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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Two Pakistanis arrested in big drug haul

Kathmandu, 28 Feb.: Two Pakistanis were arrested and 5.5 kg brown sugar was worth millions of rupees were recovered from them during a raid Friday night on a hotel in Thamel.
Abrar Hussein, 41, and Irshad Muhummad, 33, were arrested with $ 1,100, 120 Pakistani rupees and 3,910 Nepali rupees.
The pair brought in the drubs on a flight of Pakistan Airlines 22 February from Karachi to Kathmandu.


Nepal league champion

Kathmandu, 28 Feb.: Nepal won the final of Pepsi ICC World Cricket League Division 5 tournament Saturday.
Nepal defeated USA by five wickets in front of a cheering crowd of 20,000 at Tribhuvan University cricket ground to become the league champion.
Both teams have qualified for Division 4.

Govt. renews West Seti project license under threat

Kathmandu, 28 Feb.: Government has decided to renew the license of the 750 MW West Seti hydro power project by extended its own deadline after a Chinese company SIMEC warned it will withdraw from the project, Kantipur reports.
Government had set condition a share agreement should be signed by March 2010 while financial management agreement should be signed by March 2010.
The deadline for the financial management agreement could be extended one month.
Energy Secretary Shanker Koirala said the tenure has been extended.
The deadline for the share agreement has been extended to June 2010 while the financial agreement deadline has been extended to December 2010.

UNMIN unhelpful in implementing peace accord: Peace Minister Chemjung

Kathmandu, 28 Feb.: Peace Minister Rakam Chemjung charged UNMIN has not helped in Nepal’s peace process and drafting the constitution, Annapurna Post reports from Biratnagar.
He leveled the charge in front of reporters in Biratnagar Saturday.
He alleged UNMIN hasn’t helped the peace process and drafting of the constitution by not providing updated figures of Maoist combatants in camps.
He said government feels UNMIN should help the peace process and it’s a matter of concern that’s not happening.

Maoist fighters arrested

Kathmandu, 28 Feb.: Police on Saturday foiled an attempt by former Maoist combatants to rob a hotel in two separate incidents in Kathmandu, The Himalayan Times reports.
Thy have been arrested with a pistol and three high-intensity socket bombs thereby averting potentially huge damages to property and humans.
The assailants were carrying a US-made pistol and four rounds of cartridges.
“When grilled ,they admitted that they were fromer Maoist combatants [three persons],:” SP Ganesh KC said,
Similarly, the police arrested four other ex-rebel combatants from Kohinoor Hotel in Thamel with three socket combs on Wednesday.


“Those defeated by the people and have sunk the nation have been elevated to power through a conspiracy. Even as anti-nationals are in power, this drama won’t last now.’

(Chairman Prachanda, Kantipur, 28 Feb.)

Friday, February 26, 2010

Khagendra Thapa Magar world’s shortest man

Kathmandu, 27 Feb.: Khagendra Thapa Magar, 17, is the world’s shortest man; he is 56 cm tall and weighs 5kg.
Thapa Magar was awarded a certificate in Rome Friday after verification in the Italian capital by a Guinness team.
Guinness Book of World Records will enter his name after six months replacing China’s Pingping who is 74.93 cm tall.

Birgunj trader shot, injured

Kathmandu, 27 Feb.: Sudip Sharma was shot and injured by an unidentified group in Birgunj overnight.
He owned an oil store in the border town.

17 Tibetans held

Kathmandu, 27 Feb.: Seventeen Tibetans, including seven women, were held by police in Lamabagar, Dolakha, Thursday for entering Nepal illegally from Tibet without travel documents.
They were transiting to India.
Nepal has deployed Armed Police Force along the border at China’s request.


India reduces additional duty on garments

Kathmandu, 27 Feb.: Nepal’s garment industry welcomed
India’s decision to exempt four percent coutervailing duty on Nepali garment exports.
This was announced by Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee while presenting the country’s annual budget in parliament Friday.
Nepal’s garment history was hit by the additional duty.
“With the removal of the additional duty our export to India will increase,” said Prashanta Pokhrel, President of Garment Association of Nepal.
India increased import duty on gold—a move likely to encourage smuggling of the yellow metal to India from Nepal.


Nepal qualifies for Division 4

Kathmandu, 27 Feb.: Nepal Friday qualified for the with a better run rate than Singapore even after losing to the United States of America by five wickets in the Pepsi ICC World Cricket League Division V match.
USA has also qualified for Division 4 of the league.
Saturday’s match between USA which has also qualified for Division 4 is only of academic interest.


“Either UNMIN chief hasn’t read the peace agreement or doesn’t understand the meaning of the agreement.”

(Communications Minister and government Spokesman Shanker
Pokhrel’s remark after UNMIN chief refused a government request to provide it with exact number of combatants in camps, Nagarik, 27 Feb.)

“Maoist Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal said those in government
are kansha [devil] calling his party ‘Krishna [god].”

(Report in Kantipur, 27 Feb.)

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Nepal Tourism Year 2011 being formally launched

Kathmandu, 26 Feb.: Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal Friday afternoon will kickoff Nepal Tourism Year 2011 campaign at the Nepal Army Pavilion at Tundikhel 1.30 in the afternoon.
Nepal hopes to welcome one million tourisms during the year,
16 political parties, including UCPN (Maoist), Nepali Congress and UML, signed a commitment paper not to hold strikes during the year to promote tourism.
Other parties are expected to sign the commitment paper.

Peace Minister Rakam Chemjunj expresses disappointment with UNMIM

By Bhola B Rana

Kathmandu, 26 Feb.: Peace Minister Rakam Chemjung Friday expressed disappointment with UNMIN’s refusal Thursday to provide government with the number of Maoist combatants remaining in 28 cantonments and satellite camps.
There were 19,000 plus combatants after verification three years ago by UNMIN.
Chemjung sought details from UNMIN Chief Karin Landgren Thursday.
Following the meeting UNMIN issued a statement with which the minister said he ‘was surprised’.
Even without UNMIN cooperation, government has decided to form a
seven-member task force to determine the number of remaining fighters.
officially under UNMIN observation.
‘How can allowances be distributed without the details. We were asking only for record of number of combatants now in the camps. Help was sought to distribute the allowances,” Minister Chenjing said Friday.
“How can allowances be distributed without details,” the minister asked.
“Government called for the data after it was found only 40 percent of disqualified combatants were officially discharged,” he added.
“There’s suspicion combatants may not be there according to information coming in from different sectors.
‘The allowances could be given to real combatants,” Chemjung said amid reports unauthorized people are collecting allowances from 28 cantonments and satellite camps.
The minister said new identification cards had to be distributed to ensure proper persons received monthly salary and allowance.
UNMIN said it shared copies with the minister of an agreement on monitoring and management of arms and armies (AMMAA) which states that such information will be treated with appropriate confidentiality by the UN.
UNMIN said the data could be discussed by a joint monitoring coordination committee (JMCC) with representatives of the government, Maoists and UN.
UNMIN said the JMCC is responsible for resolving questions relating to implementing AMMAA.
UNMIN said neither Nepal Army nor Maoists provided it with
updated strength of their forces at a JMCC meet 24 February.

PM Nepal, Chinese deputy minister meet

Kathmandu, 26 Feb.: Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal Thursday discussed bilateral matters with Liu Jie, central committee member of the Chinese Communist Party and Deputy Minister at the Foreign Department.
Nepal sought Chinese support in development of hydropower, tourisms and infrastructure.
Liu is in town to attend a meeting of the standing committee of International Conference of Asian Political Parties.
Leaders of other Asian communist parties are also attending.

Five secretaries appointed

Kathmandu, 26 Feb.: Five secretaries were appointed by the cabinet Thursday.
Joint secretaries Shetal Babu Regmi, Bimal Wagle, Mahendra
Shrestha, Madhav Ghimere and Ananda Raj Pokhrel were
Their ministries weren’t assigned.

Russian paraglider killed

Kathmandu, 26 Feb.: Russian paraglider Kirdy Askin Alexander was killed Thursday at Dhikidanda in Kaski when his parachute didn’t open.
He died while being rushed to hospital.
He didn’t have a flying license of Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal.
A German paraglider was killed in the district last month.

Barack Obama receives credentials from Dr Shanker Sharma

Kathmandu, 26 Feb.: President Barack Obama Thursday received credentials from Ambassador Dr Shanker Sharma at the While House.
He replaces Dr Suresh Raj Chalise.


Ajay Shrestha CEO of BOK

Kathmandu, 26 Feb.: Ajay Shrestha has been appointed CEO of Bank of Kathmandu (BoK).
He moved to BoK from NMB Bank where he was general manager.
Shovan Den Pant has been appointed CEO of ailing Lumbini Bank for
another four-year term by the bank’s board of directors.

Baburam Bhattarai flies for India

By Bhola B Rana

Kathmandu, 25 Feb.: Two top Maoist leaders Dr Baburam Bhattarai and military commander Barshaman Pun Ananta flew for India Thursday to participate in an Indian-government seminar to discuss Nepal’s political situation amid a prolonged deadlock.
The seminar in being held in Patna, the capital of the state of Bihar.
The two leaders accepted an Indian government invitation despite the main opposition party’s anti-government nation-wide campaign opposing what thy call Indian interference in Nepal’s internal affairs.
Top leaders of other parties are also participating in the seminar.
Bimalendra Nidhi of Nepali Congress and Pradip Nepal of UML are also participating in the two-day conference.
Retired army and police officials are also participating.
Nepal’s leaders have no qualms in discussing internal politics in foreign soil—even in seminars organized by outside governments.
Indian government has been organizing such seminars when there’s a crisis in Nepal to gather opinion at one forum.
It is a money-saving formula to collect information and to influence minds by giving Indian inputs.
So-called Indian Nepal experts are participating in the conference.

Maoists call off meet to expand central committee, politburo

Kathmandu, 25 Feb.: Maoist central committee meeting to appoint new members to the expanded central committee and politburo was called
Called off Thursday without expansion.
The party couldn’t agree on new members amid widespread differences in the main opposition.
Top leaders have been accused of nepotism while recommending names of new members.
The party said attention will instead be concentrated on drafting a constitution within the 28 May deadline and push the peace process.

