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Monday, August 31, 2009

Preparations completed for Kumari jatra

Kathmandu, 31 Aug: Preparations have been completed for observing Kumari jatra that begins Tuesday, organizing committee chairman Krishna Manandhar said.
Lingo or pole is being erected at Tuesday at Basantapur square marking the beginning of the festival.
Kumarai’s chariot in being pulled Thursday.
The festival was disrupted the festival last year when Maoists cut off governments for the festival saying the country was a secular state; the fund was later restored.
Maoists Sunday padlocked the office of the Pashupati Development Trust Indian bhattas, instead of Nepali priests, were being appointed to manage the holiest Hindu shrine.
The ousted Maoist-led government failed in a bid to install Nepali priests.

Maoists start boycott of PM’s functions

By Bhola B Rana

Kathmandu, 31 Aug: Government and Maoists are on a direct collision course that will adversely impact the delayed peace process, constitution drafting and integration/ resettlement of 19,000 plus Maoists combatants in army and society.
In their intensified anti-government campaign in parliament and street to restore what’s been called civilian supremacy, Maoists Monday began boycott of programmes of Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal.
They will start boycotting programmes of ministers from Saturday.
The president is already being boycotted by the main opposition.
The Joint National People’s Movement chaired by Baburam Bhatarai Sunday decided to intensify three-month protest after Maoists were ousted from government by a 22-party coalition.
Eighteen department chiefs and 10 state committee members and chiefs were appointed by the central secretariat meeting.
During nine days beginning protests will be held in 18 places; Chairman Prachanda will address a meeting in Biratnagar Sunday while Baburam Bhattarai and Narayan Kazi Shrestha Prakash will lead protests in Gaighat and Janakpur.
Local committees will be formed to for development and administering justice –a move described as an attempt to form a parallel administration after ouster from Singha Durbar.
Amik Serchan, Tilak Pariyar and Ram Kumari Yadav have been appointed vice-presidents for the movement coordinators of to over see the movement.
“Coordinators have been appointed to implement demand for 10 autonomous regions,” Bhattarai said.
Intensified programmes were announced immediately after Prakash was defeated by Nilambar Acharya in election for th chairman of a constitution drafting committee.
Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal denied Maoist charge Maoists were being isolated.
Standing committee meeting Monday discussed the heightened protests to endorse it.

Jha action unfortunate: Jhalanath Khanal

Kathmandu, 31 Aug: CPN-UML Chairman Jhalanath Khanal said Monday the decision of Vice-president Parmananda Jha not to take an oath in Nepali as directed by the supreme court was ‘unfortunate for the country’.
Khanal made the comment in Biratnagar.
Nepali Congress President Girija Prasad Koirala Monday discussed Jha with parties from terai who lent support to the vice-president.
Jha’s action has created a language issue.
He hasn’t resigned and said he could take an oath in a mother tongue through a 7th amendment in the interim constitution.
Lawyers are divided on whether Jha continues to be vice-president after refusal to obey government and court directives.
President, prime minister and heads of constitutional bodies Sunday waited for nearly 40 minutes at Shital Niwas for Jha to take his oath.
The supreme court said the vice-president can no longer hold office after a refusal to take an oath.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

PM inaugurates climate change conference

Kathmandu, 31 Aug: Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal Monday launched a two-day regional climate change conference in the capital preparing a common South Asian agenda for the 15th Climate Change Conference 2009 in Copenhagen in December.
The conference is discussing risks caused by global warming in the Himalaya-- challenges and opportunities.
Impact indigenous peoples will be discussed.
Seven SAARC nations, besides Bhutan, and Kirzigistan are attending.
Ministers from Nepal, Sri Lanka, Sri Lanka and Kirzigistan are attending.
Nepal’s agenda for the Copenhagen will be discussed from Wednesday.

Maoist warn India destabilizing Nepal will engulf it

By Bhola B Rana

Kathmandu, 31 Aug: Maoist woman leader Hishila Yami Monday warned India destabilizing Nepal could have a spillover effect on it.
“..insecurity in Nepal us hazardous for India” she said.
“Today, with rapid globalization an class, ethnic and regional issues being raised in Nepal, an all-out was embracing all these three issues will engulf India first before engulfing the rest of Asia if the peace process were to fail,” she warned in an article in The Kathmandu Post.
India Maoists also called Naxals, will be ‘more than happy to create a conducive environment for revolution in the region”.
India is backing Nepal army, she said.
“One wonders why India is seen backing military supremacy in Nepal.
UNMIN charges for not being neutral as others charge for being pro- Maoist.
Yami made the charge after revelation Indian embassy was against integration of PLA leaders and units and sub-units in Nepal Army (NA).
The embassy pushed resettlement not integration, instead, in productive non-arms bearing
“The hardcore within the NA has a consistent aversion to democratizing the NA and integrating PLA into the NA. In relation to UNMIN, it is interesting to note that it pretended to cooperate with it while privately sowing doubts about its neutrality.”
The wife of Dr Baburam Bhattarai accused India for ‘hobnobbing’ with NA and UNMIN while saying,” ..the US was seen to be privately much more critical of the NA’s political involvement.”
She observed in an article entitled ‘Peace in pieces?” ‘Nepali Congress is going out of its way to push for a strong NA….”
‘India’s knee-jerk reaction to the electoral win of the Maoists has caused it to cling to the NA as the last bastion against Maoist influence.
‘Today, they seem to be recreating the same dual authority [twin system of constitutional monarchy and multi-party democracy] –between the president and the prime minister to check and balance each other in its favour.
“…’the COAS affair [retention of sacked Army Chief Gen Rukmangud Katawal by the president] has given India a greater opportunity to make in-roads into the NA that before.”


“I think controversy often surrounds me because I am the daughter of Girijababu. Whatever the case, the fact is that controversy follows those who work hard. Nobody takes interest in a vegetable-like person.”

(Sujata Koirala, The Kathmandu Post, 31 Aug.)

No coordination between WFP, agriculture ministry: Spokesman Hari Dahal

By Bhola B Rana

Kathmandu, 31 Aug: In a stunning revelation, Agriculture Ministry Spokesman Hari Dahal said there’s hardly and cooperation with his ministry and WFP which is work implied is working independently in Nepal.
The revelation comes at a time when the UN WFP has been charged by National Human Rights Commission (NHRC), a government appointed body and INSEC, a NGO, also blamed WFP for causing deaths of several hundred people in the mid and far-West by distributing sub-standard food, lentils and edible oil.
The distribution worsened the epidemic impact.
EFP denied the INSEC but not the NHRC claim.
WFP has drawn the government into controversy and threatened to withdraw from Nepal is government doesn’t certify the quality of food the UN agency distributed in Nepal.
The agency has stopped food distribution in worst-affected Jajarkot district.
Dahal made the claim in an interview published in Nepal newsmagazine.
:Our concept is clear. A responsible organization like the United Nations should distribute standard foodstuff to our people.
“Whatever has happened is wrong. This is a serious issue,” Dahal said on reports of distribution of sub-standard grains.
“UN should also investigate. Where and who have made mistake should be found.:
“WFP and agriculture ministry cooperate from time to time when bringing out bulletins on market surveys. WFP officials come to the ministry to present their analysis on where there are inadequate food supplies and shortages.
“Besides that, there’s no information of their work<’ Dahal said revealing there’s almost no coordination between the WFP and his ministry.
“International agencies while working of food related work, in this country and with this country’s citizens, should inform us. They should work according to the country’s rules and directives.
“But we have no role but to attend their meetings,” Dahal went on to add..
“But in many cases, WFP escapes out,” he admitted while accepting government and its agencies should be responsible for quality control of food supplies.
“It’s probably better to say there’s no proper coordination. Some government agencies may have been informed but agriculture ministry hasn’t been told.” Dahal said.
He said independent work of donors in creating problems.
“Food security law should be introduced. Right now, donors give information on their own;, they present a grim picture and food is being distributed.
“This has created to dependency and food production has declined.
“We say 395,000 need food assistance WFP says requirement there’s need for 3.5 million. We have objections to their data.
“What I say, region and quantify for food to be distributed should be prescribed.
“Food distribution anywhere and in any amount shouldn’t be permitted.”

PM Nepal unhappy with UNMIN role

Kathmandu, 31 Aug: Foreign advisor Rajan Bhattarai of the prime minister said Madhav Kumar Nepal Sunday told Karin Landgrin not allow the repetition of the Kapilvasthu last Monday when armed and uniformed Maoists walked out of a camp, Rajdhani reports.
Landgrin accepted shortcomings of the part of UNMIN.
Bhattarai said necessary altaerless will be adopted in the coming days.
Landgrin asked the prime minister to call a meeting of a special integration committee to discuss the issue and said it hadn’t been reorganized.

Maoist women say beauty contest shouldn’t be held

Kathmandu, 31 Aug: A Maoist women organization said a planned beauty contest in the capital planned ‘after 31 August’ should be stopped.
“”Concerned agencies should stop all work in time. We oppose the programme,” All Nepal Women’s Association Revolutionary Chairperson Jayapuri Ghartimagar said in the statement.
Maoists protested and disrupted past annual contests.


“Nepal appears today to be like a lost ship without a captain. Those who were entrusted with the task of building a new Nepal with an efficient and transparent administration have forgotten their pledge given to the people.”

(Kirtinidhi Bista, newsfront, 31 Aug.)

VP Jha refuses to take oath in Nepali

By Bhola B Rana

Kathmandu, 30 Aug: Defying the supreme court and government, Vice-president Parmananda Jha refused Sunday to take an oath of office in Nepali.
He will cease to be vice-president from Monday after disobeying a court order to take an oath by Sunday in the national language.
Jha, a retired supreme court judge, made the defiant announcement in Nepali at a 16-minute news conference at his office without entertaining questions from reporters.
The apex court ruled the oath he took one year ago in Hindi although administered by President Dr Ram Baran Yadav in Nepali was unconstitutional.
Jha demanded a 7th amendment to the interim constitution to take an oath in the mother tongue raising a language issue.
Government has assured Jha it will amend the constitution although no progress has been made in drafting a basic to replace the interim document.
Parties have been amending the interim constitution to suit immediate party interests.

