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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Lighting kills two in Parasi, 14 injured; other details

Kathmandu, 30 Sept: Lighting killed two persons in Parasi overnight.
Fourteen were also injured, police said.
Four persons were killed overnight in Bara in a bomb explosion.
Two brothers were also killed when a bomb one of them was carrying exploded accidentally.
Family members were returning from a fair when the bomb exploded following a dispute between the brothers.

More details of church collapse

By Bhola B Rana

Kathmandu, 30 Sept: A temporary three-storied bamboo dormitory collapsed when it could not take on the weight of 1,500 Christians gathered overnight in Dharan, east Nepal, as they slept after a meeting, survivors said.
Most of the dead are women and children who are receiving treatment at a overcrowded hospital in corridors.
Thirty-two of the 60 plus injured have returned home after treatment,
Home Minister Bhim Rawal flew to Dharan Wednesday to offer condolences and held relief efforts.
Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal expressed condolences through a message.

Maoists form talks team under Baburam Bhattarai

Kathmandu, 30 Sept: Maoists Wednesday formed a five-member talks team under first vice-chairman Dr Baburam Bhattarai to find an outlet to a political stalemate.
The team was formed after a meeting of central party leaders at the residence of Chairman Prachanda Wednesday.
Three major parties are holding another summit Wednesday to find an outlet to the four-month political stalemate amid Maoist threat to launch a third political decisive popular movement.
The summit of leaders of Nepali Congress, Maoists and CPN-UML is being held as dasain celebrations peak.
CPN-UML has formed a talks team headed by Bharat Mohan Adhikari.
UML Chairman Jhalanath Khanal Wednesday suggested a common acceptable censure motion against president to break the dead-lock.

Four of 13 escaped prisoners arrested

Kathmandu, 30 Sept: Four of 13 prisoners who escaped from a Kanchanpur prison with the help of prison authorities have been arrested.
They also escaped with weapons seized from police guards.
Seven persons who allegedly helped the prisoners, including jailer and security chief, have been suspended.
A three-member team headed by home ministry official Shanker Koirala is investing the escape.

Nepal takes over leadership of the least developed countries

Kathmandu, 30 Sept: Nepal Wednesday took over the leadership of the 49-member least developed nations from Bangladesh in New York for the next three years.
Foreign Minister Sujata Koirala will chair the group.
The group mainly has countries from Asia, Africa and South America as members.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

More details of church accident

Kathmandu, 30 Sept: Four children were among 23 persons killed in a church collapse midnight Tuesday in Dharan, east Nepal.
Nearly 1,500 persons from different parts of the country were attending an assembly.
An Indian was among the killed.

Tika continuesl former king’s bijaya dashami address

By Bhola B Rana

Kathmandu, 30 Sept: Tika continued for the third consecutive day Wednesday.
Former King Gyanendra, in a message of bada dashami Monday called for communal and social harmony and hoped Nepal’s continued independence will be maintained through democracy.
“On the occasion of bada dasain, I , according to the wishes of Nepalis, hope Nepal will be peaceful, developed and prosperous; let Nepal’s special religious and cultural identity continue.
“Let there be communal and social harmony in the country.
“I desire Nepal achieve the lofty goals by embracing democracy and patriotism, he said in a message.
The former king hoped,” Goddess Nabadurga Bhabani will inspire Nepalis to maintain the unique character of Nepal that has always been independent.”
In a three-sentence message, the former king wished Nepalis at home abroad happy bijaya dashami greetings Monday.
People thronged to Nirmal Niwas to receive tika from the former king and queen Monday afternoon.

23 killed in church shed collapse (BREAKING NEWS)

By Bhola B Rana

Kathmandu, 30 Sept: Twenty-three persons, including an Indian, were killed at midnight Tuesday when a three-storied bamboo shed collapsed in Dharan.
Sixty-three injured are undergoing treatment at a hospital in the town and are out of danger.
Those killed are aged between 12 and 82 years are out of danger.
The structure collapsed as they were preparing to sleep after a religious conference.

Two killed in Bara

Kathmandu, 30 Sept: Two persons died in a Bara village overnight when a bomb one of them was carrying exploded during a dispute.
Mechinagar municipality building in Jhapa was slightly damaged Wednesday morning in a bomb explosion.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Bada dasain observed

Kathmandu, 28 Sept: Bada dasain was observed by offering and receiving tika Monday on the last day of the festive season .
Auspicious time for tika was 10.55 in the morning.
Bisharjan was at 9.35.
Political leaders and former King Gyanendra offered best wishes to countrymen on the occasion.

PM Nepal returns

Kathmandu, 28 Sept: Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal returned home Monday after addressing the annual session of the UN general assembly in New York where he was booed and greeted with black flags.
Foreign Minister Sujata Koirala was also greeted with black flags in New York.
Protestors remarked they were in government even after being defeated in the April 2008 constituent assembly elections.
Nepal misled UN member states by presenting a rosy picture of the current political situation while addressing the assembly.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Girija, Prachanda meeting Sunday

Kathmandu, 27 Sept: Nepali Congress President Girija Prasad Koirala said he’ll hold discussions with Chairman Prachanda in the capital later Sunday.
Koirala told this to reporters said before flying back to the capital from this hometown Biratnagar.
The former prime minister said there’s no alternative to an understanding to end the stalemate.
The meeting is being held amid Maoist prediction of an end to a four-month political impasse even while threatening to launch a decisive third people’s movement from the Valley.

PM Nepal hooted at Columbia University

Kathmandu, 27 Sept: Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal was hooted by listeners at Columbia University this week where he addressed a gathering, according to
He was the university’s guest speaker on Nepal issues.
Nepal walked out and didn’t attend a question and answer session.

Former NRB governor reveals murky situation in central bank

By Bhola B Rana

Kathmandu, 27 Sept: Former Nepal Rashtra Bank (NRB) Acting Governor Dipendra Bahadur Chetri has revealed a murky and possible corrupt malpractice in the central bank
He said the first massive currency note shortage during the festive season could be the result of corrupt and deliberate malpractice by officials of the central bank.
Chetri said in a television interview such officials may have placed piecemeal and inadequate orders to printers abroad for currency notes to gain foreign trips to inspect quality of notes being printed.
Officials could gain repeated foreign trips for inspection by ordering inadequate supplies, he said.
Another reason for the shortage, he said, could be because of inaccurate assessment of demand.
He also blamed the government for not authorizing him to order printing of new notes when he was acting governor; he said only the government was empowered to issue such a directive.
Chetri was acting governor when the supreme court was considering a malpractice charge against Bijayanath Bhattarai who has now been reinstated government after being cleared.
Banks, with the authorization of the central bank, are illegally supplying Indian currency through outlets to meet the unprecedented shortage.
One former NRB official said frequent changes in security printing presses are also responsible the short during the festive season.
NRB has flooded the market with withdrawn defective notes with portrait of ousted King Gyanendra to meet the crisis even as a republic has been declared.
The central bank, through an illegal act, defaced Rs 1,000 and Rs 500 currency notes by printing red rhododendrons over the watermark with the crown.
Defacing currency notes is illegal and is a punishable crime.
Central bank has been involved in at least two crimes.

Mahanawami being observed

Kathmandu, 27 Sept: Taleju temple at Hanuman dhoka was opened to devotees Sunday for prayers and worship where animal sacrifices were offered to Tajeju Bhawani on the 9thand penultimate of dasain.
Doors are open to the public only once a year for public worship.
Devotees flocked to temples since morning Sunday for worship and sacrifices.
Special prayers are offered in the evening at an auspicious jar at homes; water from the jar is sprinkled on bada dasain Monday for health, wealth and happiness.

PM Nepal addresses sparsely attended UN general assembly session

By Bhola B Rana

Kathmandu, 27 Sept: Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal Saturday addressed a sparsely attended 64th session of the UN general assembly in New York.
Nepal Television footage showed empty seats in the assembly hall as the prime minister delivered his address.
The address was essentially a briefing to UM member states on the current political, economic and environmental state of Nepal.
Nepal presented a rosy political picture of the grave political situation in the country.
Maoists boycotted a tripartite summit meeting Saturday with CPN-UML and Nepali Congress to find an outlet to the four-month political stalemate.
He said the government will attempt to take the peace process with Maoists to a logical conclusion; he also told the assembly Nepal had been adversely affected by climate change.
Nepal’s flies back home Monday to celebrate dasain.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Mahaasthami being observed on 8th day of dasain

Kathmandu, 26 Sept: Hindu devotees started worshipping Goddess Durba at prayer rooms at home and Bhagabati temples by offering sacrifices and offering pujas to weapons on the 8th day of dasain from Saturday morning.
Long queues of worshipers waited patiently at temples for heir turn to offer worship and prayers.
Special pujas will be offered to the Goddess at night on Kalratri.
Priest Nandu Lal Pode of Dakshin Kali asked devotees not to smear the idol of the Goddess with vermilion or pour coconut water laced with chemicals to protect it from erosion.
The priest asked devotees to leave offerings at the temple.
The idol has corroded over the years because of the practice of pasting the idol with contaminated vermilion and by pouring contaminated coconut water.
The festive mood is peaking.
Newspapers announced they will suspend publication for several days from Sunday to celebrate dasain.
Bada dasain is on Monday.

PM Nepal to address UN general assembly Saturday

Kathmandu, 26 Sept: Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal is addressing the 64th session of the UN general assembly Saturday in New York before returning home to celebrate dasain.
Nepal presented Obama with a rock from the Mount Everest summit and a khukri.
Following a meeting with US President Barak Obama, Nepal held bilateral discussions with Chinese President Hu Jintao Thursday.
Nepal is scheduled to pay an official visit to China after returning home.
The prime minister also held political discussions Thursday with British Prime Minister Gordon Brown.
The prime minister is also scheduled to attend a joint meeting organized by General Secretary Ban Ki-moon and US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on food security.
Nepal has been facing acute food shortage and increased price rises especially in remote hill districts.
Food production is expected to decline this year with delayed arrival of monsoon.

