. The speech was to buy time for government.”

Nepal Airlines Corporation seeks one B757 on wet lease

Kathmandu, 27 Jan: Nepal Airlines Corporation Tuesday advertised for the wet least of a B757 for six months.
The ailing state airline plans to strengthen its international flights with the acquisition of the aircraft.

Nabil Bank records Rs 429.3 million profit

Kathmandu, 27 Jan: Nabil Bank recorded a Rs 429.3 million in Q2 ending 13 January.
The bank recorded Rs 345.2 million profit in the same period the previous year.

Udit Narayan bags Padma Shri

Kathmandu, 27 Jan: Singer Udit Narayan has bagged the Padma Shri.
The Indian president conferred the honour on India’s Republic day Monday.


“If leaders desire to hold a news conference, I’ll arrange a place.”

(Indiana Ambassador Rakesh Sood on Republic Day reception after MadhavKumar Nepal and Dr Baburam Bhattarai exchange unpleasant words, Rajdhani, 27 Jan.)

“Remain confident, this government will complete its full term. If you [civil servants] are thinking this government will fall and will be replaced by a government of your liking, remove that feeling from your brains.”

(PM Prachanda, Rajdhani, 27 Jan.)

Girl injured in Rajbiraj serial blast

Kathmandu, 27 Jan: A girl was injured overnight in three serial bomb blasts in Rajbiraj.
Damage is estimated at Rs 400,000.

Kosi back to original course

Kathmandu, 27 Jan: Technicians Monday brought the Kosi river which breached its bank 18 August back it its original course.
The river created havoc in Saptari and Sunsari districts killing people and destroying farmland and crops.

Virgin Whisky and Khukri Rum banned

Kathmandu, 27 Jan: Government has banned he sale of Virgin Whisky and Khukri Rum.
At least one person died and four others fell sick after consuming the popular brands this week in the capital.

President Yadav’s India visit put off

Kathmandu, 27 Jan: President Dr Ram Baran Yadav’s India has been put off.
He was scheduled India’s republic day celebrations Monday.
Foreign ministry is fixing new dates for the visit after consultations with Indian officials.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

PM Prachanda Calls For New Political Understanding

Kathmandu, 25 Jan: Prime Minister Prachanda Sunday evening called for a new political understanding.
He made the call in an address to the nation Sunday evening.

Danger of democratic coup

By Bhola B Rana

Kathmandu, 25 Jan: Maoists have concluded statements against the integration of the PLA are an attempt at a democratic coup, Rajdhani reports.
This was a conclusion reached at a recent meeting of the Unified CPN (Maoist) central committee.
‘Reactionaries’ are being organized for a democratic coup against which the party should unite according to PLA chief Nanda Kishore Pun.
“PLA has the ability to fight,” Pun told Rajdhani.

One killed, three injured in bomb explosion in Rautahat

Kathmandu. 25 Jan: One person was killed and three were injured in a bomb explosion in Rautahat Sunday.
A woman was at Katariya.
Terai Army has taken responsibility for the bombing.

PM Prachanda addressing nation Sunday evening

Kathmandu, 25 Jan: PM Prachanda is addressing the nation at 7.15 in the evening for the second time in five months.
Prachanda is expected to address national issues.

KP Oli says he’s not contesting

Kathmandu, 25 Jan: KP Oli said Sunday he’s not contesting chairmanship of chairmanship of CPN-UML at a general convention meeting later this year.
Oli had earlier said he was contesting.
Madhav Kumar Nepal and incumbent generals secretary
Jhalanath Khanal are expected to contest.

No bird flu in capital

Kathmandu, 25 Jan: Government said Sunday no trace of bird flu has been reported from the capital denying a published report.
A spokesman said some chickens had died.
He said samples had been sent to Great Britain for confirmation.
Government has banned transport of birds and eggs in buses.

Fire in police establishment in

Kathmandu, 25 Jan: A fire destroyed an exercise facility at a police establishment in Nepalgunj Sunday.
The fire was controlled in three hours,
Damage is estimated at 20 million.

YCL being renamed YCLD

Kathmandu, 25 Jan: YCL is being renamed Young Communist Democratic League (YCLD), Kantipur reports.
The decision was taken Saturday at a meeting of the organization committee.

Broken pens sent to government

Kathmandu, 25 Jan: Government sent broken pens to government in the capital to protest the murder of woman journalist Uma Singh.
Journalists continue to protest her murder almost daily.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Maoists unite with another revolutionary group

By Bhola B Rana

Kathmandu, 24 Jan: Unified CPN (Maoist) Saturday formed unity with another revolutionary communist group—CPN (ML/Revolutionary).
Details of the agreement in ‘principle’ will be worked out later, party sources said after the meeting of two parties in the capital.
The unity comes immediately after the merger of CPN (Maoist) and CPN (Unity Center/Mashal) to form Unified CPN (Maoist).
Narayan Kazi Shrestha Prakash, previously of Mashal, has also been appointed Maoist parliamentary committee.
He has also been given important responsibilities to monitor government operations and handle negotiations with other communist parties for unity.
He has emerged as one of the three top leaders of the Unified CPN (Maoist).
Maoists lead the government and communists have absolute majority in the CA which also is a parliament which has responsibility to draft Nepal’s new constitution after toppling monarchy.
The unity comes after PM Prachanda is facing internal pressures to take over and declare a communist state immediately.
The Prachanda faction in the governing party will find it hard to abandon communist principles while discussing a constitution after unity with another revolutionary group.
Main opposition Nepali Congress is caught in a dilemma as it says ‘democracy is now under threat’ in Nepal.
The so-called ‘international community’ mainly of western nations and India backed Congress against traditional monarchy toppled in 2006.
Only Nepal Army and the fact Maoists don’t have a two-third majority to declare Nepal a communist state are the two hurdles in the complete Stalinist takeover of Nepal.

Jwala Singh group closes down Bara, Parsa

Kathmandu, 24 Jan: Jwala Singh group in the south closed down Bara and Parsa Saturday protesting the killingof its activist in Bara this week.
Saturday was the first day of a two-day strike.
Violence continues unabated in the region bordering India from where the rebels operate.
Maoists operated from India like groups in the terai now.