Maoists to intensify anti-govt. protests

Kathmandu, 30 Aug: A Maoists anti-government struggle committee headed by first vice-chairman Dr Baburam Bhattarai Sunday decided to intensify anti-government protests for what it was called the restoration of civilian authority.
Maoists are on protests after being dislodged from government more than three months ago.
The party decided to mobilize all organizations under its fold for the protests in parliament and street from Monday beginning with the boycott of president and cabinet members.
The main opposition said the struggle will continue indefinitely until objective is reached.
Maoists raised slogans in parliament for the 13th time Sunday obstructing parliament business.
Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal Sunday denied ruling parties were isolating Maoists.
H asked Maoists to be ‘flexible’ and sit own for a dialogue.

20 injured in prison clash at Dilli Bazzar

Kathmandu, 30 Aug: Twenty prisoners were injured in a clash between at Dilli Bazzar khor or prison Sunday.
The clash ensued following differences with prison management.

Low interest for Gurkhas to settle in UK

Kathmandu, 30 Aug: Even with British government providing residence visas, there’s low interest among ex-Gurkhas from the west to permanently resettle in UK, Kantipur reports from Kaski.
Old age stipend, free medical treatment and education for children are the only attraction for resettlement.
Sixty-five year olds who don’t receive pension gat the most stipend and receive from 800 to 1,000 sterling pounds. They also get free medical care, transport allowance and house rent.
“The number permanently desiring to resettle is extremely low,” GEASO western region Chairman Harkha Bahadur Pun said.’It’s difficult living there in British conditions.”
Living conditions are also expensive. It costs six to seven hundred thousand rupees to go to UK. Only those with relatives in UK are interested in going there.
So far 104 of 650 applicants have received resettlement permits.

Appointments in constitutional bodies obstructed

Kathmandu, 30 Aug: Appointments to vacant positions in constitutional have been obstructed because of Maoist movement, Annapurna Post reports.
The office of the attorney general, CIAA, election commission and Public Service Commission are without chiefs.
Maoist Chairman Prachanda is ex-officio member of the constitutional council as leader of the main opposition party. The council can’t take a decision without his presence.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

VP Jha asked to re-take oath in Nepali

Kathmandud, 30 Aug: A 20-minute cabinet meeting Sunday morning asked Vice-president to retake his oath of office in Nepali from President Dr Ram Baran Yadav by four in the afternoon.
A supreme court special bench said the vice-president will cease to hold office if he doesn’t take at oath by Sunday.
Jha has refused to execute the order so far.
He is holding a news conference later Sunday to make public his position.
Madeshi students forced the closure of terai districts demonstrating solidarity with Jha Sunday.
Jha’s stance has raised a language issue.
Ajya Kumar Rai of Kirat Workers ‘was arrested in Itahari Sunday following a bomb blast near Jha’s home and the discovery of a hidden bomb nearby.
The party has claimed responsibility for the blast.
Four suspects were earlier arrested in the capital.

Main constitution drafting committee meets

Kathmandu, 30 Aug: The main constitution drafting committee met under chairman Nilambar Acharya Sunday and discussed past work and future schedule.
Acharya defeated his only Maoist rival Narayan Kazi Shrestha in the election.
The committee is meeting after three months.

Japan, western countries call for inquiry commission

Kathmandu, 30 Aug: Japan and embassies of several western countries in Nepal demanded to commission with legislation meeting international standards to inquire on disappearances.
The western countries are: Australia, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Switzerland, UK and USA.
International Committee for Red Cross puts the disappearances at 1,348 during the 10-year people’s war for which Maoists and state and agencies were involved.
“Those cadre [of Maoists] against whom there are charges of involvement in disappearances should be made available to the authorities,’ a joint statement on the eve of day on disappearances said.
Most have been pardoned by previous government and by Maoists.
The embassies also asked government to show accountability by allowing application of rule of law to Nepal Army and other state personnel involved in disappearances.

Pakistani national held

Kathmandu, 30 Aug: Pakistani national Abdul Gafar was held at TIA Saturday with Rs 2.4 million in illegal Indian currency notes.
He arrived on a flight from Doha.


“It would me a batter of laugh to say that the new statute can be drafted bypassing the largest party.”

(CPN-UML leader Bamdeb Gautam,The Kathmandu Post, 30 Aug.)

Nepali Congress general convention from 10 March

Kathmandu, 29 March; Nepali Congress 12th general convention will be held for five days from 10 March 2010, according to a decision of the central committee.
The venue will be decided by the committee Sunday.
The convention is once every three years; but it has been delayed one year.
The mahasimiti meeting will beheld for three days from 1 November.

Bomb defused near vice-president’s residence

Kathmandu, 29 March: A bomb was defused near the residence of Vice-president Parmananda Jha Saturday.
Police defused the strong bomb.
Four suspects have been arrested.
A woman was injured in a blast one day earlier near the house in Gaurighat,

Indian embassy gives lowest priority for Maoist integration in Nepal Army

By Bhola B Rana

Kathmandu, 29 Aug: Indian embassy has suggested nearly 19,000 Maoist combatants should be integrated in police and Nepal Army in last preference.
Maoists ‘integration/resettlement ‘ should be ‘done in civil society, new security forces like CICF, BSF, civil government offices, police and Nepal Army in that order of preference,” the embassy said in a secret comment on a report of a study center.
The comment was published by Maoist mouthpiece Janadisha Saturday; fM radios broke the suggestion Friday.
The newspaper said Indian embassy attempted to blackout the publication of the suggestion.
“No unit/sub-unit should be integrated” while integration should also be done on the ‘qualitative requirement of each security unit’.
There should be ‘no integration at the leadership level’, the embassy suggested.
Indian embassy has suggested Maoist combatants should be ‘resettled’ in jobs of ‘direct protective value’ rather that in ‘armed bearing jobs’.
Comments of the defence and political wing of the embassy were obtained, the suggestions said.
The suggestions come as Maoist seek integration in Nepal Army while India has also decided to resume suspended arms supplies to Nepal since 2005.
The suggestions will anger Maoists.

Nepal, US armies cooperate

Kathmandu, 29 Aug: A 10-day joint workshop on natural disaster management has started with Nepal Army and US Army Pacific Command cooperation.
Altogether 210 participants from 24 countries are participating in the workshop in the capital, Nepal Army said.
The workshop aims to extend additional regional and international help for developing plans and preparedness for management of natural disasters.
Security, other government agencies and ministries are participating.

UNMIN playing with words to escape responsibility

By Bhola B Rana

Kathmandu, 29 Aug: UNMIN is playing with words to escape responsibility for its failed job in managing the Nepal peace process.
Its performance has been dismal and the UN agency has come under fire from government and major political parties over its presence and role in the last three years.
What’s the meaning of the words: enforcement, control and compliance?
Enforcing compliance are forms of enforcement and control without the use of force; UNMIN is also implying it also doesn’t have the mechanism to enforce the arms agreement between the government and former rebels. .
Clearly, UN is playing with words to negate charges of dereliction of duty. It’s the duty of the UN to enforce compliance as per agreement; UN has failed to enforce compliance.
After taking on a responsibility, it’s UNMIN’s responsibility to see the job is executed in whatever manner it deems fit. This hasn’t been executed. UNMIN has accepted Maoists violated the arms accord last Monday when 19 armed and uniformed Maoists trooped out of a camp in Kapilvasthu not the first time.
What did UNMIN do to prevent recurrences after the first incident several years ago?
The UNMIN has failed to ask, request or even force Maoists to comply with an agreement.
UNMIN says a ‘high degree of mutual confidence’ between contestants is required to enforce the arms agreement; the world body was invited, in the first place especially by Maoists, because such mutual confidence didn’t exist.
Now the state and its army don’t have such confidence in the Maoists.
UNMIN now says it undertook only a ‘light monitoring presence’ in 2066 when millions of dollars have already been invested on behalf of the UN mainly by rich donors especially from Scandinavia to draw Maoists into the political mainstream.
The world body and its Secretary General Kofi Annan lobbied to get into Nepal for the impossible task of disarming Maoists in a country with an open 1,700 km border with India where the rebels were sheltered.
The UN was minimizing or ignoring the challenges of the responsibilities it was undertaking in Nepal for which ordinary Nepalis are now suffering.
The only beneficiaries from the UN presence were people on its payroll and rich house owners in Nepal; many beneficiaries were Scandinavians whose countries financed the UN Nepal operation.
All weapons weren’t surrendered to the UN by Maoists then; Maoists and new armed groups are still bringing in weapons across the open border.
UNMIN will have to be permanently in Nepal, at the current stage, if peace is to prevail in the country; there are threats of a pullout after the fourth mandate expires in January 2010.
The concept that the 10-year people’s war will end with the storage of weapons with the UN was, therefore, flawed as has been proved with recent developments.
“UNMIN does not have an enforcement mandate or a control role. UNMIN arms monitors focus on monitoring, and compliance with the agreement on monitoring of the management of arms and armies (AMMAA),” a statement issued Friday said.
Government and Nepali Congress charged UNMIN for an ineffective role in curbing activities of Maoists in camps.
UNMIN issued a similar alibi when a Kathmandu business was abducted to a camp in Chitwan and murdered by Maoists in 2008.
“The arrangements for the cantonment of Maoist army personnel, confinement to barracks of the Nepal Army, and the monitoring of arms and armies were conceived as temporary measures to help create appropriate conditions for the constituent assembly elections.”
Maoists won the 10 April 2008 elections and UN has been demanding an increased and extended role in Nepal even after the historic vote.
“UNMIN arms monitors maintain a permanent presence in the main cantonment sites and the Nepal Army weapon storage site in Chhauni barracks. They monitor the management of the respective armies, facilitate dialogue and raise possible beaches of the AMMAA with the JMCC.”
There are seven cantonments and 21 satellite camps housing 19,000 plus Maoist combatants.
By implication, the UN is admitting the 21 camps are camps under UN watch only a gambit; they are as good as shelters completely under Maoist control and whose occupants are paid monthly by the so-called international community.
Did the Maoists then come out of the jungle and into UN camps after the peace accord in 2006?
‘The joint monitoring coordination committee (JMCC) chaired by UNMIN with vice-chairmanship of both the Nepal Army and the Maoist army, supervises compliance by the parties with AMMAA, resolves disputes between parties and assists in confidence-building.”
The agreement, specifies categorically UNMIN
has a direct role in ensuring compliance with the AMMAA.