Three killed in Saptari

Kathmandu, 26 Sept: Police Friday killed what they called three ‘miscreants’ during enhanced security for the festive season in retaliatory firing at Saptari.
Violence continues in the terai even as some groups announced a cease-fire during dasain and tihar.
Bhuwaneshwor Yadav of injuries while being rushed to hospital; a policeman was injured in an exchange of fire.
Police recovered two revolvers, two mobile phones, a rifle and ammunitions.

Govt. to appoint economic attaches

Kathmandu, 26 Sept: Government is to appoint economic not military attaches in embassies abroad prioritizing economic diplomacy, Annapurna Post reports.
A foreign ministry source internal homework and study have started.
Nepal had earlier also curtailed the appointment of military attaches.
Nepal maintains embassies in 23 countries and six military attaches are currently serving in those embassies.
Possibilities of appointing economic attaches in Pakistan and Bangladesh instead are being considered; there are military attaches in India, China, United Kingdom and USA as well.
Military advisor in stationed at UN headquarters sin New York.

Big three schedule tripartite meeting

Kathmandu, 26 Sept: Maoists, Nepali Congress and CPN-UML have scheduled a tripartite meeting Saturday to end a four-month political impasse delaying the drafting of the constitution and concluding the peace process that has entered the fourth year of transition.
The three parties Friday held inconclusive separate intra-party talks in the capital.
Amid threats of launching a decisive third popular movement from the Valley, Chairman Prachanda has lately been predicting a breakthrough after tihar.

Nepal proposing hunting of leopards

Kathmandu, 26 Sept: Nepal is proposing licensed hunting of leopards at a conference of member nations of CITIS six months later in Qatar, Kantipur reports.
The leopard population has increased in Nepal and the cat has raised terror in urban areas.

Politicization of NSC

Kathmandu, 26 Sept: Politicization of the National Sports Council (NSC) continues unabated.
Sports Minister Ganesh Tiwari Nepali has appointed four members to the council from his party-TMLP, filling in all vacancies at the apex sports body vacated by mostly CPN-UML nominees.
Amar Chandra Anil, Rita Jha, Rita Kumari Thakur and Gita Shrestha were appointed council members this week.

Girija renegades

Kathmandu, 26 Sept: Nepali Congress President Girija Prasad Koirala has said that the past agreement between the government on the discourse of state restructuring has lost its political relevance, The Kathmandu Post reports from Biratnagar.
Koirala, …, on Friday said to media persons that the present political dynamics cannot accommodate the government’s past agreement with the Madesh-based parties—Terai Madesh Loktantrik Party and Madesh Janaadhikar Forum.
“Enough waters have flown since the signatures were inked on that deal and the national politics is also taking a different course. It is extraneous to discuss past issues.”

(Note: Koirala as prime minister signed agreements with terai-based parties to meet their demands. Lately, he has also rejected state restructuring of regional, ethnic and linguistic lines and proposed a north-south divide of the country of the panchayat-era.)


“When the constitution is being amended to address the issues raised by indigenous ethnic people, the boycott of dasain has become a non-issue.”

(Dr Krishna Bhattachan, Kantipur, 26 Sept.)

“Khukri is a symbol of Nepalese bravery and honesty.”

(PM Nepal after presenting a khukri to President Barak Obama, Kantipur, 26 Sept.)

:” did not get the salary and dasain expenses. The person who used to bring my salary and allowances earlier did not visit me this time.”

(Parmananda Jha, The Himalayan Times, 26 Sept.)

Maoists greet president with black balloons

Kathmandu, 25 Sept: Maoists released black balloons in the air at Tundikhel Friday to protest the presence of President Dr Ram Baran Yadav at a fulpati function organized by Nepal Army.
The president is the supreme commander-in-chief of the state army.
Maoists charge the president for staging a coup to retain former Army Chief Gen Rukmangud Katawal who whey ousted.

Wild elephant kills Kenyan tourism

Kathmandu, 25 Sept: A wild elephant attacked and killed a male Kenyan tourist at Sauhara in Chitwan National Park Thursday.
He went there Thursday for a safari with his family.

Nepali peacekeeper killed in Liberia

Kathmandu, 25 Sept: A Nepali peacekeeper with the UN was shot and killed Thursday in Liberia, first reports from the West African state said.
Further details are awaited.

UML starts initiative to end impasse

Kathmandu, 25 Sept: CPN-UML Friday held 90 minute discussion with Maoists to end a four-month political stalemate.
The ruling party of the prime minister had formed a seven-member talks team headed by Bharat Mohan Adhikari to break the stalemate.
Member of the dialogue team Yubaraj Geywali said Maoists were flexible even as no agreement was reached.
Geywali said UML would hold talks with Nepali Congress as well.
Meanwhile, Chairman Prachanda said Friday his conference talk Thursday with Girija Prasad Koirala and CPN-UML general Secretary Ishwor Pokhrel while launching a new mobile telephone service from mid-West has ‘given positive message nationwide’.
Prachanda said a dialogue has started and he’ll hold discussions with political leaders after return to capital to attempt to end a political deadlock.
He predicted an outlet to impasse soon and hoped even the stalled budget will be approved.

Fulpati welcomed

Kathmandu, 25 Sept: Hindu devotees welcomed fulpati into homes Friday.
Friday in the seventh day of dasain.
Devotees flocking to Durga Bhawani temples nation-wide and offered worship and prayers.
President Dr Ram Baran Yadav attended a special programme at the army pavilion in Tundikhel.

Miss Nepal elected

Kathmandu, 25 Sept: Despite Maoist protests, Zenisha Moktan was crowned Miss Nepal 2009 under tight security at Nepal Army hall Thursday.
Maoists staged protests outside the hall.
The contest was disrupted last year.

Ration increase for police

Kathmandu, 25 Sept: Home ministry is conducting homework to take a proposal to the cabinet to end differences in ration facilities in Nepal Army, Armed Police Force and Nepal Police, Nagarik reports.
Security officials said for the second time attempt is being made to increase ratio for two police forces.

Prisoners get Rs 300 for dasain

Kathmandu, 25 Sept: Every prisoners has been allotted Rs 300 this dasain, Nagarik reports.
Earlier dasain bonus was Rs 100.

Arms being smuggled in by Matrika Yadav intercepted in India

Kathmandu, 25 Sept: Indian police have intercepted two truckload arms being brought into the country by rebel Matrika Yadav Maoist group from Chattisghad, Kantipur reports.
The trucks were intercepted in Bihar 22 July.
Yadav colluded with Jai Krishna Goit of Terai Mukti Morcha to smuggle the arms.


Kathmandu, 25 Sept: A Beech 1900 D has joined the Guna Airlines fleet.
The airline also has two Beech 1900 C aircraft.


“The political parties have not held a single meeting for discussing constitutional provisions. Rather than engaging in constitutional debate, the parties are more concerned about trivial issues.”

(CA Chairman Subash Nemwang, The Kathmandu Post, 25 Sept.)

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Unprecedented currency note crisis

By Bhola B Rana

Kathmandu, 24 Sept: Customers were turned back from banks Thursday in the midst of dasain because of billions of rupees shortage in currency notes as they couldn’t withdraw their deposits.
Clients withdrawing money were told by guards even before reaching the teller only limited could be withdrawn.
This is the first case of money shortage reported in the country at the height of the festive season.
Nepal Bashtra Bank has flooded the market with billions of withdrawn faulty printed notes and even illegally released Indian currency to meet shortage.
Indian currency is banned to prevent dual deal in currencies of India and Nepal.
There’s an estimated three billion rupees shortage of currency notes in the market at the time when the government boasts of giving the country a good and efficient government which has even resorted to illegal means to meet shortage.
A former central bank governor charged Thursday for
illegally forcing Nepal Rashtra Bank to circulate Indian currency to meet shortage.

Another swine flu case reported

Kathmandu, 24 Sept: Another swine flu case was reported by health ministry Thursday.
The disease of pandemic proportion was brought into the county from Saudi Arabia by a Nepali worker.
Total cases reported have now risen to 36 without fatalities.
Interestingly, most cases have been brought to Nepal by Nepalis from the middle east where Muslims who don’t eat pork.


‘Foreign Minister Sujata Koirala will not see it any other way until she gets her due. And it no longer seems the deputy premiership. Her quest began the moment she proclaimed within the earshot of Queen Aishwarya at a Foreign Ministry reception in 1992 how a new empress was about to be crowned.”

(Maila Barje, People’s Review, 24 Sept.)

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

PM Nepal seeks logistics support for enhanced participation ion UN peacekeeping

By Bhola B Rana

Kathmandu, 24 Sept: Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal asked world leaders, including US President Barak Obama, for logistics support Wednesday for enhanced participation in UN peacekeeping operations.
“ Nepal has the fifth largest contingent in the UN peacekeeping missions. We’re committed to the cause and are ready to enhance the current level of participation if there is support for contingent-owned equipment, which constrains our capacity for timely deployment.
“We all would like to see the UN grow as a vibrant and robust institution capable of meeting all the new and emerging challenges face by mankind,” Nepal told a meeting of 10 nations contribution to the UN peacekeeping operations worldwide.
Nepal Army has been involved in peacekeeping for five decades while Nepal Police and Armed Police Force have also been recruited later.
PM Nepal Wednesday asked a health conference to provide Nepal with long-term and predictable financing for improvement of health and quality of life.
The prime minister addresses a meeting sponsored by Columbia University Thursday and is expected to highlight Nepal’s current political issues as a key speaker.
Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad addressed the university last year.

Army asked to fill in vacancies

Kathmandu, 24 Sept: Defence Minister Bidya Bhandari has directed Army Chief Gen Chatraman Singh Gurung to fill in vacancies al all levels in Nepal Army, Nagarik reports.
The process was obstructed from last year.
A senior defence ministry source said gave the directive after concluding a supreme court interim order of Falgun [Feb/March] doesn’t restrict the army from filling in vacancies.
For nearly one year, no advertisements have been issued to fill in vacancies following a court order during the Maoist-led government not to take in new recruits until final verdict after filling in vacancies for which advertisements were already placed.
Vacancies are filled every six months.
UNMIN last year opposed army move to fill in vacancies.
“UNMIN or those employed in foreign agencies can’t say not to fill in vacancies; they can’t direct which general shouldn’t be prompted or take action against such a person,” Bhandari told defence correspondents Tuesday at her residence.