Indian attempts to calm Nepali protests

By Bhola B Rana

Kathmandu, 24 Jan: Indian Ramesh Sippy, on behalf of producers, Friday attempted to quell Nepali protests after the American-produced movie Chadani Chown to China depicted Lord Buddha as being born in India.
The founder of Buddhism was born in Nepal at Lumbini when modern India didn’t exist at all.
Government has banned the screening in Nepal and has appealed to India formally through government channels to make corrections.
“.. we regret if sentiments if the people of Nepal have been hurt because of any reference in the film, which is purely inadvertent,” Sippy said in a statement from Mumbai.
Indian movies make millions of rupees from the screening of Hindi movies in Nepal.
For the Maoist-led government which says it is patriotic the protests are embarrassing.
During the people’s war, it demanded a ban on Hindi movies in Nepal completely.
After coming to power ,Maoists are attempting to appease India which has huge commercial interests in Nepal bordering China, its rival in Asia and the world.

Maoists, CPN-UML on confrontation course

Kathmandu, 24 Jan: Maoists and coalition partner CPN-UML, also a communist party, are on a direct collision course.
Maoist PLA Nepal Chief Nanda Kishore Pun ‘Pasang’ Friday issued a sternly worded statement accusing CPN-UML and its leaders not to make anti-PLA statements.
Former CPN-UML general Secretary Madhav Kumar Nepal has lately been making unflattering comments about
“Instead of taking the serious and tricky issue of army integration seriously, irresponsible statements are being made. Our serious attention has been drawn.
“Statements have been made saying arms should be delivered at cantonments, PLA should be dissolved, combatants should be jailed, their chest should be measured and combatants should be sent abroad for employment opportunities,” Pun said.
Pus said such statements are lowly’ and warned they will affect the peace process.
The statement comes as student groups affiliated with both parties clash.


“No party should be in the opposition role during the process of writing the new constitution. The government needs consensus and cooperation from all.”

(Madhav Kumar Nepal, The Rising Nepal, 24 Jan.)

Friday, January 23, 2009

UNMIN mandate extended

Kathmandu, 24 Jan: UNMIN mandate in Nepal was extended by UN security council for another three months Friday.
The council endorsed a proposal prepare by Secretary general Ban Ki-moon.
The mandate ended 23 January 2009.

Nepal, Sri Lanka sign air accord

Kathmandu, 24 Jan: Nepal and Sri Lanka Friday signed a revised air accord in the capital Friday.
The agreement was signed by Tourism Secretary Ram Chandraman Singh and Sri Lankan Secretary at the Aviation Ministry G N Vithanage,
Fourteen flights a week can be operated even by private airlines are between the capital of the two countries.
Kathmandu and Colombo aren’t linked by are presently.
An accord to operate flights between Nepal and EU has also been inked Brussels, Nepal embassy said.

Finland trade minister coming

Kathmandu, 24 Jan: Finland’s trade, development and cooperatives minister in arriving for a three day visit 3 February, Prime Minister Prachanda’s foreign advisor Hari Bahadur Thapa said.
PM Prachanda cancelled his proposed visit to Finland this month.

2009 declared Nepal Nature Protection Year

Kathmandu, 24 Jan: The year 2009 has been declared Nepal Nature Protection year with the slogan Natural Resources Holy Gift Protection; Nature Protection Basis of Life.
Fifteen hundred square km Nagarjung forest has been handed over to National Park Wildlife Protection Department.
Former King Gyanendra lives in Nagarjung.
Meanwhile, government has declared a 1,600 square km area in Khirapur near Gulariya in Bardiya a black buck protection area to save the endangered species.


“Because Maoists are still armed, national and international forces aren’t still confident with them.”

(Madhav Kumar Nepal, Rajdhani, 24 Jan.)

Ruling terai party threatens to launch movement

By Bhola B Rana

Kathmandu, 23 Jan: In an unprecedented political development, ruling Nepal Sadbahvana Party (NSP) presented a memorandum to Prime Minister Prachanda Friday with demands of the south.
The demands presented to the government chief by Minister of Supplies Rajendra Mahoto accompanied by a to launch an anti-government if they aren’t met by 26 February.
MTLP, the fifth largest party in the CA and the second biggest in the south, also formed an ad hoc committee after a meeting of national workers in Bhairahawa Friday to push regional demands.
“We are compelled to launch a movement. There was an eight-point agreement between government and United Madesh Front and it hasn’t been implemented as yet,” leader Mahanata Thakur said.
The party has already withdrawn its support for government charging it hasn’t met committed demands on the region bordering India.
The biggest party in terai and also a partner in the Maoist-led government has threatened to quit CA if demand for One Madesh,One Pradesh isn’t met.
Maoists reacted immediately.
The party central secretariat Friday called a meeting of Madesh lawmakers to discuss how to ‘scientifically’ address the terai issue.
Controversial Maoist central committee member and former minister Matrika Prasad Yadav has announced he’ll launch a regional party defection from Unified CPN (Maoist) accusing it of abandoning Madesh pushed during the people’s movement by promoting autonomy.
Former Maoist combatants have already quit forming regional organizations.
Maoists are clearly concerned with push for regional demands amid accusations the demands of the region have been abandoned by the leading party in government.

Party of home demands resignation

Kathmandu, 23 Jan: Students activists of ruling party CPN-UML called for the resignation of ailing Home Minister Bamdeb Gautam in Pokhara Friday for failure to provide protection from Maoist attacks.
Gautam leads the CPN-UML team in government and is also deputy prime minister in the Maoist-led government.
Three dozen students and policemen were injured this week in direct clashes between student loyalists of Unified CPn (Maosit) and CPN-UML.
Secretary General Jhalanath Khanal threatened to quit government of such attacks continued while he visited injured party supporters undergoing treatment at a hospital in the capital Friday.
The party is in a dilemma.
One day earlier Khanal said the party will continue in government because according to him withdrawal will only benefit ‘regressive forces’.

Malaysia out of bounds for Nepali workers

Kathmandu, 23 Jan: Malaysia Friday said stop entry of foreign workers, including Nepalis, to protect jobs for nationals during a recession.
Malaysia is a popular destination for Nepali workers.
Nearly 300,000 Nepalis are currently employed there,


“President Koirala urged the PM to be careful while speaking in the public and at the same time not to speak like a rebel leader.”

(Congress leader Ram Chandra Paudel, The Rising Nepal, 23 Jan.)