Friday, August 28, 2009

VP to take oath in Nepali

Kathmandu, 29 Aug: Vice-president Parmananda Jha will take an oath of office in Nepali as directed by the supreme court Sunday.
The assurance was given at a meeting Saturday at a meeting with Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal.
The meeting took place at the VP’s residence.
The supreme court deadline for the oath expires Sunday.
The court ruled the VP will lose his status without taking the oath.
A woman was injured overnight in a bomb explosion near the residence of Vice-president Parmananda Jha.
A group demanding hill autonomy took responsibility for the blast.
The blast was set off the day Jha refused to take ans oath of office in Nepali as directed by the supreme court.
PM Nepal Saturday inspected the damage caused by the blast.
Dhanusha and Siraha were affected by a strike Saturday called by Jha supporters.

Sitaram Sapkota elected TAAN chairman

Kathmandu, 29 Aug: Sitaram Sapkota Friday was elected chairman of Trekking Agents Association of Nepal (TAAN) by the 31st meeting of the association for two years.
He defeated his rival BP Koirala.

Nepal placed in Group B of ACC cricket tourney

Kathmandu, 29 Aug: Nepal has been placed with Oman, Kuwait, Qatar, Malaysia and Baharin in Group B of the ACC Twenty20 championship being hosted by UAE from 20 to 30 September.
UAE, Singapore, Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia and China are in Group A.

Nilambar Acharya asks for cooperation of all after victory

By Bhola B Rana

Kathmandu, 28 Aug: Victorious Chairman of main constitution drafting committee Nilambar Acharya said Friday he will seek support of all including Maoists to draft a constitution for the difficult task of completing a basic law within the May 2010 deadline..
“The constitution will be drafted within the deadline with the support of all,” he said after election.
Chairman Subash Nemwang administers oath of office to Acharya after his election.
Defeated Maoist candidate Narayan Kazi Shrestha charged Maoists were being ‘isolated’ by other parties following defeat.
“This is an extremely challenging situation. I need the cooperation of all. The constitution will be drafted within the deadline,” Achayra said.
“W will support Acharya for the drafting of a constitution for a federal people’s republic,” Prakash said conditionally.
Ruling parties are unlikely to meet the Maoist demand.

PM Nepal writes to Jha

Katmandu, 28 Aug: Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal, in an effort to placate Vice-president Parmananda Jha assured Friday cabinet has started moves for him to take an oath of office in the mother tongue.
The iterium constitution has to be amended for the seventh time even as there are fears that a constitution won’t be completed within the mid-May 2010 to replace the interim constitution promulgated after throwing the 1990 constitution into the dustbin by present rulers who drafted the then constitution.
The supreme court said the oath must be taken in Nepali language which is the national language.
Hindi is not the mother tongue of people of terai origin/
Nepal is in the 4th year of political transition with the ouster of 238-year-old monarchy mid political confusion and economic non-performance.
Nepal is heading towards a failed state with too much politics and very little concentration on development..
The international community and present party rulers inside Nepal supported Maoists into the political mainstream when communists were on the decline worldwide.
They are having second thoughts after Maoists emerged victorious of the April 2008 constituent assembly elections.
The prime minister sent a letter to the vice-president who asked the apex court to review two decisions asking him to take the oath in Nepali.
Jha has to take the oath by Sunday [not Friday today] as reported earlier.
Meanwhile, 36 demonstrators supporting Jha were arrested in front of the supreme court Friday.

Nilambar Acharya elected

Kathmandu, 28 Aug: Former law minister and also an ambassador to Sri Lanka was elected Friday chairman of the main constitution drafting committee by majority 29 votes.
Acharya was minister in the cabinet of Krishna Prasad Bhattarai immediately after the collapse of the panchayat system in 1990.
He defeated his only Maoist rival Narayan Kazi Shrestha who bagged 21 votes.
Others members in the 63 member committee didn’t vote.
Acharya also worked during the ousted panchayat regime as Nepali language translator at the Soviet embassy.

Vice-president files for review

By Bhola B Rana

Kathmandu, 28 Aug: Vice- president Parmananda Jha appealed to the supreme court to review two orders asking him to re-take an oath he took in Hindi in Nepali instead although President Dr Ram Baran Yadav administered it in Nepali.
Jha said the orders were unconstitutional.
Judicial advisor of the vice-president Mithilesh Prasad Singh said Jha asked for a review under a provision of the interim constitution.
Government through a letter asked Jha Thursday to take the oath in Nepal; the president also made a similar request.
Jha has therefore defied both the president, government and the apex court with the support of terai parties raising a language issue.
Jha asked for a review on the last day of a deadline set for him to take the oath or lose his job.

Voting begins to elect chairman of main constitution drafting committee

Kathmandu, 28 Aug: The process to elect the chairman of the main drafting committee of a constitution began Friday speakers speaking in favour of the candidacy of Maoist candidate Narayan Kazi Shrestha.
He is being challenged by Nilambar Acharya of Nepali Congress.
Last- minute effort to field a consensus candidate was elusive Friday morning as the process was delayed for more than four hours.
Acharya has majority support of 38 persons in the 63-member committee that elects the chairman.


“A package agreement until this day yielded no results! That’s why now I offer this packet.”

“PM Nepal presenting a constitution drafting committee chairmanship packet to Prachanda, cartoon, Kantipur, 28 Aug.)

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Vice-president calling for review

By Bhola B Rana

Kathmandu, 28 Aug: Vice-president Parmananda Jha is asking the supreme court Friday to review its two orders asking him to re-rate his oath of office in Nepali, his legal advisor Mithilesh Prasad Singh said.
Singh said the orders were defective and said the president should be allowed to take an oath in his mother tongue.
Hindi is not the mother tongue of people of terai origin.
The apex ruled Jha’s oath one year ago in Hindi was unconstitutional as Nepali was the country’s official language.
Terai parties have advised Jha not to take an oath in Nepali.

Election delayed

Kathmandu, 28 Aug: In a last-minute effort to again field a consensus candidate, the election Friday for the chairmanship of the constitutional council has been delayed.
The election that was to begin at eight in the morning hadn’t started three hours later.

Nepal stops export of monkeys

Kathmandu, 28 Aug: The export of nearly 300monkeys to the USA has been stopped, Kantipur reports.
Prabesh Man Singh has been raising monkeys at Lele, Lalitpur, for nearly four years.
Forest ministry has ordered their immediate release in the forest.
Shrestha has demanded Rs 40 million in compensation before release.


Nepal to participate in Tibet trade fair

Kathmandu, 28 Aug: Nepal will participate in an international five-day trade fair beginning in Sigatse, Tibet, from 3 September.
China is providing Nepal free 60 of 160 stalls at the fair.
The fair is held one every two years alternately in Nepal and Tibet.


“South Africa style integration [of Maoists in state army is not acceptable to Nepal Army. Because rebels were integrated, the image of South Africa internationally has deteriorated.”

(Brig Gen Pawan Jung Pandey, Rajdhani, 28 Aug.)

“Prolonged discussions can be held at the central committee on any issue. Action will be taken against any leader who expresses opinions anarchically outside the committee.”

(Jhalanath Khanal, Kantipur, 28 Aug.)

UCPN (Maoist), Nepali Congress to contest chairmanship of council chairmanship

By Bhola B Rana

Kathmandu, 28 Aug: A direct contest will be held Friday between candidates of main opposition UCPN (Maoist) and ruling Nepali Congress for the chairmanship of the main constitutional council vacated more than three months ago by Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal.
Maoists are fielding Junior Vice-chairman Narayan Kazi Shrestha Prakash while Nilambar Acharya is the NC candidate.
The two parties and CPN-UML failed to find a consensus candidate amongst deep and fundamental political differences between the major political players.
Senior Vice-chairman Dr Baburam Bhattarai withdrew his candidature at the last moment Thursday in favour of Prakash.
Acharya is supported by 22 ruling parties while Maoists are supported by several fringe parties.
“My candidacy is for writing a constitution for the federal republic of Nepal not or a people’s republic. We are not mandated to translate into practice any particular party’s programme,” Acharya said.
Parties are divided on fundamentals for a proposed constitution raising fears whether the basic law of the land to replace the interim constitution will be drafted within the mid-May 2010 deadline.
Most immediately, differences have surfaced on the form of the jiicialy.
Maoists, to opposition of other parties, have proposed a judicial system in which parliament has the final to review the validity of a law in case of dispute.

Bhojraj Ghimere confirmed

Kathmandu, 28 Aug: The appointment of Bhojraj Ghimere as ambassador to Canada was confirmed by the parliamentary hearing special committee Thursday.
Brazil has agreed to Nepal’s proposal to open an embassy in the largest South American state.

Probe in army promotion

Kathmandu, 28 Aug: A three-member committee chaired by Secretary in the PMO’s Office Ramchandra Man Singh has been formed to probe the promotion of Maj.Gen Toran Bahadur Singh, Nagarik reports.
Singh will be promoted to Lt Gen on the recommendation of the committee.
Singh’s promotion was recommended after the retirement of Lt Gen Kul Bahadur Khadka.


Etihad Air to introduce daily flights

Kathmandu, 28 Aug: Etihad Air will commence daily flights between Kathmandu and Abu Dhabi from this winter, an announcement said.
The airline was operating four weekly flights.
Seat capacity will be now increased 75 percent to 1839 seats per week while cargo capacity will also be increase.

International flights disrupted after cracks at TIA

Kathmandu, 28 Aug: International flights were disrupted for three hours Thursday after the runway at Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA) developed cracks.
In-coming flights were diverted.
Flights resumed 2.30 in the afternoon.


“The existing political development shows that pro-people constitution will not be drafted within the stipulated time. Out party is also leaning towards righting Nepali Congress which will not strive for a progressive constitution.”

(CPN-UML leader Bamdeb Gautam, The Rising Nepal, 28 Aug.)