Gov. rejects foreign ministry proposal fm proposal passport

Kathmandu, 25 Feb.: In a big slap to Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Sujata Koirala, the cabinet Thursday rejected a proposal of the foreign ministry to give award a contract to an Indian government security press to issue machine readable passports without a tender.
A parliamentary committee also asked told the foreign ministry to issue passports within 1 April by issuing tenders.
At least five companies had submitted tenders for the contract.

HLPM prioritized six issues

Kathmandu, 25 Feb.: A controversial high-level political mechanism (HLPM) Thursday prioritized six issues to be discussed at the mechanism’s next meeting possibly Tuesday.
Among the subjects are the drafting of the constitution, government formation and the reorganization of the current state structure.
Prime Minister Madhav Kimar Nepal,only an invited member, wasn’t present although the top leaders of Maoists, Congress and UML were assisted by subordinate leaders.
The HLPM met for the seventh time.

President’s warning

Kathmandu, 25 Feb.: Ceremonial President Dr Ram Baran Yadav Thursday cautioned a constitution should be drafted within the deadline to avoid political and constitutional crisis.
He said this while inaugurating a two-day meet annual meet of journalists in Nepalgunj.
He said the new constitution has to institutionalize political change.


“When the reinstated legislature declared Nepal a secular state in May 2006, the Indian ambassador was said to have gone into urgent consultations with the increasingly sidelined king. Both men, operating on a need-to know basis from the driving forces on their respective sides, apparently had little to discuss.”

(Maila Baje, People’s Review, 25 Feb.)

“What strikes me in their sense of entitlement [for Nobel Peace Price]. It is not so much the case that they think they deserve the highest
accolades because of their hard work or a talent nurtured, bit by
bit, with years of practice, but because they are some how qualified.”

(Biswas Baral, The Kathmandu Post, 25 Feb.)

“If parties aren’t don’t get together and move in 10 different directions, we won’t have to wait for 28 May. A disaster may occur today or tomorrow.”

(Chairman Subash Nemwang, Kantipur, 25 Feb.)

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Gas dealers stop distribution

Kathmandu, 25 Feb. Charging Nepal Oil Corporation (NOC) for failure to ensure adequate supply, LPG dealers Thursday stopped distribution inconveniencing people.
They charged concerned ministries for failure to take adequate measures to ensure regular supplies and warned the stoppage will be indefinite.
There’s a shortage after Indian Oil Corporation (IOC) failed to ensure adequate supply from a refinery in Haldia port in West Bengal.
Nepal’s monthly need is 15,000 tons.
The reduced supply of 8,000 tons wasn’t to hike gas prices although NOC was losing Rs 250 per cylinder in sale, an official said.

New education minister

Kathmandu, 25 Feb.: Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal Wednesday administered the oath of office to Sarbendranath Sukla in the presence of President Dr Raam Baran Yadav.
Sukla replaced Ram Chandra Kushbaha, who was recalled by TMLP to facilitate investigation of corruption charges.
“I have been a victim of a planned conspiracy in the party, .I’ll raise the issue at the party general convention,” he said after his disgraceful exit from government.

Maoist central committee meet Thursday.

Kathmandu, 25 Feb.: Maoist central committee meets again Thursday after
deep differences on the expansion of the politburo and central committee.
Top party leaders have been accused of nepotism in making appointments.
The standing committee is meeting to recommend new names for the
expanded bodies.
Groups have emerged in the country’s biggest political party following
absorption of splinter communist groups.

Amid differences no cabinet meet Wednesday

Kathmandu, 25 Feb.: A cabinet meeting couldn’t be held Wednesday despite three attempts, Rajdhani reports.
Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal has asked ministers not to leave the Valley to take important decisions.
There was no agreement on the appointment of a governor of Nepal Rashtra Bank and printing of machine readable passports (MRP).
A scheduled meeting at eight in the morning was rescheduled for three in the afternoon; two other attempts were made but differences persisted, .
The meeting was adjourned until Thursday after disagreement persisted.
PM Nepal had issued a whip to ministers to be ending the old regime


Investors continue stock exchange boycott

Kathmandu, 25 Feb.: There was no business transaction at Nepal
Stock Exchange for the fourth consecutive day Wednesday amid
boycott of investors demanding government and central bank
intervention to stop a persisting bearish trend.
Investors have pressed 22 demands
Three umbrella organizations of investors Wednesday decided to continue boycott of the country’s only stock exchange indefinitely.
Thursday is the last day of weekly five-day trading
Investors closed down the server of the sock exchange for three
hours Wednesday.
Investors boycotted the stock exchange for the first time; stock brokers had
intervened twice before.

ADBL going public 14 April

Kathmandu, 25 Feb.: In the biggest share issue, Agriculture Development Bank LTD (ADBL) is going public 14 April to raise Rs 960 million.
Ace Development Bank will manage the issue.
Government has 55percent stake in the bank.
Manakamana Development Bank is going public Thursday to raise
Rs 300 million with each share’s par value at Rs 100 after which the bank’s paid-up capital will be Rs 1 billion.
In a unique scheme, the bank will import 6,000 jersey cows from
China and distribute them to farmers through cooperatives to increase milk supply and farmer income.

Depositors of bank being refunded

Kathmandu, 25 Feb. Liquidators Wednesday started refunding depositors of Nepal Bikash Bank up to Rs 800,000.
Nearly 300 depositors were refunded the first day.
There are 800 depositors with Rs 800,000 in the bank; they will get lback 98 percent of their deposit.

Bhutanese Maoists contact China

By Bhola B Rana

Kathmandu, 25 Feb.: It’s learnt Bhutan Communist Party (Maoist), so far
dormant but which has started an armed struggle, has attempted
to make contacts with officials of the Chinese embassy here,
Ghatana ra Bichar reports.
Chinese embassy source told the newspaper the party attempted to
make contact two weeks ago.
Taking a queue from Nepal’s Maoists, they attempted to topple the Wangchuk regime in Bhutan and have started a movement.
Embassy source said no direct contact has been made although
indirect link has been established.
The party has two groups led by Bikalpa and Birat.
Bhutanese Maoists have good contacts with Nepalese counterparts.

KP Oli’s car forcibly taken by police

Kathmandu, 25 Feb: Police Tuesday night forcible took away the
car of UML influential leader KP Sharma Oli from the premises of Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA), Kantipur reports.
A contingent of 20 to 25 policemen took away the car when employees weren’t in the premises.
Employees in the afternoon had deflated all our wheels.

Finance ministry refuses to approve medical expense of Girija

Kathmandu, 25 Feb. Finance ministry has refused to approve the medical expense of former Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala, Nagarik reports.
Foreign ministry has failed to present supporting documents like
expenses for treatment.
Foreign ministry has asked for the release of Rs 16 million three months after Koirala returned from Singapore.
Finance ministry hasn’t released the money fearing corruption charges without supporting documents.

Four arrested following infant’s deaths

Kathmandu, 25 Feb.: Keshab BK 15, a student at Prabananda Ashraam, confessed to police Rupesh Giri, 6, died after his beating, Nagarik reports.
He is in police custody.
Atma Sudananda, the ashram’s manager director, and Sharan Koirala, an employee, have been arrested on the basis of the confession.
The nursery student died three hours before being rushed to hospital.
Altogether four persons have been arrested.


“The final blow has to be given crushing to the old regime
without which people’s rule isn’t possible.”

(Chairman Prachanda, Janadisha, 25 Feb.)

“HLPM is a night club of three leaders of three big parties.”

(NMKP Chairman Narayanman Bijukakchaya, Annapurna Post, 25 Feb.)

Education Minister Kusbaha recalled

Kathmandu, 24 Feb.: Education Minister Ram Chandra Kusbaha has been recalled by TMLP after a parliamentary investigated charges of corruption against him.
The party said Wednesday action was taken to facilitate corruption charge.
He is being replaced by Party Spokesman Sarbindranath Sukha.
Donors temporarily suspended funding to projects run by the ministry after charges surfaced.
Government has formed a probe panel to investigation allegations.

KP Oli to hold dialogue with parties to attempt break a political deadlock

Kathmandu, 24 Feb.: UML politburo member KP Oli, a firm critic of Chairman Jhalanath Khanal was appointed head of a dialogue team by the party to initiate talks with parties to end a prolonged political deadlock.
Oli was appointed Friday by the party heading a 22-party government coalition to end the impasse.
Influential member Bamdev Gautam, a Maoist supporter in the party. was appointed had of a committee to launch a three-month nation-wide campaign to educate people on the need to promulgate a constitution within the
28 May deadline and finalize the peace process.
The party Tuesday set seven conditions for bringing Maoists into government, including disbandment of paramilitary wing YCL and vacation of 28 cantonments and satellite camps by 19,000 plus combatants before the end of May.

Three parties meet inconclusive

Kathmandu, 24 Feb.: A task force meeting of Maoists, Nepali
Congress and UML was again inconclusive Wednesday to
Draft an common resolution to address what Maoists call correction of President Dr Ram BaranYadav’s intervention to retain sacked Army
Chief Gen Rukmangud Katawal last year.
The parties entrusted the task force to draft an acceptable common resolution for discussion in parliament.
Ruling parties oppose discussion of the presidential action while Maoists
are pressing discussion of what they call an unconstitutional action by a
ceremonial president.
The task force ahead of a scheduled meeting of the high-level
political mechanism Thursday to find an outlet to a political
deadlock which may be affected.

Parliamentary committee asks for details of vehicle abuse

Kathmandu, 24 Feb.: A parliamentary committee Wednesday asked government Wednesday to furnish details of vehicle abuse of government vehicles by party leaders.
Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) ,in the red, has been supplying vehicles on verbal orders of the government to top leaders including Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal, former prime ministers Krishna Prasad Bhattarai, Sher Bahadur Deuba, former home ministers and other leaders of political parties and officials.
Workers on NEA seized a vehicle loaned to KP Sharma Oli last week at the premises on the NEA as it was being refueled at the authority’s expense.

Plainclothesman policeman shot and injured in Sarlahi

Kathmandu, 24 Feb.: Plainclothesman Dipendra Jha was shot and seriously injured in Malangawa, Saptari, Wednesday gangsters.
He was rushed to the capital for treatment of head injuries.
Assailants decamped with his pistol and two magazines with bullets.