Controversial UNMIN mandate ends Friday night

By Bhola B Rana

Kathmandu, 23 Jan: The controversial mandate of UNMIN ends midnight Friday [18.15 GMT] with the UN security council yet to decide on extending it for the third time for another six months.
Nepal’s Maoist-led government has already asked the UN to extend it for that period and Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has made a similar suggestion the council while downgrading and downsizing the mission.
The council is expected to support Ban’s request within hours though.
Ian Martin, Special Representative of the Ban, is leaving in disgrace amid charges by main opposition Nepali Congress leaders he is a Maoist and was impartial in executing the peace process that has brought Maoists to power through elections.
Martin is being replaced by only a representative.
UNMIN oversaw the election but has yet to finalize the disarming, demobilizing of nearly 19,000 Maoist combatants in 29 cantonments and satellite camps for nearly three years.
Former US Ambassador to Nepal James F. Moriarty said only ‘crummy’ weapons were in the camps while armed Maoists were moving around freely in the country.
Nearly one dozen socket bombs were recovered from a homes seized by Maoists from a judge in mid-West confirming all Maoist weapons aren’t inside the UNMIN-administered camps.
All major parties in and out of government are opposing full integration of Maoist combatants in Nepal Army which are has opposed UMNIN’s opposition to its regular annual programme to fill in 2,8000 vacancies.
Martin came to Nepal to establish the office of the UN High Commission for Human Rights and was later promoted as a special representative.
To bring UN in Nepal, western countries disgraced Nepal’s own National Human Rights Commission which they first pushed.
He entered UN laterally and was a human rights activist as chief of London-based Amnesty International without any experience in administration.
He was appointed to Nepal after a failed UN mission in tiny East Timor.
Martin took on the challenge to tackle Nepal’s huge political problems without any other experience.
Nepal’s peace process now is in deep crisis with direct conflict between major parties and elected Maoists threatening to impose a Stalinist state in Nepal land-locked between Asian giants India and China.
The so-called international community—an euphemism for the western community and the UN-- and India helped bring Maoists to power through election and international maneuvering.
Nepali people are now facing economic hardships and uncertainty as doubts are being expressed whether a constitution to govern Nepal will be drafted in the next 15 months.
Maoists said they will push their communist agenda while drafting the constitution amid opposition of Nepali Congress—the second largest political party.
Maoists are in government and communists have a majority in parliament which will draft the constitution without direct participation on people through a referendum.
Nepal is in deep crisis amid fears
and threats of a Maoist takeover of the strategic nation.
Nepal is a classic example to the world of how not to conduct and push the peace process to resolve an internal civil war by negotiating a vague peace accord with international support and intervention.
Just how vague the peace agreement has even been admitted by the UN which said only processes and not issues were addressed.
UN is spending lavishly for the personal comforts lawmakers by providing them vehicles and other facilities like foreign travel to countries in Europe and South Africa on ‘education trips’ to draft a constitution.
These legislators have little or no background in taking on such a huge and challenging task.
Western donors were funding a disreputable effort to broadcast live CA sessions to an office of a NGO funded by them.
The insulting move by stopped CA Chairman Subash Nemwang at the last moment.

Madhav Kumar Nepal hails facilities for Girija

Kathmandu, 23 Jan: Madhav Kumar Nepal Friday hailed government facilities for main opposition leader Nepali Congress leader Girija Prasad Koirala.
The Maoist-led government Thursday decided to give facilities for Koirala’s personal conform.
Nepal said Koirala had made special contribution to the peace process.

Prachanda proposes Girija to become prime minister

By Bhola B Rana

Kathmandu, 23 Jan: In an effort to placate NC President Girija Prasad Koirala, PM Prachanda has asked Girija Prasad Koirala to become president, Nepalpatra reports.
The proposal was made during a meeting Saturday according to Nepali Congress party sources.
The source didn’t disclose Koirala’s reaction.

Unified CPN (Maoist) to discuss Madesh

Kathmandu, 23 Jan: Unified CPN(Maoist) central secretariat meeting Friday decided to start broad discussions on find out and how to ‘scientifically’ address Madesh demands, CP Gajurel said at the end of the meeting.
Madeshi lawmakers and central committee members will be involved in discussions.
The decision as top Maoist Madesh leader Matrika Prasad Yadav said he’ll leave the party to launch a regional party.
The meeting discussed directives of the central committee.
The meeting decided to conduct political camps is districts to make integration between CPN (Maoist) and CPN (Unity Center/Mashal) effective.

EBL records record profit

Kathmandu, 23 Jan: Everest Bank Ltd (EBL) recorded a record Rs 503.6 million net profit in Q2 ending 13 January 2009—a 46 percent growth compared to the same period the pervious year.
Deposits reached Rs 27,770 million.


“To leave government is to discourage change.”

(Jhalanatah Khanal, Naya Patrika, 23 Janauary)

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Two Madeshis killed in Sarlahi, Bara

Kathmandu, 23 Jan: Two Madeshis were killed overnight in Sarlahi and Bara overnight in continuing violence in the south,
A worker of Jwala Singh group, the most violent of nearly two dozen groups active in the region, was killed.

UML activists shut down Gorkha bazzar

Kathmandu, 23 Jan: CPN-UML activists Friday shut down Gorkha bazzar Friday supporters on another ruling party Unified CPN(Maoist) assaulted them one day earlier.
Nearly three dozen students and policemen were injured in another clash this week in the resort town of Pokhara,
CPN-UML leaders have made veiled threats to quit government while saying the coalition will continue.

13th day of Uma Singh’s murder being commemorated

Kathmandu, 23 Jan: The 13th day of woman Uma Singh’s murder is being commemorated Friday.
Three persons, including a Maoist, have been arrested to investigate the murder amid published reports Singh’s sister-in-law may have colluded with a Maoist in the killing.
Maoists had abducted and possibly killed the journalist’s father and brother.
Uma hailed from a Rajput landed gentry family in the terai.

Capitals’ garbage lifted

Kathmandu, 23 Jan: Municipal authorities Friday began lifting nearly 5,000 tons of garbage collected on the capital’s streets for the last 19 days.
PM Prachanda personally intervened to take action against his party activists who smashed the leg of a coalition partner CPN-UML worker during opposition protesting the transport of filth to neighbouring Dhading from the capital.
Local Development Minister RamChandra Jha blamed the prime minister and home minister for obstructing the lifting of garbage.
Government agreed to 10 demands of a landfill site where garbage was being dumped.


“The day we feel the CA will not ensure equal rights to the Madeshis, we will walk out of it.”