Ceremonial president can’t make a mistake: Jhalanath Khanal

By Bhola B Rana

Kathmandu, 25 Aug: Ruling Party CPN-UML Chairman Jhalanath Khanal defended President Dr Ram Baran Yadav’s action to retain Maoist sacked Army Chief Gen Rukmangud Katawal who has gone on home leave prior to retirement in three weeks.
He, in effect, rejected a Maoist charge the president staged a coup with the military to retain the chief forcing the ouster of the Maoist-led government of Prachanda three months ago.
Khanal said national understanding to break a political deadlock and draft a constitution are priorities charging Maoists for obstructing parliamentary session.
Maoists have gone on street protests and Tuesday again obstructed parliamentary proceedings for the ninth time delaying the passage of the annual budget 2009/10.
Chairman Prachanda Monday threatened another popular uprising if a demand on a censure motion against the president in parliament is denied by ruling coalition partners.

Sujata Koirala appears before party

Kathmandu, 25 Aug: Foreign Minister Sujata Sujata Koirala who earlier ignored parliamentary party summons personally deposed before the Nepali Congress parliamentary party meeting.
She lobbied for support from lawmakers angry with her sudden boycott of Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal’s just concluded India visit.
Girija Prasad Koirala, her father and party president, earlier said her boycott of Nepal’s first India visit was a non-issue.
Sujata said she couldn’t accompany Nepal because of her busy schedule.

Prime minister, president ask vice-president to take oath

Kathmandu, 25 Aug> Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal and President Dr Ram Baran Yadav after a meeting Tuesday asked Vice-president Parmananda Jha to take an oath of office in Nepali within four days as directed by the supreme court.
Jha also held discussions with the president.
Uncertain continues over the refusal of the vice-president to take the oath in Nepali instead of Hindi decaled unconstitutional.
Madesh parties have supported Jha..
Government has earlier told supreme court after its first edict it would implement the apex court order asking Jha to take oath in Nepali.
Maoist leader CP Gajurel said Tuesday there’s no alternative for Jha to take oath in Nepali as directed by the court.
Language issue has been created a major political issue.
TMLP staged protests in the capital and the terai Tuesday supporting Jha.

One Maoist killed in Taplejung

Kathmandu, 25 Aug: One Maoist was killed at Taplejung district headquarters overnight and a YCL worker was seriously injured in a khukri attack there.
Rakam Dhoj Lumbi died of bullet injuries in the chest.
Maoists said an activist was also killed in Dhanusha Monday and demanded a government investigation.

South Asian youth to discuss environment

Kathmandu, 25 Aug: The first South Asian youth summit on climate change in the region will be held from 3 to 6 September in Dhulikhel.
Over 1000 delegates from the South Asian region will participate, organizers said.
The meeting will recommend commitments and an immediate action plan.
A network on climate change will be launched to connect country-wide movement and a team representing youth of the region will be formed.

Prachanda asks vice-president to resign

Kathmandu, 26 Aug: Maoist Chairman Prachanda suggested Vice-president Parmamanda Jha should resign as language was a serious issue.
Prachanda recalled he had resigned.
“I resigned the vice-president should also resign,” he said.
The Maoist chief told this to reporters in Butwal Wednesday.
President Dr Ram Baran Yadav and Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal asked the vice-president Tuesday to take oath of office in Nepali within three days as directed for the second time by the supreme court.
Jha took the one year ago in Hindi wearing a dhoti even as the president administered it in Nepali.
The oath fueled immediate street protests.
Four terai-based parties—MJF, MJFL, NSP (Debi) and NSP--backed Jha Tuesday and said the vice-president shouldn’t the oath in Nepali.
The parties concluded at a joint meeting the apex court decision was a disrespect for national languages.

Japan to continue with UNMIN

Kathmandu, 26 Aug: Japan decided Tuesday to extend the peacekeeping mission in Nepal by an additional six months until 31 March, Xinhua reports from Tokyo.
The extension beyond the scheduled 30 September expiry is in response to a UN security council decision in July to extend military observer mission to Napal until 23 January 2010.
Japan has sent six Self-Defence Forces officers to Nepal since March 2007 to participate in the UN Mission to Nepal (UNMIN), a special mission to help the peace process in the country.

Russian chief justice in town

Kathmandu, 26 Aug: Russia’s Chief Justice Vyacheslav Mikhailovich arrived Tuesday on a four-day visit as guest of his Nepali counterpart Min Bahadur Rayamajhi.
The visitor will pay courtesy calls on Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal and President Dr Ram Baran Yadav besides visiting tourist and religious sites, including Lumbini, the birthplace of The Buddha.
Discussions will be held to enhance cooperation between judiciaries of the two countries.

Matrika Yadav on secret India visit

Kathmandu, 26 Aug: Even as India has adopted a strong posture against Maoists, rebel Maoist leader Matrika Yadav has secretly gone to New Delhi, Jana Aastha reports.
It’s not clear where he went in invitation of Indian government on or to establish contact with Indian Maoists.
“He went Friday for a medical-check-up,” headquarter coordinator Bikrant told Janaastha.
Other politicians have also been visiting India for so-called ‘medical check-ups’.

Chatraman Gurung next army chief

Kathmandu, 26 Aug: Cabinet decided Wednesday to appoint Lt Gen Chatraman Gugung to replace Gen Rukmangud Katawal who is retiring.
The cabinet decided to send its choice to the president for appointment from 9 Sept..
For the first time a Gurung will be Nepal top army officer who were Shahs, Ranas, Thapas and a Basnet.

UNMIN under fire; other details

By Bhola B Rana

Kathmandu, 26 Aug: Ruling Nepali Congress charged UNMIN for failure to fulfill a duty as the UN unit in Nepal condemned Maoists for coming out of camps Monday under watch of the world body.
“We’ve concluded that UNMIN had failed to carry out its duties,” Nabindra Joshi said after a parliamentary party meeting. “We’ve concluded that UNMIN
The party said UNMIN could not stop the movement of uniformed and armed Maoists out camps under UN watch.
“The incident has harmed the peace and constitution drafting process,” Joshi said.
UNMIN has rejected similar charges in the past.
A UNMIN statement Tuesday said the weapons seized by police from Maoists one day earlier were verified by UNMIN for perimeter security at the main cantonment site-4.
“The arms monitors determined that the 19 Maoist army personnel were all verified combatants. They also determined that the nine weapons had bar codes and serial numbers and were registered by UNMIN for use in providing perimeter security at main cantonment site-4.”
Local administration in Kapilvasthu Monday went to site-4 and satellite camp I in a convoy with arms monitors’ team and police to deliver the weapons securely at the camps.
Detained Maoist combatants were also delivered to UN monitors.
UNMIN said the movement of armed and uniformed combatants outside camps was a serious violation of an agreement to monitor and manage arms and armies and a comprehensive peace agreement between Maoists and political parties while its ‘serious concern’ had been drawn by this week’s incident.
Maoists said the combatants had gone to Nepalgunj for the protection of Chairman Prachanda.
UNMIN said it will raise the issue at a meeting of the joint monitoring coordination committee with representatives of Nepal Army and Maoists.
This is not the first time armed and uniformed Maoists have come out of camps under UNMIN watch.

Sujata Koirala defiant

Kathmandu, 26 Aug: A defiant Foreign Minister Sujata Koirala Tuesday claimed she only quelled some doubts at a meeting of the parliamentary party which summoned her to depose before it and explain why she dropped out of the entourage of Prime Minister Madhav Kuamr Nepal’s India team.
“I do not term it a clarification. “I came her to quell some doubts regarding my skipped trip to India,” she told reporters at the party office where she went with dozens of slogan shouting supporters.
The party summoned her for the second time and personally depose after she first refused and submitted a written statement first.
The foreign minister reiterated she was sick.
“There was nothing special,” Koirala said after coming out of the second meeting.
But others said the call to Sujata was historic.
“This is a historic achievement for the party as it has established that no one in above the parliamentary party and the statute,” Purna Bahadur Khadka said.

Promotion of brigadier stopped

Kathmandu, 26 Aug: Defence ministry has stopped the recommended promotion of Brig. Gen Raju Pratap KC, Kantipur reports.
There were complaints of superceding seniors and he hadn’t completed national defence college course for promotion.


NIBL to disburse 20 percent dividend

Kathmandu, 26 Aug: Nepal Investment Bank Ltd. (NIBL) board Tuesday
Decided to disburse 20 percent dividend to shareholders from its 2008/09 fiscal year earnings.
The bank has earmarked Rs 481.41 million for dividend from its net profit of
Rs 900.619 million.

Direct flights to resume between Nepal, Europe

Kathmandu, 26 Aug: A British tour operator is bringing in tourists through direct charter flights between Amsterdam and Kathmandu, Annapurna Post reports.
The charter flights by a 180 seat capacity aircraft will begin from 19 October until 6 April.
Direct flights between Nepal and Europe are being resumed after five years,

NRNA to finance trade schools

Kathmandu, 26 Aug: Non-resident Nepali Association (NRNA) Tuesday gifted FNCCI Rs 1.5 million to operate trade schools.
Schools are run by FNCCI to train manpower for industries.


“I neither have clashes with anyone not do I have any competitors. I don’t discuss party members with journalists; I’ll first discuss that in the central committee and politburo.”

(CPN-UML Chairman, Jhalanath Khanal, Nagarik, 26 Aug.)

“Those who wish Girijababu well won’t ask him to take leadership of the Congress.”

(Dr Narayan Khadka, Ghatana ra Bichar, 26 Aug.)

“Nothing can be more disastrous for the manner in which three-time Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba lost of Ram Chandra Paudel. This is a situation he didn’t comprehend.”

(Congress leader Chakra Prasad Bastola, Ghatana ra Bichar, 26 Aug.)


Peace Minister criticizes UNMIN

By Bhola B Rana

Kathmandu, 27 Aug: Peace Minister Rakam Chemjung revealed Wednesday the Office of the Prime Minister has expressed dissatisfaction with the office of the UNMIN for the ineffective role of the UN in minotoring the activities of 19,000 Maoist combatants in cantonments and satellite camps.
The minister said the issue will be raised seriously at a meeting of the unified joint commission coordination committee in which Maoists are represented along with UNMIN and Nepal Army.
The dissatisfaction was raised after 19 armed Maoists came out of a camp in the district and went towards Nepalgunj to protect Chairman Prachanda.
The Maoists were armed with automatic weapons verified by UNMIN for the security of stored weapons in the camp.
UNMIN has said Maoists violated a peace agreement and agreement of monitoring of weapons.
”UNMIN was unaware when armed Maoist fighters came out of camps in Kapilvastu in large numbers. The government feels its monitoring is weak.
“UNMIN has three separate responsibilities for the security of the weapons stores in containers, cantonments and leaders,” the minister said.
Ruling party Nepali Congress has also criticized the UNMIN over the incident which is not the first of its kind.