Leaders again flying for New Delhi

Kathmandu, 24 Feb.: Moves have started to topple the government
led by UML nine months after it was formed, Janaastha reports.
MJF Chairman Upenbra Yadav secretly left for on a secret mission
for New Delhi with this mission on the pretext of meeting his son
Dipesh Yadav.
His rival and Chairman of the MJFL and deputy Prime Minister Bijaya Kumar Gachedhar is also leaving for New Delhi this week.
UML leader KP Sharma is also going to New Delhi soon.
They [Yadav,Gachedhar] received special invitations fro the Indian capital to unite them.
Yadav met Sunday with Prachanda and Girija Prasad Koirala.

Girija feigned sickened to go to Delhi to meet Prachanda

By Bhola B Rana

Kathmandu, 24 Feb.: NC President Girija Prasad Koirala feigned sickness in
2062 to meet and hold discussions with Maoist Chairman Prachanda, Koirala’s aide Krishna Prasad Shitaula said.
The meeting took place at Noida in the suburbs of New Delhi.
The meeting wouldn’t have been possible without Indian
Government acquiescence, he said.
‘Koirala went to New Delhi for talks with Maoists,” Shitaula told Naya Partrika.
“It was said the visit as for treatment. But the purpose was a dialogue.”
Prachanda, Dr Baburam Bhattarai, Ram Bahadur Thapa Badal and
Krishna Bahadur Mahara were present at the meeting.
“No Indians were present. But that meeting wasn’t possible
without the goodwill of the Indian government,” the former home minister said.
(Note: Maoists were still on the terrorist list of the Indian and Nepali


“Rest assured. I am with you.”

“Girija Prasad Koirala telling Prachanda and PM Nepal
simultaneously as daughter Sujata holds telephone on his bed,”

(Cartoon in Kantipur, 24 Feb.)

(I worked with three kings. Mahendra was brave; Birendra was peace-loving and Gyanendra was an intellectual.”

(Former PM Kirtinidhi Bista, Naya Patrika, 24 Feb.)

“Throughout the history of NEA, the vehicles were provided to the ministers, former and incumbent prime ministers as well as to various organizations through verbal order.”

(NEA Executive Director Dr Devendra Jha, The Himalayan Times, 24 Feb.)

“Don’t be surprised with the return of monarchy in some form with the leg-pulling of leaders. The restoration will be because of leaders and
not the people.”

(Former Nepali lawmaker Mamresh Kumar Singh considered close
to Indian establishment, Ghatana ra Bichar, 24 Feb.)

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

UML discuss proposal for national understanding

Kathmandu, 24 Feb.: Amid a prolonged political deadlock, a proposal for national understanding was presented at a central committee of UML Tuesday.
The proposal was prepared by a seven-member party task force headed by Bharat Mohan Adhikari, a former finance minister.
The task force was formed Monday.
The central committee will discuss the proposal for the second consecutive day Wednesday.
The idea is likely to be made public Wednesday.
Maoists have been demanding the replacement of the nine-month Madhav Kumar Nepal government with a national government headed by Maoists to draft a constitution within a 28 May deadline and complete a delayed peace process.

Cabinet to discuss foreign minister proposal

Kathmandu, 24 Feb.: The cabinet Wednesday is to discuss a proposal to print machine readable passports (MRPs) without a tender at a security printing press of the Indian government at Nasik in India.
India has offered to print passports at 4 dollars a piece.
Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Sujata Koirala is tabling the proposal at the cabinet.
Malaysian government has offered to print such passports at a lower rate.

Constitution drafting committee meeting postponed without agenda

Kathmandu, 24 Feb.: Meetings of the main constitution drafting committee headed by Nilambar Acharya was adjourned Tuesday indefinitely amid fears a constitution to institutionalize a republic may not be promulgated by the 28 May deadline.
A self-appointed parliament declared a republic while toppling a 238-year-old monarchy that unified modern Nepal.
The committee has received only one suggestion from a subject committee from the constituent assembly (CA).
The drafting committee has to receive directions and suggestions from all 11 subject committees, Acharya said.
The drafting committee has to submit a proposed draft of a constitution to the CA by 5 March.

1,550 SCL exam centers

Kathmandu, 23 Feb: Students will sit for this year’s annual SLC examinations from 25 to 2 April at 1,550 examinations centers, the Offfice for the Controller of Examinations said.
For the first time centers are being opened at villages this year; previously centers were opened only at district headquarters.
Question papers are being this year in India as well.
Nearly 432,000 students are appearing for the examinations this year.

Curfew in Nawalparasi for second day

Kathmandu, 24 Feb.: Curfew was extended for the second day Tuesday at Sunuwal in Nawalparasi to launch a search and curb illegal felling of trees at a community forest.
Local officials took the measure after widespread destruction of a community forest.
Logs worth nearly Rs 100 million have been recovered in the search.

Maoist central committee meeting adjourned until Thursday

Kathmandu, 24 Feb.: Maoist central committee meeting has been adjourned until Thursday after there was no agreement Tuesday even after four days on continuous debate on an expanded central committee and politburo.
There’ll be no discussion as Chairman Prachanda proceeds for Gorkha Wednesday.
The central committee with a strength of 137 members is being expanded to 175.
The expanded politburo will have 90 and the standing committee 70 members respectively.

Two terai rebels killed

Kahmandu, 23 Feb.: Two leaders of Janatantrik Tarai Mukti Morcha of Jwala Singh group were killed in an encounter with police at a village in Rautahat Monday.
Jaman Yadav and Birendra Yadav were killed.
Jwala Singh group is the fiercest of nearly two dozen groups active in the terai.
Police have launched an operation in the south bordering India.

No business at stock exchange for third day

Kathmandu, 23 Feb.: No business was transacted at Nepal Stock Exchange for the third consecutive day Tuesday amid a continuing boycott by investors demanding government 22 demands to arrest a bearish trend.
Investors boycotted the country’s only stock exchange even as Nepal Rashtra Bank relaxed call margin lending rates.
Investors said the central ban k move was inadequate.
Investors are to boycott the stock exchange for the fourth consecutive day Wednesday.

RPP-Nepal calls for restoration of monarchy

Kathmandu, 23 Feb.: RPP-Nepal Tuesday gheraoed the central secretariat at Singha Durbar Tuesday demanding the restoration of monarchy abolished two years ago.
The royalist party demanding a referendum to decide constitutional monarchy, a Hindu state and a federal structure encircled Singha Durbar one day after a strike crippled three Valley districts.
At a rally in Basantapur after the gherao Chairman Kamal Thapa told nearly 100,000 workers the tenure of the constituent assembly can’t be extended if a constitution isn’t promulgated by the 28 May deadline.
Meanwhile, Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal Tuesday dismissed possibility of monarchy’s restoration.

President, ministers stay away from Tibet celebrations amid Chinese warning

Kathmandu, 23 Feb.: China has taken strong exception to failure of top officials, including President Dr Ram Baran Yadav, to adhere to Nepal’s commitment to one-China police, The Kathmandu Post reports.
It has conveyed its displeasure to the government through thee foreign ministry.
The latest setback to the government came on Sunday after president Yadav, Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Sujata Koirala and Minister for Culture Minendra Rijal were invited to a little known pro-Tibet organization Sechen Maha Bouddha Bihar to mark the 100th anniversary of Dilgo Khencha Ri.
“The president, the cabinet and the lawmakers, in principle, should solicit opinion from either the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) or the foreign ministry when they are not sure about the nature of the inviting organizations.
“This is a serious lapse of diplomatic protocol and gross violation of a policy commitment Nepal has made to China,” said a government official familiar with high-level protocol affairs.
Chinese Military Attache Col Cheng Xizhong met Foreign Secretary Madav Kumar Bhattarai on Sunday morning to express his government’s displeasure ou a scheduled visit to the Tibetan organization by the president, foreign minister, a number of other ministers, CA members and senior government officials.
Chinese Ambassador Qiu Guhong called on Foreign Secretary Bhattarai on Monday and asked him to adhere to Nepal’s commitment to one-China policy
‘We quickly communicated the message to the PMO which in turn relayed it to the president, the cabinet ministers and other official invitees,’ said a foreign ministry official,” A disaster was averted.”

Girija says the Madhav Kumar Nepal govt. will continue and draft a constitution

Kathmandu, 22 Feb.: Nepali Congress President Girija Prasad Koirala, who is also coordinator of a high-level political mechanism (HLPM) assured Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal Sunday the incumbent government will continue and promulgate a constitution.
The government has full support of the Congress, Koirala said
He asked Nepal to be confident and promulgate a constitution in time.
He said this amid media reports chiefs of UCPN (Maoist), Nepali Congress and UML had agreed to discuss forming a national unity government with Maoists to end a prolonged political stalemate, Koirala’s political aide Krishna Prasad Shitaula said.
Koirala, according Shitaula, was saddened with reports of the Nepal government fall.
Prime Minister Nepal, who is only an invited member of the HLPM, is dissatisfied with the functioning of the mechanism and has been boycotting its meetings.
Koirala summoned influential UML leader Oli Sunday and told him the Nepal government will continue and draft a constitution.
The assurance came amid demand in the UML central committee meeting
For the resignation of the government to facilitate a government with Maoists to promulgate a constitution within the 28 May deadline.
Nepal met Koirala Sunday asking the Congress president to agree to a 30 April schedule to integrate and rehabilitate 19,000 plus Maoist combatants.
While government is pressing for integration ahead of the constitution promulgation deadline Maoists say integration will proceed only after the a people’s constitution is announced.

PM Nepal says import of weapons import regular

Kathmandu, 22 Feb.: Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal told parliament’s state affairs committee Sunday import of weapons from government was a regular government act without violating a 12-point peace agreement between parliamentary parties and Maoists.
Without naming the nine-month government led by Chairman Prachanda, Nepal said a previous government had brought in weapons.
The prime minister said weapons were brought in to strengthen security agencies not to incite civil war as claimed by Maoists.
Maoists demanded imported weapons should be monitored by UNMIN.
Armed Police Force Saturday forcibly brought in weapons and explosives through Sunauli as Maoists prevented movement of vehicles transporting weapons.
While replying to queries why vacant positions in constitutions weren’t filled, Nepal said such vacancies can’t be filled without cooperation of the main opposition.
He suggested a mechanism for majority decision in the seven-member constitutional council through amendment in a law.
Main opposition leader Prachanda has been boycotting council meetings to recommend appointments.
The state affairs committee meets again Tuesday to continue discussions.