(Foreign Minister and MJF Chairman Upendra Yadav, The Himalayan Times, 23 Jan.)

Maoist govt. bans first Warner Brothers’ Indian movie in Nepal (BREAKING NEWS)

By Bhola B Rana

Kathmandu, 22 Jan: Nepal’s Maoist-led government Thursday banned the screening of Warner Brothers’ first Hindu movie ‘Chadinai Chown to China’ in the previously Hindu kingdom of Nepal now a shaky republic.
Government Maoist spokesman Krishna Bahadur Mahara made the announcement after a cabinet meeting.
Street protests continued against the movie for the second day in Nepal’s capital Thursday after release last week.
Protestors oppose presentation in the movie of Lord Buddha born in India when he was delivered in Nepal at Lumbini,a a revered Buddhist shrine.

Girija offered special facilities by govt.

By Bhola B Rana

Kathmandu, 22 Jan; Main opposition Girija Prasad Koirala Thursday was offered special personal facilities by the Maoist-led government he’s trying to topple.
He’s been offered all personal conforms of life by the Maoist-led government housing and health treatment facilities.
Immediate Koirala reaction wasn’t available.
Koirala is attempting to topple a Maoist-led government led by PM Prachanda,
Appeasement in the making; results yet to be seen.

Load-shedding reduced for two hours

Kathmandu, 22 Jan: Crippling load-shedding will be reduced from 16 to 14 hours every day from Friday authorities said Thursday.
Any relief to the people of new Nepal?

Another shooting death in Bara

Kathmandu, 22 Jan: Munna was shot dead in Bara Thursday night.
Violence continues in he south.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Details of PM Prachanda, Girija meeting

Kathmandu, 22 Jan: PM Prachanda and Nepali Congress President Girija Prasad Koirala Thursday discussed improving party relations and the current political situation, Congress leader ram Chandra Paudel said.
Paudel was present at the meeting.
Paudel said there was an agreement to develop an environment of trust.
Prachanda also met Thursday Indian Ambassador Rakesh Sood who held a meeting with Koirala Wednesday.

Bamdeb Gautam going abroad for medical treatment

Kathmandu, 22 Jan: Deputy Prime Minister Bamdeb Gautamis going abroad for further medical treatment Saturday, a radio report said.
Gautam was admitted to a neurological hospital for treatment Wednesday even after undergoing angioplasty at another hospital several days earlier.
Gautam was admitted to the hospital for the second time after complaining of headache.


“It is known to all I joined the king’s cabinet and background will emerge slowly. Despite much disrepute, I wasn’t a dishonourable.”

(Radha Krishna Mainali, Janadharana, 22 Jan.)

Maoist decision to put party on ‘alert’ to stop counterrevolution; other details

By Bhola B Rana

Kathmandu, 22 Jan: A decision has been taken by the just concluded first meetings of the secretariat and central committees to put the party on ‘alert’ to stop counterrevolution’, Rajdhani reports quoting an unidentified central member.
The central committee meeting concluded Wednesday night.
“The party has united to take the peace process to its logical end. A decision has been taken to put the party on ‘alert’ to prevent counterrevolution in the name of the peace process,” he said.
A source said PM Prachanda himself put the proposal.
Maoist central committee member Bharat Bam “Ranabir’ said,” National and foreign power centers desiring counterrevolution are organized in planning now. This is the party conclusion.
”That’s why they’re finally coming out openly against army integration and drafting of a popular constitution.”
A united revolutionary people’s front is beingorgaanized by the party, Rajdhani reports.
Only Krishna Bhujel of CPN (United) was inducted into the central committee on Unified (CPN-Moist) Wednesday.
“Because polarization within the leftists continues, 37 members will be added later on,” spokesman Dinanath Sharma said adding there’ll be defections from CPN (United), CPN-UML and CPN (ML).
Narayan Kazi Shrestha Prakash of the CPN (Unity Center/Mashal) has consolidated his position in the unified party getting responsibilities to look after parliament, and government affairs.
He has also been entrusted responsibilities to hold discussions with other parties.
Analysts said he is now ranked in third position above Dr Baburam Bhattarai; but Dinanath Sharma.said there’s no hierarchy in the party organization.

Memorandum protesting woman journalist’s murder for PM

Kathmandu, 22 Jan: A memorandum protesting the murder of woman journalist Uma Singh is being handed over to PM Prachanda later Thursday.
Journalists had collected signatures nation-wide as they continue the killing with protests demanding action against killers.
Prachanda said the murder is serious citing it as one of the reasons for the cancellation of proposed visits of Norway and Finland.

PM, Indian ambassador hold discussions

By Bhola B Rana

Kathmandu, 22 Jan: Embattled Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal Prachanda Thursday morning held discussions with main opposition leader Girija Prasad Koirala and discussed contemporary political issues, according to Sujata Koirala.
The prime minister hours earlier held discussions with Indian Ambassador Rakesh Sood.
Details of discussions weren’t immediately available.
Sood held discussions with main opposition Nepali Congress leader Girija Prasad Koirala Wednesday.
India has been playing an interventionist role in Nepali politics in recent years.
US Ambassador Nancy J. Powell and ambassadors from Great Britain and France also held discussions with Koirala last week after Prachanda threatened to capture state power through revolt if the Maoist-led government is toppled in the CA.
The western ambassadors complained to Koirala Prachanda was behaving like Venezuelan Hugo Perez and was a threat to the world, a published report said.

Pokhara closed

Kathmandu, 22 Jan: Students loyalists of CPN-UML closed down Pokhara Thursday to protest what they called attacks by Maoist students one day earlier at a campus.
CPN-UML general- Secretary Jhalanath Khanal condemned the violence in which three dozen persons were injured, some seriously.

Appeal to stop export of Nepali monkeys to USA

Kathmandu, 22 Jan: A public interest litigation (PIL) was filed at the supreme court today [Wednesday] challenging the Maoist-led government’s decision to allow the export of rhesus monkeys to Washing University in US for scientific tests, The Himalayan Times reports.
The PIL was filed by a group of wildlife activists.
The Prime Minister’s Office, cabinet, the Department of National Parks and Wildlife Conservation and Bio-diversity Centers in Lalitpur and Kathmandu have been named as defendants.
The petitioners accused the government of cruelty against simians.