Govt. to check quality of food distributed by WFP

Kathmandu, 27 Aug: Government is to check the quality of food distributed by UN WFP, Nagarik reports.
The check is being conducted after revelation food distributed by WFO was unfit even for animal consumption.
According to finance ministry sources, preparations are ongoing to complete a report within one month by a team under the local development ministry.
The team will consist of representatives from WFP and consumer rights activists.

Cabinet being expanded by including Churebhavar

Kathmandu, 27 Aug: Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal is expanding the government by Monday, Naya Patrika reports.
Three ministers and half a dozen ministers of state are being appointed by including representatives of Churebhavar and other parties supporting the government.
‘Homework is going on. Council of ministers will be expanded by Monday,” MJF Loktantrik leader Ram Janak Chaudhari said.

Nobody injured in chopper collision

Kathmandu, 27 Aug: All ssurvived when two choppers collided in Surkhet Wednesday.
A 9-N-ADD helicopter of Shree Air collided a parked Simrik Air helicopter at Surkhet airport.

EC help for peace process

Kathmandu, 27 Aug: European Commission (EC) Wednesday doled out Rs 625 million equivalent to 5.95 euros for the peace process.
The money will be used to support peace and stability under the Nepal Peace Trust Fund, an announcement said.

Haribabu Chaudhary being appointed NSC member-secretary

Kathmandu, 27 Aug: Haribabu Chaudhary is being appointed member-secretary of National Sports Council (NSC), Sports Minister Ganesh Tiwari Nepali said.
Chaudhary, a TMLP supporter, is a former footballer who will succeed Jeewan Eam Shrestha of CPN-UML,
Chaudhary was appointed council member by the cabinet Wednesday.

Election of chairmanship of constitution drafting committee Friday

By Bhola B Rana

Kathmandu, 27 Aug: Election for the chairmanship of the main constitution drafting committee is being held Friday; the position was vacated Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal three months ago.
A list of candidates of being published later Thursday.
There’s no agreement on a common candidate between Maoists, CPN-UML and Nepali Congress.
Vice-Chairman Dr Baburam Bhattarai is the Maoist candidate while Nepali Congress has proposed the name of Nilambar Acharya.
Congress is demanding the job because constitution assembly chairman and vice-chairman are from CPN-UML and UCPN (Maoist) respectively.
“Main parties haven’t efforted discussion and understanding on drafting a constitution. He parties are confused.
“There should have been a dialogue for drafting a constitution; there isn’t any,” Speaker Subash Nemwang said.
The main political players differ even on fundamentals for a constitution; Maoists are for a hard-line communist state opposed by other parties.
The constituent assembly hasn’t met for two weeks to discuss a draft to replace the present interim constitution.
There are fears the constitution may not be complete within the mid-May 2010 deadline ion which case a political crisis will ensue.
The deadline for drafting it can be extended for another six months.


ADB projects grim Nepal picture

Kathmandu, 27 Aug: Large pockets of extreme poverty and hunger persist in Asia, where the global downturn makes it more difficult to achieve U.N. goals to reduce the ranks of the poor, the Asian Development Bank said Wednesday, according to a AP report from Manila.
In 19 Asian economies, including the most populous China and India, more than 10 percent of people live on less that $ 1.25 a day and more than 10 percent are malnourished.
Nepal is the worst off with 55.1 percent of its population surviving on less than $1.25 a day.
The report said that Asia faces serious challenges in meeting goals linked to sanitation and maternal deaths, which remains unacceptably high in countries such as Afghanistan, Nepal and Laos.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Nepali Congress parliamentary party meeting

Kathmandu, 25 Aug: Nepali Congress parliamentary party is meeting Tuesday to hear Foreign Minister Sujata Koirala’s explanation.
She has been asked to explain why she suddenly dropped out from Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal’s entourage visiting India at the last minute
The daughter of party President Girija Prasad Koirala feigned sickness—an explanation rejected by majority members of the parliamentary party.
She ignored the first summon last week.
The father has come to the daughter’s rescue by asking the party to take up more important issues.
Supply Minister Rajendra Mahoto alleged she attempted to sabotage the signing of a bilateral trade agreement initialed by officials during the just concluded Nepal visit.
The agreement has to be formalized by commerce ministers.

Floods, landslides claim 68 lives

Kathmandu, 25 Aug: Natural disasters, including floods and landslides this year, have so far claimed 68 lives and displaced 4,000 persons, home ministry officials.
Twenty-three persons are missing.
Ten have been killed in the worst affected Siraha district.


President receives PAN card

Kathmandu, 25Aug: Finance Minister Surendra Pandey Monday issued a permanent account number (PAN) card issued by the Inland Revenue department (IRN) to President Dr Ram Baran Yadav.
The Madhav Kumar Nepal government launched a scheme to distribute cards to taxpayers to taxpayers and bring more people into the tax net.
“We have issued a PAN card to the president to show that no one is beyond the tax met,” Minister Pandey said.

Labour attaches to be appointed in embassies

Kathmandu, 25 Aug: The government is all set to dispatch labour attaches to major foreign employment destinations—Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, the UAE and Qatar- within a month, the Kathmandu Post reports.
According to the Ministry of Labour and Transport Management, Binod Khanal, Surya Bhandari, Parbati Aryal and Dhruba Koirala have been appointed labour attaches in Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, the UAE and Qatar respectively.


“Girija Babu! Don’t throw away the basket [from the chiff with PM Nepal]. It’s will be required tomorrow to throw you off the cliff as well.”

(Sher Bahadur Deuba telling Girija in presence of Sushil Koirala and Dr Ram Sharan Mahat, cartoon in Annapurna Post, 25 Aug.)

“’There’s only one state army in the country. Parties cannot maintain an army. Anybody else maintaining an army will be booked according to law.”

(Home Ministsr Bhim Rawal, Annapurna Post, 25 Aug.)_

‘It’s [movement of armed Maoist] combatants] a serious violation of the comprehensive peace agreement.”

(UNMIN Representative Claudia Feola, The Himalayan Times, 25 Aug.)

“Instead of conceding is mistake, the agency [WFP] has shown its audacity by warning it will halt its operations [food distribution has already been suspended in Jajarkot creating shortage]. This is not acceptable.”

(INSEC Chairman Subodh Pyakhurel, The Kathmandu Post, 25 Aug.)

Woman shot, injured in Kupandole

Kathmandu, 25 Aug: Amid increasing violence in the capital, a woman was shot and injured overnight at Kupandole.
Neighbours rushed Sadjana Bishurala,42, to hospital when she was shot and injured while returning home in the evening.

Nepali peacekeeper killed in Lebanon

Kathmandu, 25 Aug: A Nepali peacekeeper with UNIFIL was killed in Lebanon Sunday when a pick-up overturned in Lebanon, agencies reported.
Three others were injured.


“Indian officials said the peace process has been derailed because of Maoists; they told me go ahead and we’ll provide you weapons to take care of them. They’ve been inciting not only me other political party leaders as well. I don’t the reaction of others, but I didn’t accept their proposal.”

(Jhalanath Khanal, Rajdhani, 25 Aug.)

19 armed Maoists combatants under UN watch arrested

By Bhola B Rana

Kathmandu, 24 Aug: Nineteen armed combatants under UN watch at a camp were arrested in Kapilvastu Monday, police said.
They were from fourth division in Nawalparasi.
They were returning from Nepalgunj where Chairman Prachanda was addressing a party political training camp.
Four vans in which the combatants were traveling were seized.
Arrested commander Shakti arrested said the group had gone to Nepalgunj for Prachanda’s security.
UNMIN has been called to by government authorities to discuss the arrest.
Combatants were arrested at Jitpur with nine weapons seized. Are are being detained at Taulihawa.
Meanwhile, Prachanda threatened in Nepalgunj Monday Maoists will launch a people’s movement if demand to discuss a censure motion against the president in parliament is thwarted.
Maoists have said a President Dr Ram Baran Yadav in a coup retained sacked Army Chief Gen Rukmangud Katawal.
Maoists sacked him.
But the Prachanda government was ousted while Katawal retired.,
“The UN has legitimized the popular movement,” Prachanda told reporters.
Said adding there was no alternative to a rebellion.
Prachanda also predicted the downfall of the Madhav Kumar Nepal government and its replacement by a Maoist-led administration.

Girija, Prachanda meet

Kathmandu, 24 Aug: Chairman Prachanda and Nepali Congress President Girija Prasad Koirala held political discussions Monday.
Details of he discussion weren’t immediately available.
But the meeting comes immediately after the Prachanda declaration Maoists will soon form a national government led by them..

China asks Nepal to watch activities of exiled Tibetans

By Bhola B Rana

Kathmandu, 24 Aug: China has asked Nepal to be alert and act against activities of supporters of Free Tibet movement as they are hiding in Nepal along the border with Tibet which they are entering, Nagarik reports.
According to home ministry source, China has passed on secret information to Nepal Tibetan Youth Congress based in and around Dharmashala in India is preparing to launch an armed movement inside Tibet through Nepal.
Trained fighters of Tibetan Youth Congress are preparing to enter Nepal in guise of monks and settle down in districts along Tibet border to finally enter Tibet.
China claims they are being trained by USA, Europe and India and have been sent to Nepal with small arms to infiltrate Tibet.
China is concerned Eurocopter entered Nepal without Nepal government permission and dropped weapons; China has asked Nepal to be alert weapons may be dropped again by Eurocopter.
China claims supporters of Free Tibet are sheltering in dozens of Buddhist monasteries in Nepal’s districts ordering Tibet.
China is pressurizing Nepal to deploy Armed Police Force along the border with Tibet and homework has already started for deployment.
Official talks were held last week between Nepali and Tibetan officials in Lhasa.
Chinese officials have intensified their visits to Nepal after the recent activities.
China has also opened Chinese language institutes and business centers in the capital and other areas manning them with Chinese to watch the activities of Tibetans.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Canadian permission to open Nepal embassy

Kathmandu, 24Aug: Canada has finally approved Nepal’s request to establish the Nepal embassy in Ottawa, The Kathmandu Post reports.
This will pave the way for haring process of the proposed envoy to Canada Bhojraj Pokhrel.
Nepal is, however, get approval from Brazil, Kuwait and South Africa to set up diplomatic missions in these countries.