Deuba demands clarification from UN on Maoist threat forum approved popular revolt

Kathmandu, 24 Sept: Former Prime Minister and senior Congress leader Sher Bahadur Deuba criticized Maoist Chairman Prachnada for threatening a “UN supported popular uprising’ asking people not be confused, Rajdhani reports.
‘Maoists have lost the right to speak on behalf of the Nepali people after only talking of weapons. Those who talk only of weapons have no right to speak on behalf of the people.,” Feuba told Rajdhani.
“The UN silence on such a serious issue will draw it into controversy. UN can’t remain silent after its name has been dragged. On behalf of the UN, Prachanda can’t talk unilaterally,” Deuba said.
“It’s necessary for UN to give a message of neutrality and that it has no axe to grind because UNMIN has already been dragged into controversy in the past,” Deuba added.
UNMIN wasn’t above controversy in the Ram Hari Shrestha murder case, Deuba added.

Decisive fight for republic from Valley: Dr Baburam Bhattarai

Kathmandu, 24 Sept: As top Maoist leaders talk of conflicting claims of a a breakthrough in a political stalemate after tihar with the formation of a Maoist-led government under its leadership, third man in the party Dr Baburam Bhattarai Wednesday predicted a conclusive ballet for a republic from the Valley.
“The conclusive fight for a people’s republic will be fought in Kathmandu Valley and that will be a decisive one,” Bhattarai said.
In Palpa, Chairman Prachanda warned the Nepal government will be in a majority without an end to a four-month political impasse by tihar.
Prachanda also reiterated the third movement without political understanding will also be decisive.
“Not only this government will fall but the country could plunge into serious constitutional crisis as well,” he said adding the passage of the budget of fiscal year 2009/10 will be stalled.
Meanwhile, CPN-UML standing committee Wednesday formed a seven-member talks committee headed by Bharat Mohan Adhikari to conduct talks with parties to end the political deadlock.

IAEA chief arriving

Kathmandu, 24 Sept: Director General of International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Dr Mohamed El Baradei, an Egyptian, arrives for a three-day visit 1 October.
A meeting has been scheduled with Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal.
Other details of his first Nepal visit weren’t known.


Rs 10 billion WB assistance for education

Kathmandu, 24 Sept: The World Bank board Wednesday approved a $130 million or Rs 10.03 billion assistance for the school sector reform programme, an announcement said.
The programme launched this fiscal year will run until mid-July 2015 to reform overall education system.
Asian Development (ADB) in Manila Tuesday also approved $95 million or Rs 7.33 billion for the Rs 202.62 billion project.
Meanwhile, USA Tuesday gave Nepal a $ 205 million grant for the next five years to implement various projects.

Team to study reasons for currency note shortage

Kathmandu, 24 Sept: A team headed by Dr Mangal Siddhi Manandhar was formed Wednesday by the finance ministry to probe the crippling shortage of currency notes during the festive season.
Manandhar is a former chairman of the planning commission.
The team with former finance secretary Bhanu Prasad Acharya and Comptroller General Abinendra Kumar Shrestha will submit a report within 21 days.
Banks have taken emergency measures to pump money into the market hitby a sales slump during the peak marketing season.
Commercial banks said they will remain closed during thehholidays to ease the crisis.

Arc Fly to start flights between Kathmandu, Amsterdam

Kathmandu, 24 Sept: Arc Fly, a subsidiary of TUI Netherlands, will start once weekly flights between Kathmandu and Amsterdam.
Permission was granted Wednesday by Ministry of Tourism.
Nearly 120 tour operators are being flown in 7 October.


“Madhav Kumar Nepal has stopped listening to me these days. He always says Sushil Koirala and Ram Chandra Paudel have to be consulted. I say do this on the request of the party president, but the prime minister doesn’t.”

(Sujata Koirala Janaastha, 24 Sept.)

“The drafting of the constitution should move ahead as laid down by the peace agreement. Without an understanding between leaders of the main opposition CUCPN (Maoist), and ruling parties Nepali Congress and UM the constitution can’t be drafted.”

(Chairman of main constitution drafting committee Nilambar Acharya, Annapurna Post, 24 Sept.)

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Prachanda says no-confidence motion can be brought against govt.

Kathmandu, 21 Sept: Chairman Prachanda said Tuesday could register a no-confidence against the 22-party government led by Madhav Kumar Nepal of CPN-UML.
Ruling parties had challenged Maoists to bright such a motion.
He told this to reporters while leaving for Rolpa from where Maoists launched an unsuccessful people’s movement without defeating Royal Nepal army.
Prachanda again warned a third popular movement.
The army fell through international conspiracies in collusion with ruling parties and not on the battle field
The incumbent coalition government more than four months ago toppled a Maoist-led government of Prachanda more than four months ago.
Nepali Congress President Girija Prasad Koirala and CPN-UML Chairman Jhalanath Khanal held inconclusive discussions Tuesday to form a high-leve political mechanism to break an impasse.

Many killed in Indian Maoist, ruling communist state
govt. clashes in West Bengal

By Bhola B Rana

Kathmandu, 21 Sept: Many persons were killed overnight in clashes between Naxalites or Indian Maoists and supporters on the ruling communist government in the Indian state of West Bengal overnight, reports from Kolkata said.
The clashes interest Nepalis because Indians gave shelter, supported and sent thousands of Nepali sheltered Maoists across the 1,700km border in April 2005 to topple 238-year-old monarchy and create the current chaos in Nepal.
Indian state and federal rulers are refusing to negotiate with their Maoists while imposing then on a neighbouring country demonstrating double standards of New Delhi.
Nepal’s Maoists have links with Naxalites whose movement started near the border at Jhapa.
India charges neighbouring countries of anti-Indian elements while she provides shelter and protection and encouragement to dissidents of neighbours.
More that 6,000 persons have been killed in the Naxalite insurgency described by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh as worse than the Kashmir or north-east state insurgencies.

Bijaya Gachedhar inaugurates army conference on civilian-military

Kathmandu, 21 Sept: Acting Prime Minister Bijaya Kumar Gachedhar Tuesday inaugurated a two-day army seminar on relationship between civilians and the state army.
The seminar is important at a time when Maoists charge they were toppled four months ago through presidential and military coup to end civilian rule.

Madhuvan Paudel confirmed ambassador to Kuwait

Kathmandu, 21 Sept: Career diplomat Madhuvan Paudel was confirmed Tuesday by a parliamentary hearing committee as Nepal’s first ambassador to Kuwait.
He was deputy permanent representative to UN in New York.

Indian foreign secretary Rao, Baburam Bhattarai hold Sood sponsored talks

Kathmandu, 21 Sept: Sood [Indian ambassador] had no alternative to meet the desire of Indian Foreign Secretary Nirupara Rao, Jana Bhavana reports.
Rao and Dr Baburam Bhattarai held four-hour discussions at the Indian embassy in Kathmandu after being airlified from Ropla in a chartered helicopter at Indian embassy cost according to Kathmandu rumours.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Political party leaders surprisingly silent on Indian govt. operative’s claim

By Bhola B Rana

Kathmandu, 21 Sept: Days after a claim of an essentially government of India operative in the guise of an Indian academician leaders of Nepal’s political parties are no longer useful for India, leaders Nepal’s of political parties have maintained stony silence.
The claim is insulting but correct confirming the leaders of political parties were pawns of the New Delhi for which they are now no longer useful.
India is funding new pawns, the writer claims..
SD Muni, now associated with a Singapore University and a former professor at Jawaharlal Nehru University in New Delhi said this in an interview with the The Kathmandu Post 14 September immediately on his latest Nepal visit when he held discussions with all the major political players, including Girija Prasad Koirala, Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal and Maoist Chairman Prachanda.
“India,…,has been playing a chessboard politics—placing people in different positions who can serve its interests.
“This chessboard politics is no longer relevant in Nepal.
“I think India should reorient its policy to the larger people’s interest.
‘Of you do this, then you will have a Nepal that is stable and progressing, and in the long run would cater to the Indian interests,” he said.
He didn’t identify new Indian partners in Nepal. Madeshis?
“.. the Ministry of External Affairs has a Nepal policy. The Defence Ministry has a Nepal policy. The parties in which those old princely houses have good representation—the Congress, the BJP—have a Nepal policy.
‘The actual policy that emerges is a synthesis depending on who is strong at what point in time. In addition, a major concern overriding all this is India’s security concern,” he said.
Muni had direct access to Nepal’s rulers after 1990 and an Indian government operative in the guide of a Nepal expert.
He was giving ‘expert’ opinion to foreign media who quoted incorrectly as an independent Nepal expert.
Like the Patrice Lumumba University in Moscow and the East-Center in Hawaii, USA, universities extension of the Soviet and Washington governments, Nehru University is in the same category.
Muni had direct access to Girija’s bedroom when he feigned sickness to impose a New Delhi republican agenda.
One senior Congress leader told your blogger Girija feigned illness to avoid discussion and opposition in the Congress.
Girija is normal outside government and moves about freely with very little health problem.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Three-party attempt to end deadlock

Kathmandu, 21 Sept: Maoists, CPN-UML and Maoists will make another attempt Tuesday to end a prolonged four-month political impasse as Maoists have obstructed parliamentary proceedings during the period.
Maoists again threatened to launch a decisive popular movement if two ruling parties aren’t ‘flexible’ Tuesday.
Maoists have given the ruling parties with whom they launched a joint popular movement until tihar to meet their demands for what UCPN (Maoist) call the restoration of civilian authority.
The extreme communists also claim the government they led was brought down four months in a presidential and military coup.
UML and Congress have so far rejected a Maoist demand to discuss a censure motion in parliament against President Dr Ram Baran Yadav.
Congress has also rejected another fresh demand to amend the interim constitution to clearly define powers of the ceremonial president which UCPN (Maoist) is being developed as a parallel power center to a strong executive prime minister after Maoists emerged as the largest party in parliament and constituent assembly after a popular April; 2008 vote.