Proposals sought for construction of 60MW Trishuli hydro project

Kathmandu, 22 Jan: Amid a crippling energy crisis, Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) Thursday called for proposals from Chinese and joint venture Chinese and Nepali contractors for the construction of the Upper Trishuli 3A Hydroelectric project located in the Nuwakot/Rasuwa, Bagmati zone.
Government is negotiating a concessional loan for the project from China EXIM Bank.

Commercial banks record profits

Kathmandu, 22 Jan: Kumari Bank Ltd recorded a Rs 133.6 million in Q2 of the current fiscal year ending 13 January 2009.
The bank improved its performance compared to the same period in 2008 when it recorded only a Rs 93.2 million profit.
Lumbini Bank Ltd posted a Rs 364.1 million net profit in Q2 of the current fiscal year as well.

Three bank agreement to help customers

Kathmandu, 22 Jan: Customers of Bank of Kathmandu, Himalayan Bank Ltd and Laxmi Bank from 1 February 2009 can deposit and withdraw up to Rs 500,000 using the network of two other banks.
Executives of the three banks signed a memorandum of understanding to provide the service to clients Wednesday.

Chairmen of constitution drafting committees meet

Kathmandu, 22 Jan: Chairpersons of 14 committees of the CA drafting a constitution are meeting jointly Thursday amid delay in drafting a new basis law.
The meeting has been convened by CA Chairman Subash Nemwang.
The meeting will discuss ways to end overlapping responsibilities of the committees to smoothly draft the constitution.
Madhav Kumar Nepal, chairman of the main constitution drafting committee said,” The constitution will be progressive and reflect the people’s aspirations.”
The constitution has to be drafted within May 2010.
The country is now governed by what is called an interim constitution.

Bamdeb Gautam admitted to hospital after constant headache

Kathmandu, 22 Jan: Deputy Prime Minister Bamdeb Gautam has been admitted to a neurological
hospital after constant headache and fever, Naya Patrika reports quoting the ministers press aide Bishwamani Subedi.
Dr Upendra Debkota is treating him.
Gautam was released a few days after angioplasty.


“Preparations are afoot to launch a anew party. Now I’ll soon resign from Maoist politburo and CA.”

(Former Maoist Minister Matrika Prasad Yadav, Annapurna Post, 22 Jan.)

“People had assumed they would see peace after those waging people’s war joined the government. But peace is yet to see the light of the day.”

(RPP Chairman Pashupati SJB Rana, The Kathmandu Post, 22 Jan.)

“One party is leading the government, army and a semi-military organization. This is an embarrassing situation for the country.”

(Madhav Kumar Nepal, Kantipur, 22 Jan.)

‘There will be no work until the brake is thrown away. Garbage will continue to pile up and there’ll be no work.”

(Communications Minister Krishna Bahadur Mahara, 22 Jan.)

“All reactionaries and status quoists are the main enemies of Nepali society. In the present context, Congress can’t be the main enemy.”

(Jhalanath Khanal, Annapurna Post, 22 Jan.)

Nepali students prevent screening of first Warner Brothers’ Indian movie (URGENT NEWS)

By Bhola B Rana

Kathmandu, 21 Jan: Angry Nepali students Wednesday stoped in the capital the screening of ‘Chadani Chowk to China’ – the first Hollywood studio Warner Brothers’
first Indian movie.
Students were angered by depicting the birth of Lord Buddha in India and not in Nepal.
The Buddha was born in Lumbini, Nepal.
Jaya Nepal Cinema Hall stopped the screening indefinitely after students tore down a poster advertising the movie.
Students asked public to boycott the movie as they demanded Nepal’s Maoist-led government take up the issue with the Indian government.
The first Hindi film shot on location in China was released this week.
The action comedy is about anIndian chef who is mistaken as a reincarnation of a famous Chinese warior.

Unified CPN (Maoist) to strengthen unity

By Bhola B Rana

Kathmandu, 21 Jan: The first two-day central committee meeting of the Unified CPN (Maoist) ended Wednesday after distributing responsibilities and to manage merger, party sources said.
The central committee adopted the slogan: Unity, National Awareness and Development Campaign.
The expanded politburo will have 16 politburo members and 138 central committee members
Mohan Bidya Kiran has been confirmed as organization boss of a 11-member committee and Dinanath Sharma will be the spokesman of the party.
Chairman Prachanda has been given sole responsibility to establish party headquarters or the unified party’s top powerful governing body.
No decision was taken by the two-day central committee meeting.
Dr Baburam Bhattarai heads a 13-member internal committee to draft a constitution.
Narayan Kazi Shrestha Prakash of disbanded CPN (Unity Center/Mashal) and Deb Gurung head a committee to monitor government activities.
Shrestha has also been given responsibilities to manage the organization and parliamentary affairs.
Fourteen state committees were reorganized.
Post Bahadur Bogati is chief whip and Jayapuri Gharti whip.
Dinanath Sharma has been appointed secretariat member while a five-member committee has been formed to merge class organizations.
The central committee discussed appointing Dr Bhattarai deputy prime minister, Sharma said.

Maoist, CPN-UML students clash in Pokhara

Kathmandu, 21 Jan: Nearly three dozen students and policemen were injured Wednesday in clashes between students supporters of ruling Maoists CPN-UML Wednesday in Pokhara’s Prithvi Narayan Campus.
Six of the injured are serious.
Maoist students charged CPN-UML students of corruption in managing a campus union whose office was damaged.
CPN-UML supporters retaliated by attacking the Maoist Kaski district office.
More than one dozen motorcycles were destroyed.
The fresh clash will rock relations between Maoists and CPN-UML whose top leaders have demanded a change in government leadership.
They said CPN-UML and not Maoists should lead the coalition government.

Poultry farming banned for three months after bird flu hits Nepal

Kathmandu, 21 Jan: Poultry farming has been banned for three months in 26 of Nepal’s 75 administrative districts adjoining the Indian states of West Bengal and Sikkim where the dearly contagious disease was reported.
Those defying the ban will be prosecuted, officials warned Wednesday.
Traces of the disease were detected in Nepal in Jhapa where an emergency has been declared.
Altogether 18,000 plus birds have been culled until Wednesday and 1,500 more birds will remain be slaughtered, officials said.
Farmers obstructed culling demanding compensation.
The outbreak of the disease in the world’s 66th country has put Nepal’s poultry in crisis as sale of chicken meat fell drastically,
But chicken and eggs are still being consumed.
A photograph of a government official eating tandoori was published in newspapers Wednesday to create public confidence by spreading the feeling eating chicken was not hazardous.
There’s very little the country can do to stop migrating from as far as Siberia from flying into Nepal.
Birds from there fly to Nepal to escape the winter in cold Siberia.