RPP-Nepal strike

Kathmandu, 22 Feb.: RPP-Nepal Monday has called a strike in the Valley to demanding a referendum to decide constitutional monarchy, a Hindu state and a federal structure..
Thousands of activists held a torchlight rally in the capital ahead of the closure.
The rally started from Basantapur Square and ended at Gaushala.
The party is gheraoing Singha Durbar later Monday.
A Hindu state was declared a republic and a secular state by a self-appointed parliament without a popular vote to determine aspirations of the people.

Nepal stock exchange closed down for first time

Kathmandu, 22 Feb.: There was no trading in Nepal Stock Exchange for the second day Monday
Investors boycotted trading; stockbrokers earlier down the country’s only stick exchange where shares and bought and sold.
The market closed down last Thursday at 485.14 points at the end of weekly trading.
Investors are pressing government to intervene to stop a continuing bearish trend.
Three umbrella organization of investors are demanding finance ministry and Nepal Rashtra Bank stop the sale of 19 percent promoter shares as public shares.
Investors the secondary market will be flooded and will burthr bring down share prices.
Investors are also protesting non-renewable of marginal lending by financial institutions pressing 22 demands.

Bhutanese refugee leader killed

Kathmandu, 22 Feb.: Ramesh Subba, chief of the United Revolutionary Front of Bhutan, was killed in Jhapa Friday
The organization had been conducting underground activities in refugee camps in the district.
He was shot dead by an armed group.
The party was pushing a republic in the Buddhist kingdom.

Likely police excesses kill father, son

Kathmandu, 22 Feb.: Bikram Gyangmi Magar, 25, of Prangbung VDC who was detained 10 days ago in a theft case, died last night [20 Feb.] while in police custody, The Himalayan Times reports from Phidim,
Bikram’s father, Bal Bahadur, who was detained in the sam case had died in police custody February 13.
The deceased’s relatives alleged that the police tortured them physically while they were detained in Prangbung police post.
Bikram breathed his last at BP Koiralka Institute of Health Sciences, Dharan and Dal Bahadur died in district hospital while under treatment.

Khagendra Thapa bid to get into record book

Kathmandu, 22 Feb: Khagendra Thapa Magar, 18, and who weighs only 4.5 kg and is only 20 inches tall, flew for Rome Sunday in a bid to enter his name in the Guinness Book of Records as the world’s shortest man.
The record in currently beheld by a Chinese.
He is accompanied by his father Rup Bahadur.
A team of Italian radio workers is sponsoring Khagendra’s drive.


Economic growth projection scaled down

Kathmandu, 22 Feb.: Government Sunday scaled down economic growth projection from an ambitious 5.5 percent to four percent in 2009/10.
‘Due to low yield in agriculture—especially the major crops like maize and rice—and non-agriculture sector’s not meeting the expectation, the growth is going to be lower than what was forecast, “Finance Minister Surendra Pandey said.
“The growth is expected to be around four percent,” Said Vice-Chairman of National Planning Commission Dr Yubaraj Khatiwada.
Agriculture production has been affected by a poor monsoon.
Agriculture sector contributes 32 percent to the GDP.
Paddy and maize production fell 11.05 and 3.91 percent respectively.
The non-agriculture sector has been hit by power outage, strikes and labour problems.
Neighbours China and India have reported nine 9 and 7 percent GDP growth respectively.


‘Prachandaji. You said then [at a meeting with Girija Prasad Koirala] 3,000 combatants should be integrated? Prachanda then said let us integrate a little more—up to 5,000.”

(PM Nepal at parliament’s state affairs committee, Nagarik, 22 Feb.)

‘The government will kdep to the mechanism’s decisions if they have been made in line with the constitution and existing laws but it will not adhere to them if they are against the main law of the land.”

(Communications Minister Shanker Pokhrel, The Rising Nepal, 22 Feb.)

“Those [politicians] who entered the Kathmandu Valley with a almost nothing but the clothes they were wearing now have palatial buildings to their names. How did one amass the fortune to possess all that property? Did CIAA ever bother to find out.”

(Shyam K.C., The Kathmandu Post, 22 Feb.)

Saturday, February 20, 2010

PM Nepal, Girija discuss constitution drafting, integration

By Bhola B Rana

Kathmandu, 21 Feb.: Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal and NC President Girija Prasad Koirala Sunday discussed integration and rehabilitation of Maoist combatants and drafting a constitution within the 28 May deadline amid fears the basic law won’t be promulgated within the deadline.
“Maoists are obstructing integration, Raghuji “political advisor of the prime minister said after the meet.
They met as the high-level political mechanism (JLPM) of which the prime minister is an invited member, was to meet Sunday.
Maoists demanded a government change at the last meeting last week to end a prolonged political stalemate.
Nepal met Koirala Sunday after demanding a recount of Maoist combatants in 28 cantonments and satellite camps saying the PLA fighters had deserted even as they are watched by UNMIN.
“Verification of combatants should again be held because many weren’t present at the official discharge [of disqualified combatants,” Nepal told a gathering in Pokhara Saturday
UNMIN has verified 19,550 combatants.
Amid Maoist objections, Peace Minister Rakam Chenjung said government will henceforce issue personal cheques as allowances and monthly salary to prevent misuse by the UCPN (Maoist)..
“The party cannot be funded by issuing allowances to fighters not at the camps,” Nepal said in Pokhara.

Raghiji Pant says constitution won’t be drafted in within deadline, calls for fresh CA elections

By Bhola B Rana

Kathmandu, 21 Feb.: Raghuji Pant, the political advisor of the prime m minister, said Friday a constitution won’t be drafted within the 28 May deadline and called for fresh constituent assembly (CA) elections to end a political crisis.
Pant said this Saturday at the UML central committee meeting where Chairman Jhalanath Khanal didn’t present a solution to the prolonged crisis, he said.
Pant’s suggestion was widely reported in newspapers Sunday.
“It’s definite a constitution won’t be promulgated within the deadline. Maoists don’t want to draft a constitution and integrate the combatants. There’s no other alternative. That’s why I drew the party’s attention [to hold fresh elections].” Pant said.
Pant suggested a joint front of democrats and left parties to defeat Maoists in fresh elections.
“For an outlet, in elections there should be a left and democratic UML, Congress, Forum, ML and Majdoor Kishan Party in elections,” he said.
Constitutional experts say only the president will continue while government, CA and parliament will go if a constitution isn’t promulgated in the end of May.
The constitution was to be promulgated two years after CA elections and Maoist combatants were to be integrated six months after the signing of the 12-point comprehensive agreement six years ago.
While Pant charge Maoists for not showing eagerness to draft a basic law, the main opposition blames the ruling parties.
Pant is not the first politician to call for fresh CA elections to give a fresh mandate to new assembly members to draft a constitution to institutionalize a republic.
Former Speaker Damannath Dhungana and RPP Nepal Chairman have asked for fresh elections if a constitution isn’t promulgated within the deadline.
Dhungana said amending the interim constitution for the 8th time to retain parliament and CA isn’t a solution to the current political crisis.

Govt, confirms India has resumes arms supplies

Kathmandu, 21 Feb.: Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal and Home Minister Bhim Rawal confirmed Saturday, amid Maoist objections, India has resumed army supplies suspended five years ago during royal rule.
‘They should have arrived sooner. There was a delay,” Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal said in Pokhara Saturday.
Armed Police Force (APF) Saturday forcibly freed three vehicles seized by Maoists on the Prithivi Highway and escorted them to the MFP headquarters in the Valley.
Maoists said the arms were brought in through Sunauli against the spirit of the 12-point comprehensive peace agreement.
Maoists said explosives and arms were supplied to Nepal Army—a charge also denied by Nepal and Rawal.
“Only authorized agencies have the authority to inspect non-lethal weapons, “ the home minister said as Maoists invited UMNIN and human rights workers to inspect contents of the vehicles.
Two persons, including a Maoist legislator, were injured in clashes between APF and YCL who seized the vehicles.
‘The peace agreement doesn’t debar security agencies to bring in weapons.” Rawal said.
Nepal said provisions for the import of weapons in the peace agreement apply only to Nepal Army and not police.

Indian Naxalite leader charged for meeting Prachanda

Kathmandu, 21 Feb.: Indian Maoist leader Kobad Ghandi, who was arrested by Delhi police Ashoj [Sept./Oct], has been charged for meeting Maoist Chairman Prachanda, Nagarik reports quoting The Asian Age.
In a 700-page charge-sheet Friday Gandhi leading a banned party has been charged for meeting Prachanda in foreign soil to discuss extension of the party network.
The report said the meeting place in Nepal.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Crown Prince Dipendra gunned down his entire family: Himalaya Shumshere

By Bhola B Rana

Kathmandu, 19 Feb.: An independent with close links with the former royal family and the first governor of Nepal Rashtra Bank Himalaya Shumshere said Crown Prince Dipendra gunned down his entire family in the Narayanhiti royal palace massacre amid suggestions former King Gyanendra was the main plotter.
He said this in his just released book entitled: Samjhana and Chintan.
Himalaya Shumshere was finance secretary for four years after 2007 and the first governor of Nepal Rashtra Bank as well.
After he joined UN service in 1960, he served as UN resident representative in Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Indonesia, Myanmar and Pakistan.
Excerpts from his book.
“Around four or five persons, including the elder brother of Queen Aishwayra Suraj Shumshere, were playing bridge at my home on the day of the royal palace massacre.
“Suraj Shumshere was asked to report immediately to the military hospital in Chauni saying a major accident had happened at the royal palace.
”I met Kumar Mohan Shahi the day after the massacre.
“Assassin Dipendra repeatedly asked me in meetings before the party to be present but I couldn’t because of a knee problem Kumar Mohan told me.
“I am clear on the perception of the massacre because of my close link with the family of Kumar Gorakh [son-in-law of King Birendra and Queen Aishwarya].
“I’ve read reports of the massacre.
“In the future, there’ll be perceived stories on the royal massacre as with the assassination of President Kennedy.
“There’s no doubt on the recollection of living survivors Dipendra was the killer.
“Dipendra killed his father Birendra and opponents of the marriage [with Debyani] to become king with the intention to marry.
“Royal survivors of the royal palace massacre quote Dipendra as saying after the slaughter,” I am the king.”
Shumshere suggests Aishwarya and Prince Nirajan might have survived the massacre.
“After completion of the massacre, mother Queen Aishwarya pursued Diprendra to his bedroom along with Prince Niranjan.
“Kill me,” she said.
“Dipendra shot them dead in a fit
“I’ve heard reports of international players involved in the murders.
“Sometimes fact is stranger than fiction.
“Many in the country and my foreign friends don’t believe Dipendra killed his father, mother, sister, brother and aunts.
“Brain dead Dipendra was declared king after an unbelievable claim of a royal palace secretary who said the rifle carried by Dipendra went off automatically to declare Dipendra king.
“This caused an irreparable damage to the king and royal family members,’ Shumshere said.