Maoist fund collection drive in Malaysia

Kathmandu, 24 Aug: The Unified Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist)
,which earned notoriety for its excesses during the insurgency, has put yet another feather on its cap. For the party’s ‘donation drive’ has crossed national frontiers into Malaysia. Republica reports from Kuala Lumpur.
The Maoists in the presence of senior leader CP Gajurel had established Nepal Progressive Worker’s Front in July 2008 in Malaysia professedly to protect the interests of thousands of Nepalis working there.
However, the front instead is known to be fleecing Nepali workers of hundreds of thousands of rupees every month. The party headquarters reportedly receives Rs 500,000 to Rs 600,000 every month from the front.
The front’s officials are working to expand the body. While within a short span of a year it has already made its presence felt in Malaysia. Currently, the front comprises a central committee, four regional committees an 40 area committees.
The front levies a monthly charge of 20 Ringets (Rs 420) from the central committee members, and two to five Ringets from regional and area committees. It its present strength, the Front boasts of more than 1,000 members in its central, regional and area committees.
The Nepali Congress and the CPN-UML also have organizations in Malaysia, but they are largely inactive.


“There’s widespread opposition to the government plan [special security policy]. But if the plan is opposed under as a political guise, operation will be launched considering them criminals.”

(Home Minister Bhim Rawal, Rajdhani, 24 Aug.)

‘A common Nepali citizen still has to dole out bribes to get anything done in public offices. The problem is: Those who are supposed to curb corruption are still not interested in it. Their interest is better served in situations where corruption flourishes.”

(Former CIAA Chief Surna Nath Upadhaya, Republica, 24 Aug.)

“The MRS [Magar Rajya Samiti] is preparing to form a parallel government to fulfill his aspiration of carving out the Magarat Autonomous State. The people’s court will become active in the new set up.”

(Maoist leader Hamenta Prakash Oli ‘Sudharshan’. The Himalayan Times, 24 Aug.)

“Resolve the Bhutanese refugee issue through discussion and understanding between Nepal and Bhutan.

(PM Nepal’s foreign advisor Rajan Bhattarai quoting Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh advising his Nepali counterpart in New Delhi, Nepal Samacharpatrea, 24 Aug.)

Top Chinese delegation arriving; other details

By Bhola B Rana

Kathmandu, 24 Aug: A top delegation of the Chinese Communist Party is arriving 31 August for consultations.
The 18-member delegation will be led by politburo member Zhang Gaoli who is scheduled to hold discussions with Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal and President Dr Ram Baran Yadav,
Foreign Minister Sujata Koirala has been invited to visit China from 9 September; dates have yet to be finalized.
She will be visiting the northern neighbour after concluding a India to prepare prime minister’s official first of the southern neighbour.
But Koirala opted out of Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal’s just concluded India visit.
The dropout had created a controversy in the ruling Nepali Congress party.
Critics, against wishes of her father and party President Girija Prasad Koirala, are demanding disciplinary action against her.
She has been summoned again by the parliamentary party Wednesday for a hearing; she ignored the first summon.

Two killed, 15 injured

Kathmandu, 24 Aug: Two persons died, including the driver, and 15 were injured when a passenger overturned at Moonghat, Dhankuta, overnight.
The driver died on the spot.


Capacity of 800MW Arun-III to be doubled

Kathmandu, 24 Aug: Business Standards has quoted HK Sharma, CEO of Satlej Jal Vidyut Nigam Ltd of India as saying the company will almost double the capacity of the 400 MW Arun III run-of-river hydro power project in east Nepal.
The company was awarded a contract to construct the project.
“We are reviewing the Arun-III project by doubling its capacity to 800MW now. We are in the final stages of preparing a detailed project report. The construction will begin in two years.”

Bishnu Paudel appointed deputy leader of CPN-UML parliamentary party

Kathmandu, 23 Aug: Secretary Bishnu Paudel was re-appointed deputy leader of ruling CPN-UML parliamentary party by the party standing committee meeting Sunday.
Paudel was deputy leader before joining the Maoist-led government of Chairman Prachanda three months ago.
The government was ousted through a majority vote in parliament.
The standing committee concluded the just concluded India visit of Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal, a former CPN-UML general secretary, was successful.
Nepal Sunday discussed the outcome of the visit with senior leaders of coalition partner Nepali Congress.

Vice-president Jha again asked to take oath in one week

By Bhola B Rana

Kathmandu, 23 Aug: Vice-president Parmananda Jha will automatically lose his job if he doesn’t take his oath as directed in Nepali within another seven effective from Sunday.
A five-man bench of the supreme court issued a verdict Sunday on a writ saying the vice-president had ignored an earlier court directive.
The apex court had earlier issued a verdict asking Jha to take an oath in Nepali in seven days- an order which was ignored.
Jha took an oath in Hindi one year ago even as President Dr Ram Baran Yadav administered it in Nepali.
Parties have suggested amendment to the constitution to take an oath in the mother tongue after a crisis created by the decision and refusal of the vice-president to take an oath in Nepali.
Hindi is not a mother tongue of people of the terai.
Political parties have repeatedly drafted an interim constitution to resolve immediate problems even as no headway has been made in drafting a constitution to replace it.
There’s no agreement between major political players on basics of the proposed constitution which has to be drafted in another eight months.
A political and constitutional crisis will then ensue if the deadline isn’t met.

Six more swine flu cases detected

Kathmandu, 23 Aug: Six more swine flu cases have been detected in Nepalis returning from abroad, among them six women, the health ministry
The disease which has taken epidemic proportion after breaking out in Mexico has now been detected in 28 persons so far.
They were brought by two foreign and expatriate Nepalis.
In neighbouring India 64 have died so far.
No deaths have been reported in in Nepal which shares an open 1,700 km border with India.

RPP-Nepal demands referendum on constitutional monarchy, Hindu state

Kathmandu, 23 Aug: RPP-Nepal Sunday again demanded a referendum on constitutional monarchy and a Hindu state.
Party Chairman Kamal Thapa made the demand after a party meeting.
Thapa will deliver a collection of signatures for the demand to Speaker Subash Nemwang.

317 dead, 154 in Jajarkot of cholera, diarrhea

Kathmandu, 23 Aug: Altogether 317 persons have died of cholera and diarrhea in the mid-and far-West even as the epidemic that broke out three months continues to claim fresh lives.
Altogether 154 have died in the worst affected Jajarkot district, the health ministry said.
The estimate is a conservative estimate.
Amid threat to pullout from Nepal, UN WFP has asked government to issue a certify a NGO charge the epidemic was caused by contaminated food distributed by the agency.
The agency said the food quality is certified by a government laboratory.

WFP threat to pullout from Nepal

By Bhola B Rana

Kathmandu, 23 Aug: Amid a threat to pullout from the Himalayan state facing severe food shortage and spiraling prices, UN World Food Programme (WFP) has asked government to prove charges the agency was distributing contaminated food that created a cholera epidemic in mid and far-West Nepal killing more than 300 persons.
The agency that distributed food worldwide asked the Government of Nepal to prove the charge made not by the government but by a NGO funded by western governments.
“I reiterate that we are confident that our food meets the quality standards required by the government, If the government of Nepal concludes that our food doesn’t meet the requirement then we are willing to suspend our operations,’ WFP Nepal chief said in a statement.
If the threat is executed, it will affect 26 million people in South Asia.
Government hasn’t responded to the UN threat.
In effect, UN has asked government to bail it out of serious charges leveled by INSEC heavily funded by western donors.
“WFP is more than happy to prove our testing procedures and results public through the government of Nepal since they are extensively involved in testing our food,” the statement added.
Government has been drawn into the controversy because the UN agency claims the testing was done by government-owned and operated Nepal Food Corporation.
WFP said testing was also done by a private agency before food distribution.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Nepal Army foiled Maoist takeover

By Bhola B Rana

Kathmandu, 23 Aug: In a frank admission by any senior political leader, ruling party Nepali Congress Acting President Sushil Koirala Saturday told reporters in Pokhara Nepal Army foiled a Maoist attempt to seize power while in government.
‘Maoist strategy was to capture state power from inside Baluwatar while in government.
“Because of the position of Nepal Army, the plan was foiled and Prachanda had to resign.
“Maoists conspired to state power by weakening the army. Maoists were dislodged from government after failure to retire eight generals and dismiss the army chief,” Koirala said.
Along with Nepali Congress the CPN-UML, now leading the government, were the harshest critics of the state army during the royal regime.
They are now the biggest defenders of Nepal Army while opposing unlimited integration of 19,000 plus combatants under UN watch in 28 camps and cantonments.
Koirala’s admission came amid Maoist charges the president and the army staged a coup to oust them power after barely nine months in office.
Maoists have demanded the discussion of the presidential action in parliament after registering a censure motion—a move opposed by ruling parties.
Maoists have threatened to disrupt parliament and continue street protests until their remands are met.

Sujata Koirala again summoned by parliamentary party

Kathmandu, 23 Aug: Foreign Minister Sujata Koirala has again been summoned by the parliamentary party this week to personally explain why she didn’t accompany Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal on his just concluded visit.
The daughter of Nepali Congress Party President Girija Prasad Koirala declined to attend summons Saturday.
The parliamentary party is considering recalling her from government in which she heads the party team.
She claimed he was sick forcing her to opt out of the prime minister’s team.
But others said she demanded she be appointed deputy prime minister with her father’s support.

India pledges support for security forces during PM Nepal’s visit

By Bhola B Rana

Kathmandu, 23 Aug: India pledged support for Nepal’s security services during the just-concluded first official visit of Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal to the southern neighbour even as the peace process and proposed integration of Maoist combatants into Nepal Army and society has been delayed and stalled.
India will provide IRs 320 crores for a National Police Academy and New Delhi increased quota for training of Nepali officials, including police personnel.
Maoists have opposed supply of weapons for security agencies which they argue is against the spirit of the 12-point New Delhi accord that brought them into the political mainstream with New Delhi’s help.
India, according to a joint statement, has agreed to invest another IRs 9.2 crores for a central depository system to promote the information technology sector.
India has agreed to construct a polytechnic in Hetauda, two checkposts at Birgunj and Jogbani, cross-border rail links and road networks.
Commerce secretaries of the two countries initialed signatures of proposed trade and unauthorized trade control agreements.
Nepal and India discussed security issues, including the open border.
“For what was reason was history’s most successful visit a failure? Was it unsuccessful for signing accords which he [Prachanda] couldn’t achieve?” Nepal asked reporters rejecting the Maoist chairman’s claim the visit was a failure.
The prime minister revealed he discussed resumption of suspended weapons supplies after a royal takeover of 2005.
“The peace accord doesn’t prohibit the purchase of weapons for the police force, so we can procure supplies for it if there is la need,” Nepal told reporters Saturday after returning from the Indian capital.
“We also talked about non-lethal support and other possible aid for Nepal Army that aren’t against the peace agreement,” Nepal added.