Shribhadra Sharma dead

Kathmandu, 21 Jan: Shribhadra Sharma who held top ministerial posts in the panchayat regime died Wednesday of a heart attack at his home.
He was 83.
He left behind two daughters and a son.
He defected to the panchayat from Nepali Congress of which he was general secretary.
He rejoined the party after King Gyanendra introduced direct rule.
His body was put for public view at the Nepali Congress office before cremation.

Deputy prime minister Gautam readmitted to hospital

Kathmandu, 21 Jan: Deputy Prime Minister Bamdeb Gautam was readmitted to a hospital after development fever Wednesday, Radio Nepal said.
He had been discharged after undergoing angioplasty.

Foreign ministry moves to Narayanhiti

Kathmandu, 21 Jan: Foreign ministry Wednesday moved to the office of ousted King Gyanendra at Narayanhiti from Shital Niwas the official residence of the president.
President Dr Ram Baran Yadav is moving there shortly from his private home.
The building donated to government by Krishna Shumshere JB Rana after 2007 is presently being used by the president as his office.

Local development minister Jha threatens resignation

Kathmandu, 21 Jan: Local Development Minister Ram Chandra Jha of CPN–UML threatened to resign accusing PM Prachanda and Home Minister Bamdeb Gautum also of obstructing lifting the capital’s garbage for the last 18 days.
Jha charged his own party cadres were obstructing lifting the garbage to a dumping site in neighbouring Dhading district.
Tons of filth have been filing up on the capital’s streets endangering public health.
Jha said he raise the issue of his party general secretary Jhalanath Khanal.

Independent lawmaker Baban Singh released

Kathmandu, 21 Jan: Independent lawmaker Baban Singh was released on bail by Parsa district court Wednesday, January 21, 2009.
Ailing Singh was presented at the court after his three-day remand for investigation into two alleged murders ended Wednesday.
His supporters forcibly again closed down Birgunj Wednesday protesting his arrest.

Girija, Indian envoy hold political discussions

Kathmandu, 21 Jan: Nepali Congress President Girija Prasad Koirala Wednesday held political discussions with Indian Ambassador Rakesh Sood.
Details of their discussions weren’t immediately available.
But the discussions follow last Tuesday’s discussions Koirala had collectively outgoing US Ambassador Nancy J Powell and ambassadors from Great Britain and Fracne.
They told Koirala PM Prachanda was threat to the world and he was compared to Venezuelan President Huro Chavez for irresponsible public statements, a published report said Wednesday.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


“Martin personally confirms he’s a Maoist”

(Headline in Ghatana ra Bichar, 21 Jan.”

60 million euro grant

Kathmandu, 21 Jan: EU will give Nepal a 60 million euro grant for social and economic development, Nepali embassy in Belgium said.
The grant will finance education, trade facilitation, peace and economic capacity building programmes,
The agreement was signed at the end of a joint Nepal/ EU commission meeting in Brussels; Foreign Secretary Gyan Chandra Acharya led the Nepali team.
Nepal’s Ambassador Pramesh Kumar Hamal and EU representative Karel Kovanda signed the grant agreement.

Bhutani journalist of Nepali descent jailed for seven years

Kathmandu, 21 Jan: A Bhutanese journalist of Nepali descent has been jailed by a court in Bhutan for seven years for anti-government activities and involvement with Bhutan Communist Party (Maoist), Naya Patrika reports.
Shanti Ram Acharya of Bhutan Reporter monthly had gone missing for one year.

Ian Martin a Maoist: Girija Prasad Koirala

By Bhola B Rana

Kathmandu, 21 Jan: Ambassadors of three powerful countries have described PM Prachanda and Chairman of Unified CPN (Maoist) ‘the threat for the world’, Janaastha reports.
US Ambassador Nancy J Powell, British Ambassador Dr Andrew Hall and French ambassador to Nepal collectively met NC President Girija Prasad Koirala Tuesday; the collective meeting was unprecedented.
They met Koirala several days Prachanda issued a threat to capture power if toppled while addressing a public meeting in the capital after unification of CPN (Maoist) and CPN (Unity center/ Mashal).
The ambassadors said the statement was a threat to the world and compared Prachanda to Venezuelan Hugo Perez; they said Prachanda was becoming anarchical like Perez.
An appointment was arranged with Koirala on behalf of EU.
Koirala laughed when he was told the collective meeting would be routine and said it was ‘not normal’.
“Ambassadors said Nepal’s problems have increased,” Koirala said and replied according to a source the main cause was an appointment of UNMIN Chief Ian Martin.
Koirala said Martin was chosen by the countries the ambassadors represented.
“The person you appointed is a Maoist,” Koirala said and was told by the ambassadors the matter has been raised at concerned place.
The threat to capture power was serious to which EU is opposed and asked Koirala to act for democracy.
‘The system can’t be ousted; let him work under the system,” Koirala told the ambassadors.
The ambassadors buttered Koirala who was told he was South Asia’s democratic leader on an hour-long meet.
Most of the time was taken by the Prachanda threat.

President, Maoist Prime Minister Prachanda greet Obama

Kathmandu, 21 Jan: Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal Prachanda, who heads a Maoist-led government, has greeted President Barack Obama for assuming the US presidency.
Dahal said the enthusiastic support demonstrated by the American people in his election to the high office of the president testifies to their desire to see change backed by optimism and hope that America will achieve prosperity under his transformative leadership, RSS reports.
Maoists are still on the US terror list even after being popularly elected.
President Dr Ram Baran Yadav also congratulated Obama.
“I take this opportunity to express best wishes for the continued progress and prosperity of the people of the United States of America under your dynamic leadership,” the president said.

MJF central committee members

Kathmandu, 21 Jan: Newly elected Madesh Janaadhikar Forum (MJF) Upendra Yadav has appointed a new central committee.
They include: Sharad Singh Bhandari, Jayaprakash Prasad Gupta, Renu Yadav, Ram Shaya Yadav, Lalbabu Raut, Dr Tilak Rawal, Asha Chaturbedi, Jitendra Narayan Deb, Bhartendu Mallik and Ramlal Sopihar.
Other members are: Khalid Siddqui, Bijaya Kumar Gupta, Chandrika Raya Yadav, Rameshwor Goit, Sanjaya Kumar Shah, Rabindra Thakur, Ganesh Yadav, Jaya Prakash Yadav, Rabindra Yadav, and Abdul Jabbar.
Rameshwor Raya Yadav, Nasir Siddiqui, Mohammad Istthiyak Raien, Ramjanam Chaudhary, Arsi Yadav, Upendra Jha, Rajeshwari Jaiswal, Kabuli Paswan, Jaspi Chaudhary, Ratneshwarlal Kayastha and Sahasram Yadav are also in the central committee.
Another eight members, including Bijaya Kumar Gacheddhar, are expected to be nominated by Chairman Yadav.