Peace Minister Chemjung said govt. allowances to Maoist combatants will be stopped

Kathmandu, 19 Feb. Peace Minister Rakam Chaemjung said Friday allowances to 19,000 Maoist combatants will be stopped temporarily.
The threatened stoppage comes at a time when Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal said half the 19,000 combatants in camps under UNMIN watch have deserted the camps.
UNMIN said it is not accountable for the desertions.
Maoist Vice-president Dr Baburam Bhattarai said stoppage will have serious consequences

HLPM meets again Sunday

Kathmandu, 19 Feb.: The HLPM will meet again Sunday,
It’s meeting Friday was inconclusive.
Friday’s meeting asked a task force to present a formula for an outlet to the prolonged crisis.
Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal, only an invited member to the mechanism, wasn’t present at the Friday meeting.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

HLPM meets

Kathmandu, 19 Feb.: A meeting of the high-level political mechanism
Was held Friday at the residence of NC President Girija Prasad Koirala who is the body’s coordinator.
The last meeting was inconclusive.
Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal, an invited member, at the last meeting called for the integration and rehabilitation of 19,000 combatants by 30 April ahead of the 28 May deadline to promulgate a constitution.
Maoists opposed integration without a resolution of the current prolonged stalemate.

Maoist objection

Kathmandu, 19 Feb.: Maoist Chairman Prachanda Friday objected with UNMIN Chief Karin Landgren the reported government preparations to cutoff monthly allowances to Maoist combatants no longer in 28 cantonments and satellite camps under UNMIN watch.
UNMIN says it has no control over 19,000 combatants.
Prachanda raised the objections after a published report Friday said more than half the combatants had already deserted camps
Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal earlier said he suspected half the combatants weren’t in camps anymore.
Half of 4,008 disqualified combatants had left camps before their official departure and were being paid allowances by the government.

Former king asks people to be pro-active

Kathmandu, 19 Feb.: Former King Gyanendra in a message to the people coinciding with the 60th Democracy Day Friday said people should be pro-active while enforcing and safeguarding national pride and independence.
“Democracy’s idealism lies in people assuming a pro-active role and a fully safeguarded and enforced national pride, independence and values all together. I earnestly appeal Nepal’s historical perspective should not be lost sight of.”
He called his grandfather, King Tribhuvan, the ‘father of the nation’.
The late king with help of political parties toppled the 104-year-old Rana autocracy.
‘Let the brightness and warmth of democracy reach every village, hamlet, bastis and in fact every home. Let all Nepalis be at peace and blessed with unity and cordial relations.
The contribution of Shah kings has been either ignored or minimized since the last six years.
The former king remembered the contribution of martyrs.
President Dr Ram BaranYadav was the chief guest Friday at a function of Nepal Army to celebrate democracy day.
The president returned home Thursday after concluding a four-day state visit of India- his maiden foreign visit.

APF deployed in three districts adjoining Tibet

Kathmandu, 19 Feb.: Government has deployed Armed Police Force (APF) on three districts adjoining Tibet, Annapurna Post reports.
APF has been deployed in Mustang, Sindupalchowk and Rasuwa where border security offices have been established.
The offices have been established at the request of China.

Maoists only a tool of India, international power centers and political parties to topple, monarchy

By Bhola B Rana

Kathmandu, 19 Feb.: Former chairman of Raj Sabha standing committee Dr Kesharjung Rayamajhi and also a former General Secretary of Nepal Communist Party said political parties, India and international power centers have no moral right now to ask Maoists to disarm.
He also said Maoists were only a tool of India, international power centres and political parties to encircle and topple monarchy
“The crisis now is the result of conducting national elections by maintaining two armies after the 12-point agreement of 7 Mangshir 2053.
“On what ground can political parties now disarm Maoist PLA when the national army was neutralized to encircle monarchy and topple it with the help of Maoist fighters.
“What capacity do international power centers and parliamentary parties have to ask for the disarming of Maoist army?
“India, international power centers and parliamentary parties have lost the moral ground after assisting Maoists following the 12-point agreement and the toppling of monarchy.
“Nowhere in the world was an election held with a political party holding on to the army.
“Maoist got permission to go to polls with its army and established its supremacy.
“Monarchy wasn’t toppled by Maoist war with them staying 10 years in India; Maoists now feel nationalism is threatened.
“Maoists were only a tool to make monarchy a victim of international encirclement,” he said in an article entitled Army Integration and Constitution in Nagarik.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Maoist leader Shambu Yadav murdered

Kathmandu, 13 Feb.: Maoist leader Shambhu Yadav of Bhojbura Rajya Samiti was killed by an unidentified group overnight in Rautahat.
He was hacked to death by a group while returning home.
Yadav was killed with a sharp weapon as assailants waited by the roadside..

Committee to investigate Jamin Shah murder yet to start work

By Bhola B Rana

Kathmandu, 13 Feb.: A five-member committee headed by retired supreme court justice Gobinda Parajuli hasn’t started work even one week after it was formed by the government Sunday.
The committee was to submit a report seven days.
The committee can begin work only after being sworn in by the chief justice.
Saturday and Sunday are public holidays; it’s unlikely the committee will begin work before Tuesday.
Media tycoon Shah was gunned down by two assailants Sunday in the heart of the capital at Lazimpat where the Indian, French and Japanese embassies are located.
There was heavy police deployment Sunday when Vice-president was scheduled to take his oath of office administered by the president.
Two other committees are also investigating the murder.
Meanwhile, publisher and editors of The Kathmandu Post and Kantipur have received death threats for their coverage of Shah’s murder, the newspapers said.
Kailash Sirohiya, chairman and managing director of Kantipur Publications that publishes the widely circulated newspapers, was threatened by email Friday.
Post editor Akilesh Upaddhaya and Kantipur editor Sudheer Sharma were telephonically threatened Thursday and Friday.
“Stop immediately the kind of news coverage you have been giving to Jamin’s killing, or else you will face serious consequences within 15 days,” a caller told Sharma, according to The Kathmandu Post.
The caller used both English and Hindi.
Upadhaya was asked to ‘shut up or we will make you shut up’.
The email sent to Sirohiya asks him to stop the coverage on Shah or face consequences within 15 days.
Kantipur published an article how the Indian underworld was involved in
multiple killings in Nepal.
An article by its reporter details how Nepali police has sent even innocent people, mostly Muslims, wanted by India in Nepal without completing extradition proceedings.
Some have even been cleared by an Indian court.
“Find the killers and the reason for the murder without declaration of compensation or a martyr,” Jamin’s father Dr Mohin Shah told Kantipur.
Police investigation concludes the killers flew back to India by Indian Airlines flight the day of the murder says 7 February, Nepal Samacharpatra reports.
A police report says the assassins came to Kathmandu from New Delhi via Lucknow, Gorakhpur and Sunauli.
The hatched the murder plot from hotels in Sundhara, Kamaladi and the airport.
They used forged passports and tickets to fly out of the country.
The report said the pistol used by the killers was handed over to a Nepali agent of a Canadian sim card group.
They changed dresses at a airport hotel before boarding a flight for Delhi.
They arrived in Kathmandu one week before the murder. Babloo Singh was the main hatcher of the plot.
The plot was hatched for six months.
The first plan was to kill Yunis Ansari in Hanuman Dhoka police cell.

HLPM meet inconclusive

Kathmandu, 13 Feb.: A meeting of high level political mechanism (HLPM) met Saturday morning was inconclusive.
The mechanism met after two postponements following after NC President Koirala who is the mechanism’s coordinator fell sick.
Maoists insisted Saturday only with end of political impasse other issues like
Maoist integration in army and society can be discussed.
Maoists are demanding a common parliamentary resolution to address Maoist demand for legislative discussion of what the main opposition calls an unconstitutional presidential act to retain sacked Army Chief Gen Rukmangud Katawal.
They rejected the Congress and UML request to discuss integration and rehabilitation.
Maoists demanded a government change as well.
Ruling parties oppose discussion of presidential action in parliament saying a ceremonial president can’t do any wrong.
Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal has expressed displeasure with the HPLM’s functioning following calls in the body for change in government.
Nepal has been boycotting meetings of the mechanism of which he only an invited member.
But Nepal attended Saturday’s meeting.
Maoist Vice-president Dr Baburam Bhattarai Friday asked the mechanism
to integrate 19,000 Maoist combatants in Nepal Army.
“Its [HLPM] main duty is to integrate the combatants in the Nepal
Army,” adding it should create an environment to end a prolonged
political impasse.
“The HLPM will be redundant if it can’t pull down the government which has proved useless,” Bhattarai said in Biratnagar.

Maoists commemorate people’s was anniversary

Kathmandu, 13 Feb.: Maoists Saturday are commemorating the 15th
anniversary of the launch of the people’s war which they abandoned to enter the political mainstream.
Chairman Prachanda is launching celebrations from the Dashrath Rangashala in the capital.
All seven divisions of the PLA are organizing sports programmes to celebrate the occasion.
Kathmandu-based diplomats have been invited.
Maoists Saturday also launched a two-month door-to-door fifth phase of their anti-government and anti-president prioritizing what they call national sovereignty without strikes.
They are emphasizing national sovereignty and civilian supremacy.
The fourth phase of their campaign was directed against India who the main opposition claims was interfering in Nepal’s internal affairs.
UCPN (Maoist) has launched anti-government and anti-president immediately eight months ago after their ouster from government by a 22-party coalition; they ruled a coalition government only for nine months.
Communists haven’t been in power for more then nine months.