Govt. announces public holiday for Eid

Kathmandu, 21 Sept: Government Monday announced a public holiday nation-wide for Muslims celebrating Eid.
The home ministry announced the government decision to declare the day a public holiday.
Government took the decision after announcing public holidays for other communities celebrating their major religious events.

More details of PM Nepal’s praise for Nepal Army

Kathmandu, 20 Sept: Abandoning past criticisms, Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal Sunday praised Nepal Army as it come sunder increasing attack from Maoists.
Nepal extended praise while inspecting the passing out parade of new officers who graduated from the military academy.
‘Nepal Army is the common strength and property of all Nepalis of different ethnic, regional, class, community and language groups.
“For US President Barak Obama to invite the Nepali prime minister to a conference of 10 major nations, including Nepal, contributing to peacekeeping worldwide makes clear the good image of Nepal Army, Nepal said.
Nepal added the state army saved the country by fighting British imperialists who overran India.
“Army has established itself as a top class organization by working under the government during transition,” the prime minister said.
The government chief said this as he asked India during his just concluded India visit to resume arms supplies suspended in 2004.
Maoists have objected to the resumption.

Govt. dissolves hospital development committees

Kathmandu, 21 Sept: Cabinet Sunday dissolved all hospital development committees formed by the previous Maoist-led government.
The moves paves the way for the Nepal government to make new appointments.

Nepal to takeover leadership of LDCs and land-locked nations from Bangladesh

Kathmandu, 21 Sept: Nepal will takeover the leadership of the least developed nations (LDCs) and land-locked nations from Bangladesh for three years at a sideline meeting of the group in New York during the current UN general assembly session.
“It will help us to raise the issues of the LDCs at the UN general assembly. We can play a decisive role on behalf of these nations,” Foreign Minister Sujata Koirala said.
Sujata is expected to takeover the leadership of the 50-nation group mostly of nations from Asia and Africa.

Case against Rishi Dhamala withdrawn; other details

By Bhola B Rana

Kathmandu, 21 Sept: Cabinet Sunday withdrew a case against Rishi Dhamala, chairman of Reporters’ Club and two other terai journalists Subak Mahoto and Birendra Kumar Mahoto charged for illegal arms possession and extortion.
The trio were charged for links with Ranabir Sena believed to be behind bombs in the capital 2008.
Dhamala was free on bail.
Dhamala flew for the USA [Sunday] with Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal after the case was withdrawn, Naya Patrika reports.
Mahatos are still in custody.
According to a source, Foreign Minister Sujata Koirala decided two months ago to take Dhamala’s case to the cabinet.
Home Minister Bhim Rawal opposed the proposal which was dormant.
US embassy objected to the inclusion of Dhamala in the prime minister’s team visiting USA.
Sujata pressurized Rawal to withdraw the charge after Dhamala was denied visa; Rawal objected the issue was being considered by the supreme court.
PM Nepal then intervened on behalf of Dhamala who was cleared.

24 Indian Naxalites killed, 10 security personnel missing

Kathmandu, 21 Sept: In the biggest reserve for Indian Maoists, 24 Naxalites were killed Sunday in Chhatisgadh where 10 security personnel are missing following the encounter.
Indian federal and state governments have refused to negotiate with the Naxalites even as New Delhi facilitated a 12-point peace agreement with Nepal’s Maoists and parliamentary parties in 2005.
Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has said the bloody Naxalite movement is worst that the insurgences in Kashmir and the north-east states.

China hands over assistance to enhance security along Nepal-Tibet border

Kathmandu, 20 Sept: Chinese government has handed over equipment worth Rs 10.5 million for immigration proposes to upgrade border security, Kantipur reports from Chautara.
China Saturday asked Nepali immigration official at two-day talks in Monday in Khasa to enhance border security with special measures; a Chinese military delegation from Lhasa headed by a major general headed the Chinese team.
The Nepalese team was led by Immigration Director General Madhav Regmi.
“China asked at talks to stop unwanted activities along the border. Nepal agreed,” home ministry spokesman Jaya Mukunda Khanal said.
China handed over equipment to check visas, computers, X-ray machines as well as helmets for use in immigration purposes only.


Two parliamentary committees make opposing suggestions

Kathmandu, 21 Sept: Parliament’s natural resources and means committee [NRMC] Sunday recommended to the government to disallow permission to hotels and resorts permission to operate inside the Chitwan National Park on the world heritage list.
But the public accounts committee earlier recommended seven hotels and resorts inside the park to operate until 15 July 2012 as the country observes 2011 Nepal Tourism Year.
NRMC has asked government not to implement the public accounts committee recommendation as it is the only authoritative parliamentary committee to make a suggestion on the issue.
Government hasn’t renewed a 15-year lease with expired 15 July 2009.
The controversy has broken out at the beginning of the autumn tourist season.
There’s a tussle between hotels and lodges that operate within and from out side the park.
Tourism Minister Dipak Bohara asked the committees resolve the differences to enable government to take a final decision.

Credit rating agency launched

Kathmandu, 20 Sept: Credit Rating Agency Nepal Limited (CRANE) has been lunched with Sujeev Sakya as its chairman, an announcement said.
Operations will begin November.
CRANE has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with CARE Ratings India.
‘We look forward to fill a void of a rating agency in Nepal and change the way business and financial transactions are conducted,” said Sakya.


“I already said I became president by chance. I’ve got an opportunity to write my own history by adding on to foundations laid by Prithvinarayan Shah, Bidyapati, Laxmi Prasad Debkota, Ram Naraian Mishra and others. I want to utilize this opportunity.”

(Sharub quoting President Dr Ram Naraian Yadav, Kantipur, 20 Sept.)

“Koirala [Girija] announced that the party endorsed it. Then a few other members supported him. I have nothing against the party going republic. But it was a strategic suicide for the party and its ideology. Electoral defeat that followed was its direct outcome.”

(Congress leader Khum Bahadur Khadka, newsfront, 20 Sept.)

‘I do not like those who speak against me in my absence. Why don’t they speak up against me at the central working committee meetings in my presence?”

(Foreign Minister Sujata Koirala, The Kathmandu Post, 20 Sept.)

“There is no such thing as a Madeshi or a Madesh in Nepal. I don’t whether Upendra Yadav is from Nepal or Bihar. Somehow he has managed to get Nepali citizenship. But whatever he may be, he is not a Madeshi,. He is a Yadav. He has his own caste There are other castes. Tripathis, Thakurs. Why are these people abandoning their castes and looking for trouble by declaring they are Madshis?”

(Laxman Tharu, former Maoist and Chairman of Tharu Autonomous State Council, The Kathmandu Post, 20 Sept.)

PM Nepal arrives in New York Monday; other details

By Bhola B Rana

Kathmandu, 20 Sept: Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal will arrive in New York Monday to lead the Nepali delegation to the current annual UN general assembly session.
Nepal left for the USA even as Maoists have threatened to topple his government and start popular movement for massive change after a Maoist-led Prachanda government was ousted more than four months ago.
Maoists have charged the government for running the country on foreign, particularly Indian design.
Significantly, before flying for New York Nepal abandoned traditional criticism of Nepal Army and praised it for its contribution to the nation over history.
After Maoist victory on the 10 April constituent assembly election, Nepal Army is no longer an object of attack from particularly ruling parties Nepali Congress and CPN-UMl.
The two parties joined with certain world capitals and international human rights organizationd to defame the army which united Nepal.
Nepal said at a passing out parade for cadet officers Sunday in Bhaktapur Nepal Army had courageously fought imperialists.
Nepal said this even as the state army and the president are objects of attack of Maoists.
Nepal said before New York departure he will inform the general assembly on the status of the peace process.
The prime minister said he will highlight the serious problem likely to be created by glacial burst in the Everest region by climate change in Himalaya.
Nepal is attempting to take leadership of the LDC countries at rhe New York meeting.
Foreign Minister Sujata Koirala left separately for New York and will proceed to Washington from New York to press the lift on restriction on Nepali garment exports.
Nepal returns home without visiting Washington.
Before flying abroad, Sujata said a Congress general congress in lNovember was not necessary.
Congress is resisting party president and her father’s attempt to cancel the congress to impose Sujata in the party without election.
Six-member committee to be formed

Kathmandu, 20 Sept: In an attempt that will please Maoists, government Sunday decided to form a six-member ministerial committee under peace minister Rakam Chemjung consider compensation for victims of the 10-year people’s movement, including compensation for assets seized by Maoists.
Maoists have claimed they never seized assets during the war.
Two ruling parties—Congress and CPN-UML—had again highlighted the return after loss in the CA election to Maoists in April 2008.
The two parties have again abandoned the stance.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Congress leader rejects Maoist proposal to define, limit powers of president

By Bhola B Rana

Kathmandu, 20 Sept: Congress General Secretary Bimalendra Nidhi Saturday rejected Maoist Chairman Prachanda’s suggestion to define and limit the powers of the president through a constitution amendment to end a four-month political impasse.
“Both the censure motion and constitution amendment to curtail power of president aren’t acceptable. We told them any proposal to drag the president isn’t acceptable,” Nidhi told a gathering in Bhaktapur.
Immediately after the constituent assembly election of 10 April 2008, Maoist first proposed Girija Prasad Koirala’s candidature as the country’s first president; it was withdrawn when they feared Koirala would create a new power center.
Nepali Congress in 2004 launched a movement to successfully topple monarchy after King Gyanendra imposed a three-year direct rule.
Koirala said he would push for a ceremonial head of state with complete powers to the head of government.
Koirala and Congress had a re-think after Maoists swept the assembly elections.
Dr Ram Baran Yadav was instead elected president.
Koirala handed over power to a Prachanda-led government only four months after election result land by amending the constitution with a provision for majority rule ending also consensus politics which he first said would last for another 10 years.
Maoists charge they were toppled more than four months through a presidential and army coup.