Unified CPN (Maoist) central meeting to continue

Kathmandu, 21 Jan: Central committee of Unified CPN Maoist) is again meeting for the second day Wednesday. The meeting will discuss expansion of the committee and division of responsibilities.

TU reopening today

Kathmandu, 21 Jan: Tribhuvan University (TU) is reopening Wednesday after a 18-day closure after improved law and order situation
Kirtipur locals are are demanding compensation for acquired land at market price and employment opportunities for locals in the university.
University was closed after violent protests.

Dr Baburam Bhattarai being appointed deputy prime minister

Kathmandu, 21 Jan: Maoists are preparing to appoint Dr Baburam Bhattarai deputy prime minister and Narayan Kazi Shrestha ‘Prakash’ deputy leader in the CA, Kantipur reports.
One source said appointments were discussed in the politburo Tuesday.
Dr Bhattarai is being in the next few days.
Another deputy prime minister from MJF may also be appointed.

Uma Singh murdered for assets

Kathmandu, 21 Jan: Property seems to be the main motive behind Uma Singh’s murder, The Himalayan Times reports from Siraha.
Preliminary investigations have revealed that two persons who have been arrested on charges of her murder, were allegedly involved in threatening the slain journalist’s family members.
The reason: the duo—Mebi Lal Paswan and Shrawan Yadav—was eying the Singhs’ property.

President Obama doesn’t mention Buddhism in his inaugural speech (URGENT NEWS)

By Bhola B Rana

Kathmandu, 20 Jan: President Barak Hussein Obama made no mention of Buddhism as a major religion of the USA while mentioning Hinduism as a major religion of his country.
He spoke extempore.
The oversight could be controversial; Buddhists could start protests.
Majority Nepalis in Hindu Nepal now secular will be delighted by the mention of Hinduism even as the country, a previously monarchical Hindu kingdom, is now declared secular.
Obama made no mention of democracy anywhere in his inaugural speech while promising to protect US interests.
Obama inauguration waa followed with keen interest in Nepal of 24 million people with a 80 percent Hindu population.

First phase of culling birds hit by bird flu successful (BREAKING NEWS)

By Bhola B Rana

Kathmandu, 20 Jan: The first of a three-day operation to cull 13,000 birds was successful Tuesday in Jhapa adjoining the Indian state of West Bengal, Nepali health authorities said.
The second phase will start immediately, they said.
The birds were buried in a forest in the district adjoining the communist-run state.
The disease has been detected in Sikkim state where Nepali Indians have a majority.
Nepali officials said Tuesday they will prosecute farmers who obstructed culling over compensation differences in Jhapa.

Upendra Yadav elected unopposed chairman of MJF

Kathmandu, 20 Jan: Upendra Yadav, foreign minister and chairman of Madesh Janaadhikar Forum (MJF), was Tuesday elected unopposed party chairman by the second general convention in Birjung Tuesday for a two-year term.
Election for other central committee members has been cancelled as leaders attempt to elect leaders without a vote.
Agriculture Minister Jayaprakash Gupta is expected to be elected vice-chairman, Sarad Singh Bhandari general secretary and Transport Minister Bijaya Kumar Gachedhar senior leader.

Delayed Maoist central committee begins

Kathmandu, 20 Jan: A first delayed meeting of the Unified CPN (Maoist) began Tuesday evening in the capital.
The meeting will approve the decisions of the politburo and central secretariat of two radical communist parties,-- CPN (Maoist) and CPN (Unity Center/Mashal) that united.
The secretariat meeting xtended for three days over differences on responsibility sharing as well.

Dr Baburam Bhattarai undergoes gallbladder operation

Kathmandu, 20 Jan: Finance Minister Dr Baburam Bhattarai underwent successful operation ot remove gall stones at TU Teaching Hospital in the capital Tuesday, hospital sources said.
He will be in hospital for a couple of days.

Task force to form local bodies

Kathmandu, 20 Jan: Twenty-five political parties in CA agreed Tuesday to form a task force to form local bodies.
Agreement on how to form the bodies was elusive though,
Government convened the meeting.

Former Prime Minister Bista calls for national reconciliation to resolve current political crisis

By Bhola B Rana

Kathmandu, 20 Jan: Former Prime Minister Kirtinidhi Bista has called for ‘national reconciliation as propounded by the late BP Koirala” and a ‘politics of broad national consensus born out of the historic movement have no alternatives’.
Bista, second minister in the royal regime didn’t elaborate further.
Bista said involvement of USA and EU with Indian collusion in system change that finally brought Maoists to power through election was unnecessary.
Ousted King Gyanendra and eight parties negotiated a
Regime and system change in April 2005 with Indian negotiation; the ‘revolution wasn’t total.
Eight parties later overthrew the constitution and monarchy through an unelected parliament reinstated by the king through a ‘political decision’ –an euphuism for an illegal act.
Bista went on to add in an article entitled ‘Whither Nepal’in newsfront.
“The Himalayan Blunder that our political leaders committed was not only in the selection of New Delhi as the venue for the historic 12-point agreement, and India as the main guide and mediator, but also the acquiescence in initiatives and unnecessary involvement of the US and European countries lining up behind India to build up an ideal democratic system now left to Nepalis’ fate.”
Outgoing US President in his first term pursued a policy to ‘ find, search and kill Maoists’ in Nepal
He trained and established a Nepali ranger unit to fight Maoists.
In the second administration, he abandoned the king, army and Nepal where Maoists head an elected government.
His Nepal policy failed totally.
Bista asked in the article ‘how long this country Nepal” will ‘continue to be the centre of instability, insecurity and lawlessness”.
He called Nepal ‘beautiful, charming and natural’ along ‘ with its glorious history’.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Govt. holds discussions to form local bodies

By Bhola B Rana

Kathmandu, 20 Jan: Government held discussions with all 25 political parties Tuesday in the CA to resolve differences preventing the formation of local bodies.
Maoist are pushing for formation of local bodies based on result of mixed 10 April 2008 CA elections; but main opposition Nepali Congress, MJF and CPN-UML are demanding formation of VDCs, district development committees and municipalities based on results of proportional election system.
Smaller parties are demanding direct elections.
Government officials are running local bodies.
Appointments to local bodies will give parties control of millions of rupees of government grant and hence the interest in parties to control these bodies.