Sushil Koirala charges UML running govt. unilaterally

Kathmandu, 13 Feb.: Nepali Congress Acting President Sushil Koirala charged Friday UML was dominating the coalition government saying the matter will be discussed with Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal.
The UML is leading the 22-party alliance.
“The UML is monopolizing the government. I’ll talk to Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal about this soon..
But he told reporters in the capital the second largest party in government will continue its support for the Nepal government.

Prachanda says Hindu ritual is scientific

Kathmandu, 13 Feb.: Chairman Prachanda, an agnostic, Friday performed a Hindu ritual called graha shanti.
The ritual for personal peace is performed to ward off evil.
The Maoist chief participated in the ritual while inaugurating a 10-day yoga camp in Chatara, Sunsari.
“I believed graha shanti was superstitious. But there’s science hidden in it. Finally I’ve realized it,” he said after performing the ritual in the presence of top party leaders.
Some Maoists were dazzled.

Snow kills three, five injured

Kathmandu, 13 Feb.: Two persons were buried alive and five were injured by a snow slide this week in Humla.
They were returning home with merchandise from Bajura in the far-West.
A snow avalanche also killed a shepherd and 40 yaks in Mustang across the Himalaya.
The hills and mountain region experienced heavy snowfall following a winter shower this week after a long dry spell.
Farmers welcomed the rain.

Bird flu contained in Pokhara

Kathmandu, 13 Feb.: Bird flu has been contained in the resort town of Pokhara, Dr Prabhakar Pathak, Director General of Livestock Department said Friday.
Government will make an official announcement, he added.
Pokhara was placed on high alert since 4 February following the outbreak of the most virulent form of the epidemic so far in Nepal.
Government compensated farmers with Rs 100 per chicken, 50 paisa for an egg and Rs 5 for one kg for barn.
Altogether 10,500 chickens and ducks were culled and eggs destroyed along with feed.

Vice-president Jha attends Army Day function in national dress

Kathmandu, 13 Feb.: Vice-president Parmananda Jha Friday attended an Army Day function at Tundikhel coinciding with Mahashibaratri attired in national dress.
He sat next to President Dr Ram Baran Yadav at the Army Pavilion.
Earlier, Jha took his oath of office in Nepali and Maithali following the 7th amendment to the constitution.
The vice-presidency was inactive after the supreme court ruled his first oath in Hindi was unconstitutional.
Jha first refused to take a second oath in Nepali.
Jha took his oath for the second time ahead of the president’s first India and foreign trip after assuming office.

Leadership change in NBA

Kathmandu, 13 Feb.: A democratic panel led by Prem Bahadur Khadka supported by Nepali Congress took over leadership of Nepal Bar Association (NBA) for the next three years Saturday.
Bishwakant Mainali of the progressive panel supported by UML handed over leadership of the umbrella organization of lawyers to Khadka.
Maoist lawyers fared badly in elections held last month.

Govt. launches anti-filaria Campaign in 19 districts

Kathmandu, 13 Feb.: Government Saturday launched
a two-day campaign to eradicate filaria in 19 of 75 districts
Health workers distributed free medicines to people in a door-to-door campaign in the terai and hills ,
The second phase of the campaign will cover 11 districts seven districts 20,21 February, including the Valley.
There’s an effort to eradicate the disease I 83 countries.


ADBL records Rs 615.8 million profit

Kathmandu, 13 Feb.: Agriculture Development Bank Ltd (ADBL) recorded
a Rs 615.8 million met profit in the Q2 of the current fiscal year ending
14 January.
The bank profit came down this quarter compared to the corresponding period last year.
The bank in which government has a majority stake earned a Rs Rs773.7 million net profit in the corresponding previous year quarter.
NIC Bank Ltd earned a Rs 202.3 million net profit in Q2 of the current fiscal while it earned Rs 177.7 net profit the corresponding previous quarter.


“If the Maoist combatants are integrated in the Nepal Army, the militia of different Terai armed group should be also integrated in group in the national army in near future.”

(Deputy Prime Minister Bijaya Kumar Gachedhar, The Rising Nepal, 13 Feb.)

“Rest assured that there will be a national unity government in our party leadership. I have already envisioned the picture of such a
government. No power can prevent the formation of a new government now.”

(Chairman Prachanda, The Rising Nepal, 13 Feb.)

‘A new constitution can’t be declared until the management of
combatants and disbandment of Maoist paramilitary wing YCL, return
of seized assets and commitment to multi-party system.”

(Sher Bahadur Deuba, Annapurna Post, 13 Feb.)

“A new constitution won’t be drafted. The country is being
Sikkimized and Bhutanized. How can the constitution be drafted
without a country?”

(Maoist Vice-president Mohan Baidya Kiran, Nagarik, 13 Feb.)

‘Acting President of Nepali Congress Sushil Koirala today [Friday] said party President Girija Prasad Koirala could not be he prime minister again owing to his health and age.”

(Report in The Himalayan Times, 13 Feb.)


Friday, February 12, 2010

Former king, queen offer prayers at Pashupati, Panauti festival ends

By Bhola B Rana

Kathmandu, 12 Feb.: Cheered by hundreds of people, former King Gyanendra and Queen Komal offered prayers and worshipped at Pashupatinath temple Friday evening on Shivaratri.
The couple organized Rudri prayers at the holiest Hindu shrine in Nepal.
The former king and queen entered the temple complex from one of four doors opened for them as other worshippers were cleared amid tight security.
President Dr Ram Baran Yadav also visited the temple for prayers and worship.
He spent only 15 minutes there, unlike the former king who spent a longer time there.
The president said he prayed a constitution would be promulgated within the 28 May deadline.
A month-long Makkar mela concluded at Panauti Friday.
former King Gyanendra broke tradition and visited the meal this month.
Shah kings never attended the mela.
An estimated 500,000 devotees offered prayers at Pashupati until
Friday evening, an official of Pashupatinath Development Trust said,
The attendance will increase as devotees spent the entire night at the temple complex.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Lal Deb Raya released

Kathmandu, 12 Feb.: Revenue official Lal Deb Raya was released overnight in Mohottari by abductors.
He was kidnapped four days ago from Jaleshwor.

Maoist activities up along Nepal border: Indian National Cong

Kathmandu, 12 Feb.: Congress today [Thursday] brought to the notice of the Assembly the growing Maoists activities along the Indo-Nepal border and said ultras from the Himalayan nation were terrorising the locals, PTI reports from Lucknow.

Raising the matter through an adjournment notice during the zero hour, Pramod Tewari (Cong) said Nepalese Maoists often infiltrate into the Indian side and terrorise locals and damage their properties.

He alleged that the activities of the red rebels were rising in the absence of any strict action by the state government.

Mata Prasad Pandey (SP) drew attention on the alleged trade of illegal weapons along the border and said police and SSB, manning the border, were not successful in checking it.

In his reply, Parliamentary Affairs Minister, Lalji Verma, said 54 companies of the SSB were deployed and their 121 checkposts set.

India aid to Bhutan, ties with Russia worrying China

Kathmandu, 12 Feb.: India is “intensifying military penetration” in Nepal and Bhutan, a Chinese analyst said in a government-run website. The Himalayan kingdoms have become theatres of conflict between military strategists from India and China, Times of India reports from Beijing.

The analyst, Dai Bing, also raised a rare issue saying that the Bhutan Air Force has deployed defense equipment along the border with China after getting them from India. It did not say what kind of equipment has been deployed.

“The struggle between pro-India and pro-China forces in Nepal is at a critical stage and China needs to pay more attention to its interests there,” the analyst said while citing a news report that New Delhi was building an air base in Nepal.

India has also “encouraged Russia” to provide military helicopters and logistical support to Bhutan, the article complained. It said India has helped establish and equip the Bhutan Air Force. It also expressed worry over rising military cooperation between New Delhi and Moscow. The article might seems to actually congratulate India on its defense diplomacy in persuading Russia to take actions that would make China unhappy besides commanding considerable influence over the two Himalayan kingdoms.

This is interesting because Beijing is dangling two lucrative offers before Katmandu. They are the offer to extend the Tibet railway to Nepal and send large numbers of tourists to the Himalayan nation. In turn, it wants an assurance that Tibetan separatists would not operate in Nepal. “In a quest for military advantage along its border with China, India is intensifying its military cooperation with the United States and Russia and stepping up its military penetration of small border states adjoining China and India,” it said. The past decade has seen India buying arms worth $50 billion from the United States, Russia, Britain, Israel and France making it the biggest arms importer in the developing world, it said. It also mentioned the recent agreement between Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and the Russian president on military matters.

“But despite its arms purchases from the great powers and military penetration of neighboring countries, it remains extremely unlikely that India will unleash all-out conflict with China,” the article said. The main reason is India is focused on fighting terrorism and on Its “pressing missions are to contain Pakistan”. “For the foreseeable future, therefore, while a "cold war" between the two countries is increasingly likely, a ‘hot war’ is out of the question,” the article concluded.

Shibaratri observed

Kathmandu, 12 Feb.: Hindu devotees Friday observed Maha Shibaratri by offering prayers at Shiba temples nation-wide.
Devotees offered worship at Pashupatinath temple since three in the morning and took a holy dip in Bagmati river.
All four doors at the holiest temple were open.
The movement of worshippers in queue was well-organized.
One door was opened for fee paying devotees for the first time.
Pashupatinath Temple Trust earned Rs 1.3 million through ticket sale.
The number of Indian declined this year with the ongoing Khumbu mela in India and the Bhatta row created by the ousted Maoist-led government of Prachanda, a trust official said.
During his nine-month rule, Prachanda attempted but failed to replace Indian bhattas at Pashupati.

Jamin Shah buried

Kathmandu, 12 Feb.: Jamin Shah, pioneer of satellite television, was
buried at Syambhunath Thursday five days after he was gunned down by two motorcyclists in the heart of the city in Lazimpat.
Hundreds of well-wishers attended he funeral.
Suspect Manoj Adhikari was arrested as he boarded a flight for New Delhi Thursday but was released after questioning.