“The prime minister has empowered Sharma to distribute up to Rs 50,000;he has distributed up to Rs 75,000. The personal secretary has no such right to distribute money.”

(Report in Nagarik claiming Baluwatar has been distributing millions of rupees to supporters, 20 Sept.)

PM Nepal flying for New York

By Bhola B Rana

Kathmandu, 20 Sept: Prime Minister Madhav Kumar flies for New York Sunday to lead a 24-member Nepali delegation to the annual UN general assembly session and meetings with US President Barak Obama and Britain Prime Minister Gordon Brown on the sidelines of the session.
Foreign Minister Sujata Koirala and top party of Nepali Congress and Nepal’s own CPN-UML are included in the delegation.
Nepal will participate in a seminar of top 10 nations contributing peacekeepers to UN worldwide.
Before departure, Nepal assured Army Chief Gen Chatraman Singh Guring and three security chiefs under the home ministry he will raise their concerns and demands with the UN in discussions in New York.
Nepal Army wants greater role and participation in Un international peacekeeping efforts.
Nepal briefed President Dr Ram Baran Yadav on his activities in New York.
Nepal returns home 28 September after addressing the assembly 26 September.
The prime minister is expected to raise issues of climate change and food shortages in Nepal in meetings with world leaders.
A meeting of SAARC foreign ministers is also meting held in New York o prepare the regional summit in Bhutan.
Nepal is going abroad for the third time in more than four months after assuming power’ he participated in the summit of non-aligned nations in Egypt and completed a bilateral India visit.

Ambassadors-designate to appear before special committee

Kathmandu, 20 Sept: First ambassador–designate to Brazil Pradumna Bikram Shah along with Foreign Secretary Gyanchandra Acharya, whose name has been proposed as permanent representative to UN, are appearing before a special parliamentary hearing committee Sunday.
The committee hasn’t received any complaints against them.
They are both career diplomats.

Army conducting seminar on civil-military relationship

Kathmandu, 20 Sept: The Nepal Army under newly-installed Army Chief Gen Chandraman Singh Gurung is conducting a two-day seminar of civil-military relationship from Tuesday.
The issue is being discussed at a time when
Maoists charge they were ousted from power with presidential and foreign interference and civilian control of the state army was threatened.
Political parties, including Maoists, have been invited.
Maoists are unlikely to attend.

Maoist leader supports China, criticizes India

By Bhola B Rana

Kathmandu, 20 Sept: Senior Maoist leader Krishna Bahadur Mahara said Sunday Maoists aren’t happy with what he called Indian interventionist role in Nepali politics.
“But the interventionist role [of India] in Nepali politics hasn’t made us party,” Chief of the party’s foreign relations department told Kantipur.
“I don’t think relations with India have deteriorated. We’ve good relations with Indian power centers.
‘We’ve just started developing good relations with China,” he said after meeting Chinese ‘friends in Hong Kong along with Chairman Prachanda.
‘Relations have slightly deteriorated. Limited policymakers of India are angry Maoists haven’t fallen on their lap,” Mahara revealed. “This is wrong thibking.”
He said India may have intervened 90 percent in Nepal with limited Chinese intervention.
“There’s no place for criticism of China. Talking of intervention, India may have intervened 90 percent and China 10 percent. There’s no reason to be terrorizes with China. Even then, China has a clear policy,” Mahara said criticizing India while supporting China.


“The Maoists are undermining the national dignity by bringing the proposal to change the national flag. The government is not in favour of the proposal.”

(Minister Bidya Bhandari, Republica, 20 Sept.)

“We are looking to bring the load-shedding down to 8-10 hours a day [in winter].”

(Energy Minister Dr Prakash Sharan Mahat, Republica, 20 Sept.)

Nepali Congress delegation lends support to Nepal govt.

By Bhola B Rana

Kathmandu, 19 Sept: A delegation of Nepali Congress led by Acting President Sushil Koirala Saturday lent support to Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal’s government ahead of the government chief’s departure for New York to attend an annual session of UN general assembly.
The party assured Nepal it will lend full support to the Nepal government coalition without changing the 22-party coalition.
The support came as Chairman Prachanda said Maoists will topple government through popular revolt and replace it with a national government headed by it.
Prachanda claimed even the UN will back such a popular movement.
There was no immediate comment from the UN.

4,000 policemen deployed in Valley

Kathmandu, 19 Set: Police have deployed 4,000 policemen in the Valley for the festive season to ensure law and security, home ministry officials said Saturday.
Police have been deployed throughout the day and night and are on patrol.
Additional police have been deployed in other parts of the country as well, including highways, to ensure smooth movement of vehicles.

Three injured in police firing in Kanchanpur

Kathmandu, 19 Sept: Three persons were injured n a police firing overnight at a village in Kanchanpur district.
Police fired when a patrol was attacked by villagers who suspected police were criminals.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Prachanda warns of revolt; other details

By Bhola B Rana

Kathmandu, 19 Sept: Chairman Prachanda again warned Saturday Nepali Congress and CPN-UML Maoists will start launch a popular revolt after dasain if the two parties don’t respond to the ‘maximum flexibility’.
Prachanda repeated the warning to reporters in Chitwan Saturday one day after the Maoist strongman issued the same threat at a public meeting in Bharatpur on the last day of their second phase of anti-government and anti-president protests to restore what Maoist call civilian supremacy.
‘There’ll be a decisive movement after dasain; the movement will also be a popular revolt.
‘Beware. You’ll suffer Gyanendra’s fate if you seeking persons to kick you with boots,” Prachanda warned.
Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal and Nepali Congress President Girija Prasad Koirala discussed ways to end the four-month political impasse.
with an agreement to form a small mechanism to end the deadlock.
Meanwhile, parliament was prorogued until 7 October for a dasain recess.
Maoists have been obstructing parliament for four months after being ousted from government.

Three Janatantrik Terai Mukti Morcha workers arrested

Kathmandu, 19 Sept: Police arrested three workers of Janatantrik TeriMukti Morcha from a house in Dhankuta Saturday morning.
Police didn’t reveal their identify.
Police surrounded the home and took the trio into custody.

Badadasain 2066 starts

Kathmandu, 19 Sept: Badadasain 2066 started Saturday with ghatastaphana.
Dasain ghars were established at homes and devotees flocked to temples with the start of the festive season.
Auspicious time for tika on 28 September is at 10.55 in the morning.

Kul Prasad KC sent to technical committee

Kathmandu, 19 Sept: Maoists have sent politburo member Kul Prasad KC to a technical committee to assist a special committee on integration.
KC replaces Barsha Man Pun who has been appointed to the special committee.

RPP-Nepal collects 2,3 million signatures

Kathmandu, 19 Sept: RPP-Nepal has collected 2.3 million signatures in a nation-wide campaign demanding referendum on three issues: Hindu state, constitutional monarchy and federal structure.
The signatures were delivered to Speaker Subash Nemwang Friday.

Maoist combatants demand integration in Nepal Army

Kathmandu, 19 Sept: Maoist commanders disqualified by UNMIN have demanded integration in Nepal Army, Rajdhani reports from Chitwan.
Division commanders of seven cantonments Friday held a meeting at Shaktikhor and reiterated the demand with Chairman Prachanda.
Prachanda imparted training on integration.
“Commanders emphasized the tradition to appoint army chief through foreign intervention,” said division headquarter chief Kuber at the end of the camp.

Chief justice leaves for Russia

Kathmandu, 19 Sept: Chief Justice Min Bahadur Rayamajhi lf for Russia Firday as lead of a five-member judicial team.
Rayamajhi left for Moscow reciprocating a recent visit of his Russian counterpart.
Efforts are ongoing to strengthen ties between judiciaries of the two countries.

Maoists push to acquire land without compensation

Kathmandu, 19 Sept: With Maoist support, the natural resources and revenue sharing committee of the CA Friday approved by majority a proposal to seize excess land without compensation.
Nepali Congress, CPN-UML and terai parties opposed the Maoist drive.

Supreme court permission for eight brigadiers

Kathmandu, 19 Sept: The supreme court Friday gave its approval to eight brigadier generals to withdraw petitions flied against the then government of Prachanda who had stopped the extension tenure for two years by Nepal Army.
The brigadiers claimed the government intervention was illegal.
The successor government extended the tenure after the fall of the Prachanda more than four months ago.

More than 16,000 killed in Maoist people’s war

Kathmandu, 19 Sept: Altogether 16,274 persons were killed during the people’s movement, Annapurna Post reports.
The government-appointed committee headed by former secretary Gobinda Prasad Pandey submitted its report to the peace ministry recently.

Obama to presented Everest rock

Kathmandu, 19 Sept: Sherpas of Nepal have sent a rock from the summit of Mount Everest to be presented to US President Barak Obama to highlight the negative effect of climate change on the Himalaya.
The rock was delivered by the community Friday to Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal for delivery to the president.
Nepal leaves for New York next week to attend a UN general assembly session and a meeting with Obama on the sidelines of the assembly session.


“Hong Kong is also part of China. I made a lot of Chinese friends when I was prime minister. I met them.”

(Chairman Prachanda after retrrning home from Hong Kong, Kantipur, 19 Sept.)

“Yes. Maoist chairman proposed I become prime minister. I don’t want to get involved in the dirty game of power politics to become prime minister.”

(Congress vice-president Ram Chandra Paudel, 19 Sept.)

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Maoist division commanders meet; other details

By Bhola B Rana

Kathmandu, 21 Sept: Seven Maoist division commanders began a meeting in Shaktikhor camp, Chitwan, Friday to discuss among other issues the future of 19,000 Moist combatants pushing for integration in Nepal Army.
Ruling parties are opposing mass integration of combatants in the state army.
Chairman Prachanda is imparting training to them at the camp.
Maoists are also holding the last public meeting of their second phase anti-government and anti-president campaign in Chitwan Friday.
Prachanda Thursday demanded an amendment in the constitution to meet demands to end a four-month political impasse.
Maoists have threatened to continue their protests.
Two Maoist representatives at a meeting of the special committee on supervision, integration and rehabilitation headed by Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal Thursday opposed a proposal to bring combatants under the special committee.
Government proposed to bring the Maoists under committee control after what it also called ineffective UNMIN monitoring of 28 cantonments and satellite camps as armed Maoists move freely in and out and criminal activities are rife.