Defence minister Bidya Bhandari against visiting India

Kathmandu, 23 Aug: One day after the return of Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal from Nepal, Defence Minister Bidya Bhandari is again flying for New Delhi for an unofficial visit.
She is going for a medical check-up.
She suffers from cancer.

Nepali gains entry into Guinness Book of Records

Kathmandu, 23 Aug: A Nepali youth has been mentioned in the Guinness Book of Records fort holding 21 lawn tennis balls palm for 14.32 seconds on 14 June in the Valley.
Rohit Timilshina, 25, bettered a record held by Frenchman Arnand Deschamp for holding 19 balls for 10 seconds.

Blogger resumes work

Kathmandu, 23 Aug: Your blogger has resumed work from Sunday 23 August after moving into a new home at Dhumbarai from Gyaneshwor.
His new telephone is 4008036.
The interruption is service is regretted.
Thanks and regards.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Inundation alert issued in Jhapa

Kathmandu, 15 Aug: With Damak and parts of Bhutanese refugee settlement under flood waters, local authorities in Jhapa Saturday issued an alert of a likely artificial dam burst.
A team has been sent from the capital for the safe and controlled release of the water; a landslide triggered by incessant blocked the flow of Sundhuwa rivulet in upstream neighbouring Ilam.
Reports from inundation of urban areas and villages have been received from Kanchanpurin the far-West to the eastern region.

Trader shot in Jitpur

Kathmandu, 15 Aug: In continuing terai violence, trader Tulsi Prasad Shah was shot and seriously injured in Jitpur, Bara, overnight.
He is being rushed to the capital for treatment.

India pushes to fight regional terrorism

Kathmandu, 15 Aug: Foreign Minister Sujata Koirala said India is interested to contain regional terrorism in South Asia with the cooperation of neighbouring countries.
“Prime Minister Manmohan Singh said India is prepared to extend whatever assistance is needed for the establishment of peace.”
She said India proposed establishing a mechanism with officials of both to fight cross-border criminal activities.
Nepal held discussions Saturday with Indian Ambassador Rakesh Sood ahead of his first India visit beginning Monday.
Sujata returned home Friday after laying the groundwork for the visit.
Nepal and India are expected to sign an agreement to renew Nepal-India trade treaty from seven to seven years.
Supply Minister Rajendra Mahoto said India has agreed to open five more customs points along the 1,700 km border.
CPN-UML standing committee Friday asked Nepal not to sign any controversial agreements with India.

Maoist lawmaker falls sick

Kathmandu, 15 Aug: Maoist CA member and lawmaker Kamala Roka herself developed diarrhea while on an inspection visit of the epidemic hit region in the mid and far-West where deaths continue.
More than 300 persons have died in the disease breakout that broke out three months ago
She was rushed on a stretcher to a hospital.
WFP denied a INSEC report the cholera/diarrhea in the mid and far-West was also caused by contaminated grain, oil and lentils distributed by it.
The UN body said the epidemic was caused by contaminated water and lack of adequate hygiene practices.


“President’s move [to retain army chief Gen Katawal] finally saved the country from plunging into another round of political crisis.”

(Girija Prasad Koirala, The Rising Nepal, 15 Aug.)

“If the proposal for understanding is sidelined It [Maoists] will face the fate of rebel Tamils LTTE or Pakistani extremists.”

(Girija Prasad Koirala, Rajdhani, 15 Aug.)

“I’m like an invalid in the evening. I can’t wade a slippery river or walk on narrow field divides. I can’t walk at night. Madan comrade carried me two or three times to a shelter.’

(Jhalanath Khanal revealing he has medical problem while responding to complaint he was carried piggyback by a Tanahu worker, Kantipur, 15 Aug.)

“There is no government side and opposition in the CA. Out of three vital posts in the CA, chairperson is from UML, and vice chairperson from UCPN-M. So the CC’s post should be given to NC.)

(NC Chief Whip Laxman Ghimere, The Himalayan Times, 15 Aug.)

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Govt. being expanded; other details

By Bhola B Rana

Kathmandu, 14 Aug: The 33-member government of Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal is being expanded for the seventh time on three months Friday.
Shabadeb Ojha from the MJFN (Loktantrik) is likely to join the ministry along with a woman minister of state for child welfare.
Madhav Kumar Nepal is expanding his government before his India visit beginning Tuesday.
Foreign Minister Sujata Koirala returns from New Delhi Friday after laying the groundwork for Nepal’s visit.
She held discussions with Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and main opposition BJP leader Lal Krishna Adavni in the Indian capital Thursday.
“I want to see a stable Nepal succeeding in all areas. I also want to see the country’s new constitution being framed in time,” Singh reportedly told Koirala, according to her.

CPN-UML standing committee meets

Kathmandu, 14 Aug: CPN-UML standing committee is meeting Friday to discuss a common candidate for chairman of main constitution drafting committee vacated by Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal.
Nepali Congress has proposed Nilambar Acharya while Maoists have forwarded the candidature of Dr Baburam Bhattarai.
Smaller parties of the ruling 22-party coalition are pushing a candidate from fringe parties.
The standing committee is also discussing Nepal’s India visit.

Nepal-Tibet border talks

Kathmandu, 14 Aug: AIG of Armed Police Force Kishore Lama flies for Lhasa Friday for two days of Nepal-Tibet border talks beginning Saturday.
The 21-member team consists of representatives from police, National Investigation Department, home and foreign ministries and CDOs of bordering districts.
China has proposed a high-level border security and management mechanism.


“We got rid of a crowned king after the 10year people’s war and the 19-day popular movement, but a king without a crown has been born.”

(Dr Baburam Bhattarai, Annapurna Post, 14 Aug.)

“We don’t know a constitution; nobody has come to tell us.”

(Humla district Limi VDC chairman Tashi Lakpa Lama, Kantipur, 14 Aug.)

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

President offers worship at Krishna Mandir

Kathmandu, 13 Aug: Like former kings, President Dr Ram BaranYadav offered worship at Krishna Mandir in Lalitpur Thursday.
Devotees flocked to Krishna temples for prayers and worship on the birthday of Lord Krishna.

Proficiency level studies to continue

Kathmandu, 13 Aug: Following student protests, Tribhuvan University Wednesday night decided withdrew a decision to discontinue proficiency level studies.
Maoist students ended their sit-in in front of the vice-chancellor’s office at Kirtipur.

Four bodies recovered

Kathmandu, 13 Aug: Four bodies were recovered
from an irrigation canal in Jhapa overnight.
Seven persons went missing when a tractor plunged into the canal.

Former king ready to pay tax

Kathmandu, 13 Aug: Finance Minister Surendra Pandey said Wednesday the decision of former King Gyanendra to pay taxes was a positive decision.
Pandey revealed the former king wrote to the government two weeks ago asking for details of his dues.

Supreme court decision on vice-president

Kathmandu, 13 Aug; A supreme court bench Wednesday asked Vice-president Parmananda Jha to report within seven days if he planned to take an oath in Nepali as directed 24 July.
The court ruled his oath in Hindi one year ago was unconstitutional.

Govt. corrects decision

Kathmandu, 13 Aug; Government Wednesday corrected its faulty decision to appoint Lt Gen Chatraman Singh Gurung acting army chief without endorsement of the president.
The government informed the president of its cabinet decision and then sent an appointment letter to the chief.


“The president hasn’t made any mistake. There’s no need for any action against him.”

(Jhalanath Khanal, Annapurna Post, 13 Aug.)

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Bijaya Gachedhar elected parliamentary party leader

Kathmandu, 12 Aug: Bijaya Kumar Gachedhar was Tuesday elected unopposed leader of the parliamentary party of MJFN (Loktantrik).
The party is the fourth largest in parliament after splitting with MJF.
Sarad Singh Bhandari was elected unopposed his deputy.
Others elected unopposed were chief whip Ramjanam Chaudhary, whip Om Prakash Yadav, secretary Ramananda Mandal and treasurer Nilam Verma.

Prachanda proceeding to Russia from London

Kathmandu, 12 Aug: Chairman Prachanda is proceeding to Russia from London after addressing workers and RIM representatives, Ghatana ra Bichar reports.
He is being welcomed in Russia by Upendra Mahoto.

Maoist students force closure of schools

Kathmandu, 12 Aug: Maoist students Wednesday forced the closure of 2,500 higher secondary schools affecting 80,000 students.
Three Moist student leaders have been staging a sin-in at the vice-chancellor’s office Kirtipur for the last four days to protest the Tribhuvan University decision to phase out proficiency certificate level studies.
Students attacked a bus attacked in Bhaktapur Wednesday.
Education ministry has invited students for talks to discuss the issue.

Sujata Koirala requests weapons for police

Kathmandu, 12 Aug: Foreign Minister Sujata Koirala has requested Indian officials to make available weapons for two police organizations two weeks after such a request by Defence Minister Bidya Bhandari, Rajdhani reports.
Koirala, currently on an India visit, said the weapons are necessary to reinforce internal and border security and increase police morale.
She made the request Tuesday at a 30 meeting with her Indian counterpart SM Krishna.

Three parties discuss PM Nepal’s India visit

Kathmandu, 12 Aug: Ruling parties CPN-UML and Nepali Congress Wednesday morning discussed Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal’s India visit beginning 18 August.
Foreign Minister Sujata Koirala is in New Delhi preparing the visit.


Ram Prasad Adhikari appointed in RBB

Kathmandu, 12 Aug: Ram Prasad Adhikari has been appointed board chairman of Rashtriya Banijya Bank (RBB)—a wholly owned government bank and Nepal’s largest.
Members of the board are: Dr Ramchandra Bhattarai, Komal Kharel, Ratna Maharjan and Dr Prem Raj Shrestha.