No agreement in NC to postpone general convention

Kathmandu, 12 Feb.: Amid opposition in the Nepali Congress central committee Thursday, there was no agreement to suggestion of central leaders to postpone the 12th general convention to mid-July.
The convention was scheduled to be held in the capital mid-March.
The central committee is meeting again 16 February to discuss the postponement.

Body of German paraglider recovered

Kathmandu, 12 Feb.: The body of veteran German paraglider
Christoph Andreas Sattle,26, was recovered from Phewa lake in Pokhara Thursday.
He released himself 20 meters above the lake from a glider
and had gone missing.


RBB records Rs 1162.5 million net profit

Kathmandu, 12 Feb.: Rashtriya Banijya Bank (RBB) Nepal’s biggest
Bank wholly owned by the government, recorded a Rs 1,162.5 million
net profit in Q2 of the current fiscal year ending 14 January.
The bank earned a Rs 1,111.5 net profit in the corresponding quarter the previous year.


“”The president will be the first to go if the constitution isn’t
promulgated in time.”

(Chairman Prachanda, Nagarik, 12 Feb.)

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Another shooting death in the south

Kathmandu, 11 Feb.: Prem Kumar Shrestha was shot dead at Khajura in Banke Wednesday only two hours after Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal returned from the far-West terai district where he was greeted with black flags by Maoists.
Shrestha was shot dead by two motorcyclists as he was returning home from his momo shop.
Janatantrik Terai Party Madesh has taken responsibility for the shooting.

Six killed, two injured in vehicular accident

Kathmandu, 11 Feb.: Six persons were killed and two were injured, including a child, were killed Wednesday at Shripur-2 in Kailali when a
truck plunged off the road into a tea stall.
The driver and his helper are absconding.
The truck owner has been arrested.
Police are investigating are investing whether drunken driving caused the accident.

Four members of a family murdered in Palpa

Kathmandu, 11 Feb.: Four members of the family to Yam Kumari Bagali
including two children, were killed overnight in Palpa.
Among the killed were a two- year and a five-year old child.
A police team has been sent to a village eight mils away from Tansen to investigate the murders.

NC central committee meeting to finalize new date for general convention

Kathmandu, 11 Feb.: Nepali Congress central committee is meeting Thursday to endorse a new date for its 12th general convention which was scheduled to be held in the capital for five years from 10 March.
A meeting of central leaders Wednesday recommended the convention be held from 10 to 14 June in the capital after a new constitution is
promulgated by the 28 May deadline.

Sub-committee’s tenure extended

Kathmandu, 11 Feb.: The main constitution drafting committee headed by
Nilambar Acharya Wednesday extended the tenure of a sub-committee recommending a constitution draft by another five days.
The tenure of the sub-committee headed by Barsha Man Pun (Maoist) has
Has been extended until 14 February.
The sub-committee has recommended 27 sections to the constitution
basing its suggestions on recommendations of 11 subject committees.
The main committee has to prepare a draft of a constitution by 5 March.
But Acharya has sought extension of the deadline saying it has received only one of 11 reports of subject committees from the constituent assembly to prepare a draft basic law.
Leaders of major political parties have been saying publicly the
constitution may not be promulgated within the 28 May deadline.
They have suggested an extension of the deadline to avoid a political crisis.
The terms of the assembly and parliament will also end 28 May.

Jamin Shah being buried Thursday

Kathmandu, 11 Feb.: Media tycoon Jamin Shah is being buried
Thursday five days after he was gunned down by two motorcyclists in
Shah’s son is arriving from the USA Thursday to attend the burial.
An Indian criminal gang has claimed responsibility saying Shah was shot
dead for alleged anti-India activities.
Government and police have come under fire for failure to protect citizens even at home.
Police have recovered an abandoned motorcycle used by assassins
to speed away from Lazimpat.
Journalists have condemned the murder while politicians and former
King Gyanendra have condoled Shah’s death.
Shah launched Nepal’s first satellite TV network.


India lifts ban on wheat export

Kathmandu, 11 Feb.: Following a good crop, India has lifted a ban on
wheat export to Nepal.
India has permitted the export of 50,000 tonnes, Supply Ministry said.
India slapped a ban in 2007.
The ban lift comes at a time when food prices are increasing amid shortage caused by a failed crop in.

Shangrila Hotel bags hotel management award in Tibet

Kathmandu, 11 Feb.: Five-state Shangrila Hotel has won a contract to manage a five-star hotel in neighbouring China, Nagarik reports.
A management contract has been signed to entirely manage the hotel in Tibet’s Linchi province.
The hotel is presently under construction.
‘This is possibly the first success in Nepali hotel industry,” Senior General Manager Raju Bikram Shah told Nagarik.

Commercial banks record increased profits in Q2

Kathmandu, 11 Feb.: Standard Chartered Bank Nepal Ltd recorded
a Rs512.9 million net profit in Q2 of the current fiscal year ending 14 January.
The bank recorded a Rs 484.7 million net profit in the corresponding period the previous year.
Everest Bank Ltd recorded a net Rs 383.7 million in Q2 2010/11 compared to Rs 289.5 million in the corresponding time the pervious year.

ADBL going public to raise Rs 960 million

Kathmandu, 11 Feb.: Agriculture Development Bank Ltd (ADBL) is going public to raise Rs 960 million in the biggest initial public offering.
Securities Board of Nepal is to okay the offer.
Ace Development Bank will manage the issue.
The government has a 55.86 percent state in the bank.

Chinese President Hu may come

Kathmandu, 11 Feb.: Chinese President Hu iIntao or Prime
Minister Wen Jiabao is likely to visit Nepal in the next couple of
months in a bid to address Nepal’s call for a high-level bilateral visit, The Kathmandu Post reports.
‘The high-level visit from China was scheduled to convene earlier,
but both sides could not set the mutually agreeable date. I believe
a high-level Chinese visit will happen this year,” Tanka Karki, Nepali
envoy to China, told Post over telephone.
China had recommended arranging the visit on September, but it is up to Nepal to confirm the date, said sources.
Ambassador Karki pointed out that President Dr Ram Baran Yadav’s
China visit is also on the cards as he has a standing invitation to
Attend the Shanghai Expo-2010.


“Just as disqualified combatants deserted camps, similarly 40 percent combatants [in camps and cantonments] have left. Maoists are delaying integration to embezzle money of the combatants.”

(PM Madhav Kumar Nepal, Nagarik, 11 Feb.)

“In the last one year people have been killed. Against whom has action been taken? Was action taken when a CDO was assaulted in office? Was any action taken when a LDO was abused? When action isn’t taken such incidents will escalate. Police have been weakened’ they can’t freely even use powers that have been delegated.”

(Former IGP Achyut Krishna Kharel, Ghatana ra Bichar, 11 Feb.)

‘The deadline for the promulgation of the new constitution can be
extended by two months if the political parties agreed on the issue.”

(Deputy Prime Minister Sujata Koirala, The Rising Nepal, 11 Feb.)

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Nepal, China security accord

Kathmandu, 10 Feb.: China agreed in Bejing Tuesday to provide Nepal Police with equipment worth two million yuan equivalent to Rs 20 million.
China will provide Nepal Police vehicles and communication equipment.
Visiting Home Minister Bhim Rawal and Chinese Minister for Public Security Meng Jiazhu at a meeting agreed to cooperate to prevent and combat transnational crime.
The two sides signed minutes of the talks following the agreement.
China has proposed the two countries sign an extradition treaty.
The two countries agreed to establish a communication mechanism for border policing along the Nepal-Tibet frontier.
A team headed by secretaries will prepare a mechanism to curb boirder crime.
Nepal reiterated its One China policy assuring China its territory won’t be permitted for hostile activities against the northern neighbour.
Rawal, on a six-day visit, said security cooperation between the two countries has reached a new height.
Nepal sought Chinese assistance to establish an academy for Armed
Police Force.
Nepal asked China to ease visa regulations for Nepalis visiting Hong Kong and provide grazing facilities for farmers across the border in

Bidya Bhandari rejects allegations NA abused human rights

Kathmandu, 10 Feb.: Defence Minister Bidya Bhandari at a meeting with British Army Chief Gen Sir David Julian Roberts Tuesday strongly defended Nepal Army action during the 10-year Maoist people’s war denying reports the state army had abused human rights.
‘The minister explained to the visiting general charges faced by army personnel for the murder of Maina Sunwar. She said that three soldiers found guilty by the army’s internal court of inquiry has already been punished,” said Defence Minister’s Press Advisor Subash Debkota, according to The Kathmandu Post.
Bhandari also defended Maj Niranjan Basnet sent back by the UN from Chad where he was attached with the Nepali Army contingent of a UN peacekeeping force.
Basnet has been cleared by the army for the death of Sunwar in military custody.
Roberts showed interest in restructuring the defence ministry which oversees NA.
“A separate task force for conducting necessary evaluation of a
costing required for the restructuring of the ministry will arrive here in Nepal soon after Richards’ return to the UK,” Debkota said, according to The Rising Nepal..
The army chief handed over an annual review of British Gurkhas in the British army to President Dr Ram Baran Yadav Tuesday.
Richards leaves for home Wednesday.

Capital records 20mm rainfall

Kathmandu, 10 Feb.: The capital recorded 20mm rainfall Tuesday—the highest winter rain in four years.
Mercury fell to 1.5 degrees Celsius in the capital Tuesday following rain.
Nepali Congress general convention date again rescheduled

Kathmandu, 10 Feb.: Nepali Congress 12th general convention is being rescheduled for the third time.
Central members agreed Tuesday to reschedule the convention saying preparations were incomplete.
‘The meeting of the central committee Thursday will fix the new date for the general convention,” said party spokesman Arjun Narsingh KC afteraa meeting.
The meeting was scheduled to be held in the capital from
10 to 14 March.

Bhutan invites Nepal to attend Bhutan SAARC summit

Kathmandu, 10 Feb.: Bhutan’s Minister for Economic Affairs Khandu Wangchuk Wednesday delivered an invitation to Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal to attend the two day 16th SAARC summit in Thimpu from 28 April.
Wangchuk arrived Tuesday as a special envoy of the Bhutanese prime minister to deliver the invitation.