“Some minor mistakes and disputes are common within a democratic party but newspapers are making it an unnecessary propaganda.”

(UML Chairman Jhalanath Khanal, The Rising Nepal, 18 Sept.)

‘We’ve talked a lot; now’s the time to work. In Nepal there’s a lot of talk without work.”

(UN Resident Representative Robert Piper, Annapurna Post, 18 Sept.)

Prachanda calls for constitution amendment for political outlet

By Bhola B Rana

Kathmandu, 17 Sept: Maoist Chairman Prachanda Thursday called for an amendment to the interim constitution to end a four-month political impasse.
He didn’t specify the amendments the party wanted in the interim constitution.
Maoists demanded an amendment in the interim constitution even as there was no progress on launching a basic law to replace la 1990 basic shred to pieces by present rules who drafted it with the help of two representatives of King Birendra.
The 1990 constitution was drafted by representatives of present rulers [certainly not donkeys].
Present rulers supported by foreign governments claim last constitution was imposed by the king.
The party has earlier demanded a discussion on a censure motion against thepresident who Maoists said acted unconstituti0onally to retain sacked Army Chief Gen Rukmangun Katawal..
Prachanda, on return from Hong Kong, confirmed he held discussions with Chinese officials without identifying them.

Indian police intercept large marijuana haul

Kathmandu, 17 Sept: Indian border police Wednesday intercepted a haul of
2230 kg marijuana from a tanker at the border town of Raxaul tanker.
The tanker with millions of rupees was heading for India from Nepal.
This is the biggest drug haul in recent years along theborder.


“The Unified Maoist-Leninists are in such disunion precisely because they are trying to out-red Maoists. The NepalI Congress should have been the beneficiary of the bloodletting. But it has too many people itching for the premiership.”

(Maila Baje, The People’s Review, 17 Sept.)


“Nepalis have achieved much over the past 20 years. They have transformed an absolute monarchy into as vibrant democracy [just wondering if the pointman for the Obama administration for South Asia thinks Nepali society was vibrant during the 10-year Maoist people’s war when 15,000 persons were massacred in the biggest mass murder recorded in Nepali history or after 2005 when accepted norms and beliefs were thrown aside and replaced by beliefs without extensive public debate and when a constitution is being imposed without genuine and extensive people’s participation and a culture of stone-throwing to push political agendas has been established] where people of all political perspectives engage in a lively debate about their county’s future.”

(Robert Blake, US Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asia, The Kathmandu Post, 17 Sept.)

‘I am still the vice-president. If anybody thinks that the vice-president’s post is vacant, then the authorities can initiate the process of election for the new VP.”

(Parmananda Jha, The Himalayan Times, 17 Sept.)


“Nepalis have achieved much over the past 20 years. They have transformed an absolute monarchy into as vibrant democracy [just wondering if the pointman for the Obama administration for South Asia thinks Nepali society was vibrant during the 10-year Maoist people’s war when 15,000 persons were massacred in the biggest mass murder recorded in Nepali history or after 2005 when accepted norms and beliefs were thrown aside and replaced by beliefs without extensive public debate and when a constitution is being imposed without genuine and extensive people’s participation and a culture of stone-throwing to push political agendas has been established] where people of all political perspectives engage in a lively debate about their county’s future.”

(Robert Blake, US Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asia, The Kathmandu Post, 17 Sept.)

‘I am still the vice-president. If anybody thinks that the vice-president’s post is vacant, then the authorities can initiate the process of election for the new VP.”

(Parmananda Jha, The Himalayan Times, 17 Sept.)

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Three parties fail to break stalemate

Kathmandu, 17Sept: UCPN (Maoist), Nepali Congress and CPN-UML failed to break a political stalemate after two days of successive discussions Wednesday/Thursday.
The ruling parties and main opposition discussed a common resolution in parliament to break an impasse.
Congress particularly opposes a Maoist censure motion against the president in parliament.
Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal is particularly interested to negotiate a breakthrough before he leaves for New York to attend the annual UN general assembly session and a meeting with US President Barak Obama.
Because of the four-month stalemate, the annual budget for fiscal year l2009/10 hasn’t yet been approved by parliament.
Maoists continue to disrupt public meetings addressed by the president, prime minister and ministers opposing what they call unconstitutional retention of sacked Army Chief Gen Rukmangud Katawal who has now retired.

Four more swine flu cases reported

Kathmandu, 17 Sept: With four more swine flu cases reported , the number of cases recorded in the country has risen to 35 with no deaths, health ministry said.
Fresh cases were reported in two persons coming from US and Rumania.

Maoists seek replace of unique national flag

Kathmandu, 17 Sept: Maoists have proposed the replacement of the unique national flag with two triangles.
Maoists Wednesday proposed its replacement with star-studded flag with stars for each proposed province.
The move was opposed by Nepali Congress and several other parties.

Bomb found near US embassy

Kathmandu, 17 Sept: A pressure cooker bomb was found near the US embassy Wednesday.
The defused bomb wasn’t fused with a detonator.
The home of Vice-President Parmananda Jha has also been repeatedly targeted.

CIAA cancels police jacket purchase

Kathmandu, 17 Sept: CIAA Wednesday cancelled a multi-million rupee order for purchase of 57,000 jackets by Nepal Police.
The CIAA said the order was irregular.
Nine officers, including IGP Ramesh Chandra Thakuri, were guilty for irregularity, CIAA said.
The anti-graft body is seeking explanation from them.

US defence official in town

Kathmandu, 17 Sept: US Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defence for South Asia and Southeast Asia Robert Scher arrived on a three-day visit to Kathmandu on Wednesday, Republica reports.
Scher held talks with Defence Minister Bidya Bhandari on the day of his arrival.
He is scheduled to meet with the home minister and other political leaders on Thursday.
Although the American embassy has termed this visit regular, Army sources have claimed that he is here for a review of US aid programs.

Prachanda meets Chinese officials in Hong Kong

Kathmandu, 17 Sept: Chairman Prachanda met senior Chinese officials in Hong Kong, Kantipur reports.
They weren’t identified.
Prachanda returns home Thursday.

Three jailed in a Costa Rica for smuggling Nepalis

Kathmandu, 16 Sept: A Costa Rican court has ordered three Colombians jailed for up to a year pending an investigation into charges they smuggled 54 US-bound migrants from Arica and Nepal, AP reports from San Jose.
Authorities detained the migrants and the three Colombians after their boat arrived on the Costa Rican coast Saturday.

Jha’s response defective

Kathmandu, 16 Sept: The attorney general’s office has returned the written response of Parmananda Jha written to the supreme court as vice-president, Nagarik reports.
The response was returned as it should have been written in a personal capacity not as vice-president.

Security council meets after seven months

Kathmandu, 16 Sept: Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal Tuesday chaired a meeting of the national security council after seven months.
For the first time Nepal chaired the meeting after becoming prime minister.
The government ordered officials to prepare a national security concept with cooperation of all parties.

Maoists break unlocked PADP complex

Kathmandu, 16 Sept: Visiting Indian Foreign Secretary Nirupama Rao Tuesday offered worship at Nepal’s holiest shrine Pashupatinath temple after Maoists broke locks at the complex of the Trust complex.
They padlocked the complex.
Maoists have violently opposed the traditional appointment of two Indian priests at the temple where the issue is not the appointment of Indian priests but the transparent management of offerings there.
Indian government sternly protested the Maoist attack on priests after their appointment by another communist-led government.


Bottlers Nepal Terai back in business

Kathmandu, 16 Sept: After a two week shutdown, Bottlers Nepal Terai resumed production Tuesday in Chitwan.
Transport workers of the manufacturers of Coca-Cola charged they had not been paid for seven months.
Management fulfilled major demands.

Citizens Bank International announces dividend

Kathmandu, 16 Sept: Citizens Bank International announced a 10 percent cash dividend and 1:1 right share for shareholders from its 2008/09 profit.
The bank posted a Rs 95.8 percent profit in the fiscal year.


“There are certain developments that are worrisome. Infiltration across the line of control and also via other routes such as Nepal, Bangladesh and the sea is going up. I would like to say frankly that we have not achieved as much as we would l have liked in containing this [Naxal or Indian Maoist] menace.”

(Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh admission after refusing to negotiate with Naxals even while providing support, protection to Nepal’s Maoists in self-exile in urban Indian jungles and sending them across the border in April 2006 to topple monarchy creating present Nepal chaos, AFP report, The Kathmandu Post, 16 Sept.)

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Laxman Prasad Aryal dead

Kathmandu, 16 Sept: Retired supreme court justice Laxman Prasad Aryal died Wednesday after a protracted illness.
As coordinator, Aryal helped present rulers draft the interim constitution after a 1990 basic law drafted by the incumbent rulers was shred to pieces by them.
With fundamental and deep difference between major political players a new constitution is unlikely to be rafted within the 28 May 2010 deadline.
Aryal also helped draft the 1990 constitution.
Rarely in the world are there people who draft a replacement constitution by shredding one they helped write raising a question on their fundamental political beliefs and personal credibility.
One politician even claims of having led and participated in five ‘revolutions’ in Nepal in 50 years.

Maoist protests greet president in Lumbini

Kathmandu, 16 Sept: Maoist protesters Wednesday greeted President Dr Ram Baran Yadav with black flags at Lumbini, the birthplace of The Buddha.
Yadav flew into Lumbini from Pokhara where he was also greeted with Maoist protests Tuesday.
Maoists are opposing what they call the president’s unconstitutional decision to retain sacked Army Chief Rukmangud Katawal who has retired.