“It’ll be good for Maoists to join a government led by Madhav Kumar Nepal. It will be proper to convert the present government into a government of national understanding. I wish the government of Madhav Kumar Nepal success. Personally, he’s my intimate friend.”

(Indian communist leader Sitaram Yechuri, Ghatana ra Bichar, 12 Aug.)

“He [vice-president] cannot save his life in the tarai if he takes his oath in Nepali. Will the apex court provide him security?”

(Advocate Suresh Kumar Karki, The Himalayan Times, 12 Aug.)

Jhalanath Khanal supports Maoist demand

By Bhola B Rana

Kathmandu, 12 Aug: CPN-UML Chairman Jhalanath Khanal has supported a Maoist demand to bring register a censure motion against President Dr Ram Baran Yadav in parliament—a demand oppose by other ruling parties and Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal.
Maoists have been demanding a discussion to end a current political stalemate; Maoists charge the president acted unconstitutionally to retain Army Chief Gen Rukmangud Katawal sacked by the ousted Maoist-led government of Prachanda.
“The censure motion can be discussed but the procedure must be discussed,” Khanal said in Nepalgunj Tuesday.
“Maoist help and understanding is necessary; without Maoists
a two-third majority cannot be attained in the constituent assembly.
It’ll be suicidal to insolate anyone. The constitution cannot be drafted by isolating Maoists,” Khanal said.
Meanwhile, differences have surfaced between the prime minister and the president on the cabinet appointment of Acting Nepal Army Chief Lt Gen Chatraman Singh Gurung as well.
Acting Chief of Army Staff Chatraman Singh Gurung has yet to receive an official letter appointing his to the post, as of Tuesday, thanks to ambiguity over jurisdiction of the president and the prime minister, The Kathmandu Post reports.
The Prime Minister’s Office and the President’s Office are busy negotiating a way out ‘within the constitutional provision’ after the outgoing Army chief handed over his responsibility to Gurung on Sunday following Gurung’s appointment by the cabinet.
The President’s Office is said to be seeking a role on the cabinet decision to appoint Gurung as the acting chief.

Bomb explosion kills one person

Kathmandu, 12 Aug: An abandoned bomb explosion in Dandeldhura killed one person and injured three others Wednesday morning.
The bomb might have been abandoned the Maoist people’s war.


China Eastern Airlines to fly between Kathmandu, Kunming

Kathmandu, 12 Aug: China Eastern Airlines (CEA) will start direct thrice weekly flights between Kunming and Kathmandu from the first week of September using Boeing 737-700.
CEA will be the third Chinese airline to operate between China and Nepal.
Air China operates seven weekly flights between the capitals of the two countries while China Southern Airlines operated three weekly flights between Guangzhou and Kathmandu.
Altogether 14,426 Chinese visited Nepal in 2008.

ADB to promote Nepal’s international trade

Kathmandu, 12 Aug: To facilitate Nepal’s international trade, Asian Development Bank (ADB) Tuesday signed an agreement with eight commercial banks under a Trade Financing Facilitating Programme (TFFP).
ADB signed the agreement with Bank of Kathmandu, Everest Bank, Himalayan Bank, Kumari Bank, Nabil Bank, Nepal SBI Bank, Nepal Industrial and Commercial Bank and Nepal Investment Bank.
The programme guarantees finance for export and import covering 100 percent risk for three years.
“Boosting trade is critical to helping Nepal overcome the current global crisis that has hurt export and may slow down growth in remittance,” ADB country director Barry Hitchcock said.

EBL records Rs624 million profit

Kathmandu, 12Aug: Everest Bank Ltd (ABL) recorded a Rs 624 million net profit in fiscal year 2008/09—up 38 percent compared to the previous year.
Laxmi Bank recorded a Rs 186.1 million profit the same year ending mid-July.
Meanwhile, Nepal Credit and Commerce (NCC) Bank and Doha Bank on remittance.
The agreement will help Nepalis remit money to Nepal through 40 branches of the Doha Bank.

Bomb explosion at Nepali Congress office

Kathmandu, 11 Aug: Nobody was injured in a pressure cooker bomb explosion at the ground floor of the Nepali Congress head office in Lalitpur Tuesday afternoon.
Six persons have been arrested for questioning.
Nepal Defence Army fighting for a Hindu state claimed responsibility.
Three Christians were killed in a bombing at a church in the district three months ago.
A bomb was defused at a transport office in the district Tuesday.

Eight dead, 28 injured in buds accident

Kathmandu, 11 Aug: Eight persons were killed and 28 passengers were injured when a bus veered off a highway at Katari, Udaipur Tuesday.
The bus fell 100meters off the highway.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Sitaram Yechuri claims he’s been invited by PM Nepal

By Bhola B Rana

Kathmandu, 11 Aug: Controversial Indian communist leader Sitaram Yechuri claimed Monday in New Delhi he’s been invited by Prime Minister Nepal to facilitate the political impasse.
Yechuri said after a meeting with Sujata Koirala in the Indian capital he’ll visit Nepal after the prime minister concludes an India visit beginning 18 August.
The previous Indian government had used Yechuri to help Nepal’s Maoists join the political mainstream.
The CPI-M leader attempted to put Nepal’s Maoists in good light compared to Naxalites banned in India; New Delhi doesn’t negotiate with them as well even as it helped bring Nepalese extreme communists into the mainstream in 2006.
‘There is a fundamental difference between the Maoists of Nepal and India: in Nepal, they’ve joined democratic process whereas the Maoists here still believe in violence,” Yechuri said according to The Himalayan Times.
Chairman told a gathering of Maoists in London Monday a government under Maoists must be formed to complete the peace process and draft a constitution.
Maoists Monday continued their hard-line stance against the president
“Why can’t the trampling of the constitution by the president be discussed in parliament?” Dr Baburam Bhattarai asked in the capital. “For civilian supremacy, this government should be toppled through a movement which will install a national government.”
Ruling parties have, instead, challenged Maoists to impeach Dr Ram Baran Yadav—a move that will be defeated in parliament through vote.
“This is the time for reaping the harvest of the peace process sown by traveling abroad under threat and difficult circumstances and criticism. The need of the hour is for the parties to unite and complete the peace process,” Nepal said in Pokhara Monday.
Nepal frankly admitted negotiating the peace process in a foreign country even while inviting Yechuri charged for meddling in internal Nepali affairs.

Election of main constitution drafting committee 17 Aug.

Kathmandu, 11 Aug: Election for the chairman of the main constitution drafting committee will be held 17 August.
The position was vacated by Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal three months ago.
Chairman of constituent assembly Subash Nemwang fixed the date after discussions with chief whips and whips of political parties Monday.
Dr Baburam Bhattarai on behalf of Maoists and Nilambar Acharya on Nepali Congress panel are contesting.
There’s no agreement of abroad draft for a constitution that has to be drafted in nine months.

All schools closed down in Dailekh

Kathmandu, 11 Aug: All schools in the mid-West district of Dailekh have been closed down after an outbreak of diarrhea/cholera continued to claim more lives.
Maoist Spokesman Dinanath Sharma said Tuesday the epidemic has claimed 425 lives in three months although the government puts the death toll at less that 300.
Maoists are discussing the outbreak Tuesday.
Meanwhile, spine flu Tuesday infected three more persons in the capital where the virus has now been detected in 20 persons.
Although the flu hasn’t claimed any lives in Nepal six have succumbed to the disease in India.
Vigilance has been enforced along the border in the north and south.
The disease has been reported both in India and China.

Flaw in appointing acting army chief

Kathmandu, 11 Aug: Accepting the appointment process of the Acting Army Chief Lt Chatraman Gurung was flawed, the government is correcting it, Annapurna Post reports.
The decision to appoint Lt Gen Gurung was taken by the cabinet Sunday.
The president appoints the army chief on the recommendation of the council of ministers under the interim constitution.
Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal informed President Dr Ram Baran Yadav of the mistake Monday at a meeting in Shital Niwas.
According to a source, the decision of the council of ministers for appointment will be sent to the president.
Because of the flaw, the acting chief hasn’t yet received his appointment letter and Lt Gen Gurung hasn’t yet formally assumed office.
Army headquarters has been told by the defence ministry the flaw will be rectified Tuesday.

Accidental firing

Kathmandu, 11 Aug: Tek Bahadur died and his son Jagdish Bista was seriously injured overnight in an accidental firing of a gun overnight in Dandeldhura,
Nephew Khadga Bista committed suicide after the accident.


Paddy cultivation only 70 percent complete

Kathmandu, 11 Aug: Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives said only 70 percent paddy plantation has been completed, Kantipur reports.
Plantation has been completed 92 percent in the upper hills, 82 percent in the mid-hills and 64 percent in terai.
Ministry has proposed a Rs 1.6 billion relief package programme for drought hit areas.
The programme has been discussed by the finance ministry and donors.


“Notwithstanding the sour relations with the chief justice, I do not have any intention of disregarding the apex court and its dignity.”

(Vice-President Parmananda Jha, The Himalayan Times, 11 Aug.)

“It’s not good. The party is being run undemocratically and unilaterally. It’s difficult to impart training when those who don’t understand democracy have technically won.”

“CPN-UML leader KP Oli after Chairman Jhalanath Khanal faction in party dismissed Oli supporters in Kathmandu district committee, Kantipur, 11 Aug.)

“Our work is a gift from the Nepali people to the Chinese.”

(Director of Tilganga Institute of Opthamology Sanduk Ruit whose team treated 172 cataract patients in Tibet, The Kathmandu Post, 11 Aug.)

Three more Nepalis infected with swine flu

Kathmandu, 10 Aug: Swine flu was detected Monday in three more Nepalis arriving from abroad.
The deadly virus was detected in the capital.
Twenty persons, including foreigners, have been detected with the virus in the capital only.

Four die of diarrhea, cholera

Kathmandu, 10 Aug: As a deadly diarrhea/cholera epidemic spreads in the mid and far-West, four more persons died in three districts in the mid-West Monday.
Government puts the death toll at less then 290 in three months even as Dr Baburam Bhattarai said the diseases have claimed more than 500 lives blaming the government for the spread.