China hands over building to Nepal

Kathmandu, 10 Feb.: Chinese Ambassador Qiu Guohong Tuesday handed over the building of Nature Conservation Fund, previously King
Mahendra Trust for Nature Conservation, to Nepal.
Fund Patron and Forest Minister Dipak Bohara received the building in the
presence of Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal.
China started building construction in November 2005.

APF to be deployed in Haiti for first time

Kathmandu, 10 Feb.: United Nations has agreement to the deployment of Armed Police Force (APF) in its Haiti mission, Rajdhani reports.
A 160-member contingent is being sent there.
APF was previously deployed only in Liberia.


Nepali trade team visiting USA

Kathmandu, 10 Feb.: A government team is leaving for the USA to
push trade and investments, Annapurna Post reports.
The team will be led Commerce and Supply Minister Rajendra Mahato.
The team will discuss declining Nepali garment exports to USA.
Nepal has already handed over a draft of a proposed trade agreement to

A Rs 335 billion budget for fiscal year 2010/11

Kathmandu, 10 Feb.: Government is preparing to present a budget of
Rs 335.57 billion for the fiscal year 2010/11, Nagarik reports.
The current budget is Rs 285.93 billion.
The budget for the next fiscal year was fixed after first round consultations between finance ministry and national planning commission.
The target could be restructured following further discussions.


“Deputy Prime Minister Bijaya Kumar Gachedhar Tuesday said the constitution can be promulgated within 10 days if there is consensus among the major political parties.”

(RSS report in The Rising Nepal, 10 Feb.)

Four policemen suspended

Kathmandu, 9 Feb.: Four policemen on duty at Lazimpat were suspended for investigation Tuesday following the assassination of media tycoon Jamin Shah in the area Sunday.
Two assassins escaped from the area where the Indian, French and Japanese embassies are located.
The daring shooting occurred the day Parmananda Jha was sworn in office for the second time.
Police Tuesday also recovered an abandoned motorcycle used by two assassins in the southern outskirts of the capital Tuesday.
An Indian criminal gang has taken responsibility for the murder.
Nepalis aren’t safe even in their own country with the inability of government to protect them.

British army chief discusses restoration of suspended military supplies

Kathmandu, 9 Feb.: Visiting British Army Chief Gen Sir David
Julian Roberts Tuesday discussed resumption of military logistics with
Defence Minister Bidya Bhandari before he returns home Wednesday concluding a Nepal visit.
Supplies were suspended five years ago after King Gyanendra imposed direct rule.
India, who took the initiative to suspend arms supplies, has resumed delivery of military hardware.
Roberts told Bhandari Great Britain would discuss resumption of supplies after he returns home.
Roberts discussed military cooperation with his host Army Chief Gen Chatraman Singh Gurung Tuesday.

Capital records 22mm rainfall

Kathmandu. 9 Feb.: The capital Tuesday recorded a 22 mm rainfall
after a prolonged winter drought.
Rainfall was reported through the country with heavy snowfall in the hills and Himalayan regions.
The welcome depression is expected to continue Wednesday.

Motorcycle used by Jamin Shah assassins found

Kathmandu, 9 Feb.: A motorcycle used by two assassins of Jamin Shah was found abandoned Tuesday at Futong village in the Valley.
Shah was shot dead Sunday in Lazimpat.
Meanwhile, Deputy Prime Minister Sujata Koirala said Tuesday the role of the police should be probed.
She said this Tuesday when she visited the family of Shah to offer condolences.

Heaviest winter rainfall, show

Kathmandu, 9 Feb.: The heaviest winter rain and accompanying snowfall was recorded Tuesday.
Temperature has fallen with the rain and snowfall.
Flights and telephone services have been disrupted mainly in the far and mid-West where schools have also closed down with people staying indoors.
The capital has been receiving continuous rain since Tuesday morning as
the nation prepares to observe Shivaratri Friday.

Revenue official abducted in Mohottari

Kathmandu, 9 Feb. Revenue official Lal Deb Rawa was abducted from Mohottari district headquarters Janeshwor Monday.
Police suspect he was abducted by a group for ransom.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Gobinda Parajuli heads probe panel

Kathmandu, 9 Feb: Former supreme court justice Gobinda Parajuli heads a five-member probe panel to investigate Sunday’s daring murder of media tycoon Jamin Shah in the capital.
An emergency cabinet meet formed the team to investigate the murder of Chairman of Channel Nepal and Spacetime Network.
Two masked motorcyclists, still at large, shot head Shah and his driver was injured in Lazimpat.
Police suspect an Indian criminal gang led by Chhota Rajan shot dead Shah.
RPP lawmaker Mirja Beg was shot dead in 1998 by another Indian criminal gang.
The shooting indicates Nepalis aren’t safe even in their own country.
When Girija Prasad Koirala was prime minister, Indian police even raided a a house in Baneshwor.
The Rajan group has claimed responsibility for the murder.
Interestingly, Indian government reacted immediately to Shah’s murder.

Discharge of discharge of disqualified complete

Kathmandu, 9 Feb.: The discharge of 4,008 Maoist combatants,
including child soldiers, from camps in Sindhuli, Chitwan, Nawalparasi, Kailali, Surkhet and Rolpa was completed Monday.
Only 283 disqualified left the camp for home in Rolpa.
They were placed in the camps under UNMIN watch three years ago.
The combatants expressed anger against government, Maoists and UNMIN.
Only 2394 combatants were discharged as others had deserted the cmps before the official sendoff.
Maoist Chairman Prachanda UNMIN Chief Karen Landgren and envoys from five donor countries witnessed the discharge in Rolpa.

Former king in Panauti

Kathmandu, 9 Feb.: Former King Gyanendra Monday visited
Makkar mela and offered prayers and puja during and our-long visit. .
The mela was out of bounds for the Shah kings of Nepal.
The former king was warmly greeted by devotees.
Some people shouted slogans in his favour.
The ousted king called for peace, security and happiness.
He donated Rs 100,000 each to organizers of two mahayagyas.

Parliament session prorogued

Kathmandu, 9 Feb.: The ninth session of parliament was prorogued Monday.
The session was delayed as the annual budget couldn’t be passed on time.
Maoists obstructed parliamentary sessions delaying the passage of the budget.

Another failure to meet deadline

Kathmandu, 9 Feb.: Chairman of a constitution drafting committee
Nilambar Acharya Monday said the committee he heads can’t meet a 5 March deadline to prepare a draft of a proposed constitution and has sought time extension to complete work.
The committee, he said, has received only one of 11 reports of suggestions for a constitution from thematic committees from the constituent assembly (CA).
The CA had to ends the reports by 4 February.
Major parties have differing concepts on
“It is impossible to prepare the first draft of the constitution in the next
four weeks,” Acharya said
Acharya said he will seek extension of a deadline from CA Chairman Subash Nemwang.
The schedule to complete work of subject committee will have to be extended for the 10th time.
A constitution to replace an interim constitution has to be promulgated by 28 May.
Failure to promulgate a constitution by the deadline will trigger a political

11th SAG jamboree ends

Kathmandu, 9 Feb.: Rajendra Bhandari bagged a gold medal Tuesday in the marathon in Dhaka on the last day of the 11th South Asian Games.
Karatakas Binod Shakya and Ganga Adhikari collected golds Monday in the Bangladesh capital.
Nepal collected eight golds, six silvers and 17 bronzes with a total tally of 32 medals.
Nepal was fifth in the medal tally after India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.
Eight nations participated in the South Asian sporting jamboree.
Taekwondo star Dipal Bista collect four golds to become the first Nepali to win so many gold medals in the history of the competition.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

President, Girija hold political discussions

Kathmandu, 7 Feb.: President Dr, Ram Baran Yadav held political discussions with Nepali Congress President Girija Prasad Koirala at the latter’s residence Sunday morning.
The president wished ailing Koirala a speedy recovery.
He is suffering from urinary track infection.

Parmananda Jha to take oath of office

Kathmandu, 7 Feb.: Parmananda Jha is taking his oath of office and secrecy for the second time but in Miathali Sunday.
Jha sent a text of the translated oath to President Dr Ram Baran Yadav Saturday.
President Dr Ram Baran Yadav will administer the oath at 3.30 in the afternoon.
The president last week asked Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal not to drag the presidency into a controversy as some legal experts say Jha can’t
Be installed as vice-president because be no longer holds the
post after refusal to take his oath in Nepali as directed last year by the
supreme court.
The apex court gave the ruling after a dhoti clad Jha took his oath in Hindi.
The government amended the interim constitution for the seventh
time to enable Jha to take up responsibilities before the president leaves for
a state visit of India this month.
The installation of Jha could be challenged in the court.

British army chief to hold discussions with PM

Kathmandu, 7 Feb. Visiting British Army Chief Gen. Sir David Julian Roberts will hold separate discussions with Prime Minister Madhav
Kumar Nepal and Defence Minister Bidya Bhandari Sunday.
Roberts will also call on President DrRaamBaran Yadav Sunday.
He arrived Saturday for a delayed visit.

Nepali student in Australia attacked

Kathmandu, 7 Feb.: Bipin Shrestha, 30, a student is in serious condition at a hospital in an Australian after a deadly attack in a town last Sunday, Australian media reports said.
Shrestha, who has serious brain and facial injuries, is in coma.
He migrated 15 months ago and was working as well.
The attack comes immediately after deadly attacks on Indians.

UML task force

Kathmandu, 7 Feb.: A task force headed by Bamdeb Gautam has
been formed by the UML politburo Saturday to recommend a common party
position on a a state structure and governing structure.
The politburo ended a three-day meet Saturday.
The task force will present its report to the central committee
which meets later this month.
Party lawmakers aired different views at a meeting of parliament.
The politburo meeting ended Saturday.

Dinanath Sharma replaced by Dr Baburam Bhattarai

Kathmandu, 7 Feb.: Dinanath Sharma has been removed as in-charge of the
publicity and propaganda bureau, Nagarik reports.
He has been replaced by Dr Baburam Bhattarai.
He has been charged for improperly managing the bureau and ignoring Maoist journalists.
The standing committee replaced him Thursday.

Mohan Krishna Shrestha appointed ambassador to France

Kathmandu, 7 Feb.: Chief of Protocol Mohan Krishna Shrestha has been appointed ambassador to France, Nagarik reports.
The cabinet appointed him Wednesday.