Two Indians arrested with socket bombs

Kathmandu, 16 Sept: Two Indians were arrested with 10 socket bombs in Lalitpur Monday.
Arun Singh and Mahamud Rashit had links with Madesh Tigers, police said.

Indian dacoits kill to in Sunsari

Kathmandu, 16 Sept: Armed Indian dacoits from across the border killed two persons in Sunsari overnight.
The villagers were killed when they fought off the thugs.

Party flags banned at Maoist cantonments and camps

Kathmandu, 16 Sept: Portraits of political party leaders and party flags will be banned at 28 cantonments and satellite camps when a code of conduct for 19,000 plus combatants is enforced.
A technical committee of the special committee on supervision, integration and rehabilitation of Maoist combatants of
submitted its suggestion Tuesday to Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal who heads the special committee which will discuss it later this week for implementation.
The 20-point suggestion bans the movement of armed Maoists outside the camps.
A special civilian committee has been suggested to manage the PLA; the committee comprises retired army and police officers and Maoists.


“The manner in which our president, prime minister, foreign minister, and Chief of the Army have gone out of their way to meet the Foreign Secretary of India Nirupama Rao simply makes all proud Nepalis shake their heads in shame.”

(Rajesh Sen, The Kathmandu Post, 16 Sept.)

‘The present government is elected by the people. I am also a representative of the people.”

(President Dr Ram Baran Yadav, Republica, 16 Sept.)

Monday, September 14, 2009

Maoists, police clash in Pokhara

Kathmandu, 15 Sept: Maoists Tuesday clashed with police in the resort town of Pokhara where President Dr Ram Baran Yadav inaugurated a conference of community forest officials.
The president was escorted to the conference venue under heavy security for the inaugural ceremony.

Prisoner dead

Kathmandu, 15Sept: A prisoner injured overnight in a Sunsari prison clash died Tuesday as he was undergoing treatment at a Dharan hospital.
Arjun Tamang died of injuries in the clash.
Prisoners blamed jailers for excesses in prison.

Another bomb defused on near VP Jha’s home

Kathmandu, 15 Sept: Another string bomb was defused near the private residence of Vice-president Parmananda Jha Tuesday morning.
Army bomb disposal unit defused a socket bomb there Monday.

Heavy security for president in Pokhara

By Bhola B Rana

Kathmandu, 15 Sept: There was heavy security deployment for President Dr Ram Baran Yadav in Pokhara Tuesday where he arrived to inaugurate a conference of community forest officials.
Maoist activists with black flags have assembled in the town to protest what they call unconstitutional presidential act to retain sacked Army Chief Gen Rukmangud Katawal who has now retired.
The president is for the first time inaugurating a programme outside the capital.
President Monday cancelled a inaugural programme at Gokarna in the capital fearing Maoist obstruction.
Maoists have been staging obstructing the movement of the president, prime minister and ministers as part of their anti-government protests.
In Nuwakot Maoists disturbed a programme attended by Minister Prakash Sharan Mahat Monday.
Deputy Prime Minister Bijaya Kumar Gachedhar was greeted with black flags in Biratnagar Monday as well.

PM Nepal holds discussions with Indian foreign secretary

Kathmandu, 15 Sept: Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal Tuesday held discussions with Nirupama Rao before the Indian foreign secretary returns home at the lend of her two-day visit.
There was no agreement when she asked Nepal to sign a controversial extradition treaty which will now be discussed by home secretaries of the two countries in November.
There was also no agreement to place Indian air marshals on commercial flights between India and Nepal and the signature on strip border maps which India claims will resolve 98 percent of border claims.

15 Nepalis detained in Costa Rica

Kathmandu, 15 Sept: Costa Rican authorities detained 54 US-bound migrants, including15 from Nepal after their boat arrived on the central American country’s coast, AP reports from San Jose.
Authorities were treating some of them for dehydration.
Officially earlier said all 54 migrants were from Africa. But after interviewing them, authorities reported 15 were from Nepal.

US grant for restoring Patan durbar

Kathmandu, 15 Sept: The UN ambassador’s cultural preservation gave Rs 69 million grant to Kathmandu Valley Preservation Trust for the restoration of the Patan royal palace in Lalitpur.
Nepal is one of three recipients of the fund this year.
US embassy has funded restoration of eight other cultural sites in Nepal.

China seeks deployment of APF along Nepal-Tibet border

Kathmandu, 15 Sept: Chinese authorities have shown interest in the deployment of Armed Police Force (APF) along Nepal-China border, Rajdhani reports.
China has offered a $1.5 nillion grant for the deployment.
Military attaché at the Chinese embassy Monday discussed possible assistance for the deployment with Chief of security unit and home ministry spokesman Jaya Mukunda Khanal.
A senior home ministry source said a police contingent of 237 persons headed by a SP is being deployed at Tatopani, Kantiupur reports.
Border security force is also being deployed along 13 border districts, including Humla, Dolpa, Mustang, and Taplujung.
Border security force has been deployed along 18 districts with India.

KP Oli Japan bound

Kathmandu, 14 Sept: CPN-UML leader KP Sharma Oli has left for Japan on the invitation of CPN-UML activists there.
He is likely to meet Japanese members of parliament with the help of Nepali embassy officials.
Oli left for Japan even as the party standing committee was meeting Tuesday to discuss a bitter intra-party dispute.

Bomb against defused near vice-president’s residence

Kathmandu, 14 Sept: Army Monday bomb disposal unit again defused a socket bomb planted near the private residence of Vice-president Parmananda Jha in the capital.
Jha has not only refused government and supreme court requests to take an oath of office in Nepali but hasn’t stepped down.
The court said his oath in Hindi one year ago was unconstitutional.
The stance of the former supreme court justice who presided over apex court proceedings in Nepali has triggered a language crisis.

Nepal no to Indian request to sign extradition treaty

By Bhola B Rana

Kathmandu, 14 Sept: Nepal Monday said it isn’t ready yet to sign a new extradition treaty with India that gives New Delhi.
Visiting Indian Foreign Secretary Nirupama Rao pressed for its approval an the first day of a two-day visit.
The treaty was negotiated by the government of Girija Prasad Koirala before 2006 but Maoists stopped its ratification after joining the political mainstream in 2006.
The treaty will give India sweeping rights to extradite even non-Nepalis to India for trail New Delhi considers India’s enemies.
Nepal recently handed over several Pakistanis to India which New Delhi falsely accused of anti-Indian activities form Nepal.
Nepal said there was no political consensus on the treaty between political parties.
Nepal also rejected immediate demand to sign strip border maps that India says will resolve 98 percent loft h border claims as New Delhi has encroached on Nepali territory against the spirit of the 1815 Saugali treaty.
Rao held discussions with her Nepali counterpart Gyan Chand Acharya after arrival.
Nepal and its politicians have been according going out of protocol to accord top courtesy and priority to Indian and western bureaucrats during their Nepal visits.
Nepali Congress President and President Dr Ram Baran Yadav accorded such treatment to Rao Monday by holding political discussions with her.
Her contacts should normally have been limited to her Nepali counterpart and the foreign minister.
It will take Nepal a long time to get out of the
net of foreign involvement and interference in internal Nepali affairs after foreign capitals were openly welcomed by leading parties, including Maoists who now complain of foreign interference.
A 12-point New Delhi accord was signed between Maoists and seven parliamentary parties not in Kathmamndu, Biratnagar, Rolpa or other Nepali centers but in the Indian capital with Indian government involvement with the agreement of present rulers.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Maoists, police clash at PM Nepal programme

Kathmandu, 14Sept: Several persons were
injured Monday morning when police clashed with Maoists who obstructed a university convocation address by Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal in Biratnagar.
Maoists disturbed a meeting of the prime minister in Chitwan Sunday.
Nepal has accused Maoists on attempting split his CPN-UML party and bring down the government by using some members on UML.
The leaders of two biggest communist parties have been exchanging public rebukes lately.

Chief justice defends Jha decision

Kathmandu, 14 Sept: Supreme Court Justice Min Bahadur Rayamaji Sunday defended a division bench verdict that asked Vice-President Parmananda Jha to retake an oath of office in Nepali to continue as vice-president.
Jha has defied the court and government order without resigning.
Government has withdrawn perks and privileges for him but he continues to receive support of terai parties for taking an oath one year ago in Hindi creating a language issue.
“The decision is per law and the constitution,” Rayamajhi said.
Jha Sunday wrote to the supreme court saying a writ challenging the legality of his oath in Hindi was unconstitutional and demanded it be rejected.

Bamdeb Gautuam hits out at PM Nepal

Kathmandu, 14 Sept: CPN-UML Deputy Chairman Bamdev Gautan has protested Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal’s charge Maoists are attempting to split the party with help of top CPN-UML leaders.
“ Such thought of the prime minister from the chair shouldn’t even have been conceived. He has started all sorts of complexities in the party,” Bamdeb Gautam told Nagarik Sunday.
‘He can’t meet national responsibilities with such statements. The prime minister should’ wag tongue; instead he should talk sensibly.”
Without naming Gautam, PM Nepal said in Chitwan Sunday some leaders in CPN_UML were supporting Maoists,
“Such comrades are deceiving the party by backing the Maoists who are active against the government,: Nepal said in a public speck.
Nepal poured venom against Prachanda and Maoists Saturday\Sunday after the Maoist chairman in a public address last criticized ruling parties CPN –UML and Nepali Congress.
Calling Maoists murderers, Nepal said,” Maoists are behaving in a way as they won CA elections in the whole country. If they continue their unruly behaviour, thy will soon meet the fate of Pol Pot.”

New Indian foreign secretary Rao arrives

By Bhola B Rana

Kathmandu, 14 Sept: Newly appointed Indian Foreign Secretary Nirupama Rao arrived for a two-day official visit Monday morning.
She is holding bilateral talks with Foreign Secretary Gyan Chandra Acharya
to push agreements agreed during Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal’s just concluded India visit.
She is holding talks with Nepal, Foreign Minister Sujata Koirala and leaders of political parties.
Sujata returned home Sunday night from China where she laid the groundwork for PM Nepal’s impending China visit.
India’s trouble shooter Prof SD Muni, a government if India operative in the guide of an academic, laid the groundwork for the Rao visit by meeting top party leaders including Prachanda and Nepali Congress President Girija Prasad Koirala.
India is concerned with deep political differences between political parties delaying the drafting of a constitution to replace the interim constitution.