MJF central committee elections

Kathmandu, 20 Jan: Elections for 35 central committee members of Madesh Janaadhikar Forum (MJF) is being held in Birjung Tuesday after conclusion of the party’s second general convention.
Consensus to appoint central committee members was elusive.
Although Amar Yadav is challenging Chairman Upendra Yadav, the incumbent chairman and foreign minister’s election is certain.
Twenty-five central committee members are to be nominated.

Bird culling continues for third day

Kathmandu, 20 Jan: Culling of chickens, ducks and birds continued for the third consecutive day Tuesday after the deadly contagious disease was detected Friday in Jhapa.
Twenty-six of 75 districts in the country have been declared sensitive districts.
Culling was delayed amid protests of farmers demanding adequate compensation.
Chicken sale has fallen drastically in the capital though chicken tandoori are still in demand at eateries.
Nearly 10,000 birds have been culled so far in Jhapa by 10 rapid response teams from the capital.
Possible deaths of birds through infection in other parts of the country is being monitored amid concern.

Rebel Maoists form another group

Kathmandu, 20 Jan: Madesh workers have launched a rebel Maoist organization under leadership of fourth division battalion commander, Kantipur reports from Parasi.
Revolutionary National Madesh Liberation Front has been formed under leadership of Battalion Commander Hira Kumar Nishad ‘Rahul’ amid charges of second class treatment.
Announcement was made at a news conference.

10 justices appointed to hear industrial, commercial disputes

Kathmandu, 20 Jan: Supreme court has for the first time appointed 10 justices to hear industrial and commercial cases.
Government with supreme court permission had formed four such courts at government industrial centers.
A decision was taken Monday.

Reasons for cancellation of PM Prachanda’s Finland, Norway visits [Excerpts]

Kathmandu, 20 Jan: The cancellation of Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal’s official visit to Norway and Finland at the last minute has triggered speculations that fear of political insecurity at home was the key reason for the last-minute decision, newsfront reports.
Growing confrontation between the Prime Minister and Army Chief Gen R Katawal, mounting criticism of the government by political parties at home, and strong statement by the European Union that implies condemnation of the government on journalist Uma Singh’s murder altogether contributed to the cancellation of the trip, a senior official in the Prime Minister’s Office said.
Ambassador Thor Gilsen had already lefr for Oslo to receive the “Guest” from Nepal.
The trip was called off soon after Prachanda visited his number two Bahuram Bhattarai’s official residence the same morning [15 Jan.]
Denmark, another Scandinavian country, refused to extend an official invitation to Dahal who was keen to go there as well.
Owing to the cancellation of the visit, the proposed signing of the Memorandum of Understanding on various issues involving Norwegian assistance to Nepal’s development and peace process have been shelved at the moment.
The Norwegian Embassy was also playing host to five journalists—some of them at the recommendation of the PMO—by bearing their entire expenses so that the visit could be well covered. In fact, the Norwegian Embassy had to face hostile queries from a couple of journalists from the team, such as “Why are Norway and Switzerland quiet when the Maoists commit human rights violations/”

Another insight into the cancellation of Prachanda’s Norway, Finland visits

Kathmandu, 20 Jan: Why was PM Prachanda’s Norway and Finland visits load-shedded? Punajagaran asks.
Two days before his departure, Norway, Finland and Denmark told him they wouldn’t finance money for the purchase of the four 50 MW thermal plants from China.
The plants were installed during the Beijing Olympics as a back-up system.
China is now selling the plants.

Army chief tells president recruitment hasn’t violated peace agreement

Kathmandu, 20 Jan: Army Chief Gen Rukmangud Katawal met President Dr Ram Baran Yadav for one hour Monday, Rajdhani reports.
He briefed the president on orders of PM Prachanda and Defence Minister Ram Bahadur Thapa Badal to stop recruitment to fill vacancies.
According to a military source, the army chief told the president the peace agreement hadn’t been violated.

PM Prachanda says Congress is daydreaming

By Bhola B Rana

Kathmandu, 20 Jan: PM Prachanda said Tuesday main opposition Nepali Congress is daydreaming by predicting the downfall of the Maoist-led government.
“Now they [Nepali Congress] are saying government will fall on its own.
“They are waiting to reap the benefit after such a fall. They are only daydreaming; nothing will happen,” the premier told Maoist mouthpiece Janadesh Tuesday.
Prachanda reiterated he cancelled his Norway, Finland visits because of internal reasons.
“I stopped the visit to concentrate on resolving burning issues at home,” he said and added the visit wasn’t stopped to save the government.
He said the visit ‘wasn’t cancelled to save the government’.
PM Prachanda raised the possibility of CPN-UML being incited against Maoists.
Prachanda asked in the interview whether ‘powers at home and abroad’ are ‘inciting’ Maoists who could get a two-third majority in elections after a new constitution is drafted.
“This is the inside reason” for non- cooperation of Maoists in government, the prime minister said. “
“Is somebody inciting CPN-UML by exploiting the straightforwardness and lack of experience,” Prachanda asked.

Birgunj closed for third successive day

Kathmandu, 20 Jan: Schools and businesses were closed down for the third successive day Tuesday.
Protestors opposed the arrest of lawmaker Baban Singh for alleged murder.

Chinese company wins bid to construct Melamchi tunnel

Kathmandu, 20 Jan: China Railway 15- Bureau Group
Corporation and China CMIIC Engineering have been jointly awarded a contract to construct the 26.6 km tunnel of the Melamchi drinking water project.
The multi-million dollar project in funded by a consortium headed by Asian Development Bank (ADB).
ADB threatened to cutoff funding after the Maoist-led government refused to raise water tariff; government relented under bank pressure.


“Departing Ian Martin pours out venom.”

(Headline in Punajagran, 20 Jan.)

“I think the recent report submitted by Ian Martin to the UN Security Council lacks neutrality.”

(Saurav Basnet, The Kathmandu Post, 20 Jan.)