Maoists shut down schools

Kathmandu, 14 Sept: Maoists shut down higher secondary schools nation-wide Monday for the second successive day forcing thousands of students to stay away from schools.
Maoists said they will force closure for four consecutive days pressing 13 demands.
Maoists demanded fives teachers for every higher secondary school where fees should be uniform; education should be free up to 12 class and education should be standardized.

Auspicious time for tika at 1.55 in the morning

Kathmandu, 14 Sept: The auspicious for tika on Bijaya dashami [28 Sept] is at 10.55 in the morning, Annapurna Post reports.
The Panchayan decision committee fixed the time following a meeting.

Prachanda Hong Kong bound

Kathmandu, 14 Sept: Chairman Prachanda flew for Hong Kong overnight to organize a training camp for party workers in the island.
He is scheduled to return home Thursday.
Foreign department Chief Krishna Bahadur Mahara is in the chairman’s team.
The Maoist chief is accompanied by wife Sita.


Remittances increase 47 percent

Kathmandu, 14 Sept: Remittances surged 47 percent to Rs 209.69 billion in fiscal year 2008/09, Nepal Rashtra Bank said.
Remittances in 2007/08 was Rs. 142.7 billion.

Maoists obstruct PM Nepal’s programme

Kathmandu, 13 Sept: Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal was held up at Bharatpur airport in Chitwan for more that one hour Sunday after Maoist obstruction.
The prime minister took a circuitous route to inaugurate a programme in the town.
Finance Minister Surendra Pandey escaped unhurt Saturday when his care was stoned by Maoists in Pokhara.

Assembly to discuss judicial system

Kathmandu, 13 Sept: A five-day meet of the constituent assembly began Sunday to discuss a proposed judicial system.
Maoists have proposed a system for the appointment of judges by parliament with a power for judicial review.
There’s widespread opposition to the Maoist proposal.
The assembly, after failure of five subject committees to submit proposals for inclusion in a new constitution, in a revised schedule set 28 May 2010 as a fresh deadline to promulgate a constitution to replace an interim constitution.
Only six of 11 subject committees have prepared proposals for a constitution.

Gupta elected deputy leader

Kathmandu, 13 Sept: Jayaprakash Prasad Gupta has been elected deputy leader of the parliamentary party of MJF.
Gupta was elected Saturday by the parliamentary party meeting.

Maoists charge combatants levy

Kathmandu, 13 Sept: Maoists take levy monthly more than Rs 500 from 19,602 combatants, Nagarik reports.
Government provides each combatant Rs 5,000 per month.
A commander said combatants contribute Rs 111.7 million to the party.

SAARC foreign ministers to met in New York

Kathmandu, 13 Sept: SAARC foreign ministers will meet in New York 25 September on the sidelines of the UN annual general assembly session, Annapurna Post reports.
The meeting was first scheduled to be held in Colombo.

PADT official unhurt in Maoist attack

Kathmandu, 13 Sept: Sushil Nahata, member secretary of Pashupati Area Development Trust (PADT), escaped unhurt in a Maoist attack at his office in the capital overnight.
Nahata lsaid Maoists were responsible for the attack.
Maoists have protested the appointment of two Indians priests at Pashupatinath temple.

16 Nepalis arrested in South Korea

Kathmandu, 13 Sept: South Korea has arrested a huge number of migrant workers, including 16 Nepalis ahead of a crackdown on illegal migrants scheduled for October and November, Republica reports.
Most of the Nepalis, who have over-staying their visas, are taking refuge at religious and labour shelters.

Maoists murderers: PM Nepal

Kathmandu, 13 Sept: Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal Saturday said Chairman Prachanda is attempting wrest his power and offer it to other political party leaders.
“He’s going around saying he will make leaders of all political parties prime minister.
“UML is not a Maoist slave to obey all its diktat. Maoists now regard me as a step brother. They can’t even tolerate the mention of my name. They are always pouring venom against me,” Nepal said angrily.
He called Maoists killers who can be converted to a Buddha.


“Maoists are plotting to split the Congress by promoting Sujata Koirala.”

(Congress Vice-president Ram Chandra Paudel, Rajdhani, 12 Sept.)

“…foreigners don’t desire a constitution within the deadline. If that happens, they’ll again propel the king.”

(CPN-UML leader Bamdeb Gautam, Rajdhani, 12 Sept.)

“Groupism has become a cancer for the party.”

(PM Nepal, Naya Patrika, 12 Sept.)

“Party leadership has become leader of one group.”

(CPN-UML leader JP Sharma Oli, Kantipur, 12 Sept.)

“Parliamentary democracy is merely a platform for people to chat. We won’t accept th system and will write the constitution to establish the people’s federal republic instead.”

(Maoist leader Mohan Baidya Kiran, The Himalayan Times, 12 Sept.)

“I had said communists are uncivilized.”

(Giirija Prasad Koirala in a Annapurna Post cartoon as he watches PM Nepal and Prachanda exchange abuses, 13 Sept.)

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Constitution won’t be drafted within deadline: Jhalanath Khanal

By Bhola B Rana

Kathmandu, 12 Sept: Ruling CPN-UML party Chairman Jhalanath Khanal said Saturday the constitution won’t be drafted within the 28 May 2010 deadline because of deep differences in political parties.
He issued the prediction to reporters at Biratnagar and warned the failure will trigger an a crisis and emergency.
He called the government led by Madhav Kumar Nepal, former party general secretary, a national government which Maoists should join.
But Dr Baburam Bhattarai said in Dandeldhura Saturday the government must be toppled and there was no alternative to a people’s movement.
He justified the movement charging the president for repeatedly violating civilian supremacy..

PM Nepal to attend peacekeepers meet in New York

Kathmandu, 12 Sept: Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal will attend a meeting of major nations contributing to UN peacekeeping efforts worldwide in New York in September.
Nepal files for New York 20 September to address the annual UN general assembly session and will return home 28 September.

Bomb defused in front of UML office

Kathmandu, 12 Sept: A bomb was defused overnight in front of the CPN-UML office in Dhanusha.
Goit group of All Terai Liberation Front took responsibility for planting the bomb.
A bomb was planted at the home of a CPN-UML leader is Jhapa as well this week.

PM Nepal hits back at Prachanda and Maoists

By Bhola B Rana

Kathmandu, 12 Sept: Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal Saturday hit back at Prachanda calling the critical comments of the Maoist chairman particularly against CPN-UML and Nepali Congress ‘height of uncivilized thinking’.
Nepal said he had efforted to make Maoists ‘cultured’ and make Prachanda a Buddha.
Prachanda’s Friday Kathmandu address was ‘dominated by military thinking,” Nepal said in the capital within 12 hours of the Prachanda address.
Nepal said his government won’t fall until a constitution is drafted despite Maoist prediction of an imminent government collapse.
Chairman of the main constitution drafting committee Nilambar Acharya asked Maoists to sit for a dialogue by abandoning parliamentary and street protests.
“The army has bid farewell to Katawal and a janajati has become the army chief. We believe that the Nepal Army and the police forces will abandon their old monarchical mindset.
“I don’t believe the army will dance to the tune of the foreigners and the kings,” Prachanda said Friday.
“”There must be someone like Gyanendra to kick them [CPN-UML and Congress] into line though I am not saying that he should be restored.
“Now is the time to send political parties to the jungle. We dispatched the king to the jungle from the palace. Old friends in political parties! Now it’s your time, “the Maoist chief added.
“I didn’t expect he [Nepal] would be a puppet of reactionaries and foreigners.
:”Rumours are being spread by agents Maoists are attempting to seize power. Those who applied to Gyanendra for premiership are now seeking foreign help to be government chief,” Prachanda said.

Army will help enforce special security plan: Gen Gurung

Kathmandu, 12 Sept: Army Chief Gen Chandraman Singh Gurung said the army will help enforce the special security plan of the government without adversely impacting the interim constitution and the broad peace agreement, Kantipur reports.
He issued the directive at a coordination meeting of six division chiefs and department heads Friday.
He said the army is a wing of government which should be helped.

Arjun Bista wins 3rd Kathmandu marathon

Kathmandu, 12 Sept/: Arjun Bista of Nepal Army clocked 2 hours, 25 minutes 36 seconds to win the 3rd Kathmandu Marathon and a $5,000 award Saturday.
Nine of 10 top runners were from the army.
Kanchi Maya completed the run in 3 hours five minutes and 46 seconds to collect $3,000.


“I brought Maoists from the people’s war into the peace process visiting remote corners in India and Europe. This time as well and by any means I will end obstructions to parliament.”

(PM Nepal, Gorkhapatra, 12 Sept.)

“A political body cannot supervise the enforcement of law and the constitution. Neither can it interpret the law and the constitution.”

(Lawyer Dr Bhimarjun Acharya, Republica, 12 Sept.)

Friday, September 11, 2009

Cabinet again expanded for 8th time

Kathmandu, 11 Sept: Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal expanded his cabinet for the 8th time Friday in more than four months including two members of TMLP.
One was appointed state minister and another assistant minister.
Those appointed are Chanda Chaudhary and Bindu Chaudhary.
The jumbo cabinet now has 44 members, including six representatives of TMLP.

24 bodies recovered

Kathmandu, 11 Sept: Bodies of 24 persons killed Thursday when a bus plunged into Sun Kosi river in Sindhupalchok have so far been recovered.
Nineteen bodies have been recovered.
Search continues for missing.

Prachanda threat

By Bhola B Rana

Kathmandu, 11 Sept: In a hard-hitting speck, Maoist Chairman Prachanda Friday warned CPM-UML and Nepali Congress particularly not to take what he called Maoist flexibility as weakness otherwise serious results will ensue.
He issued the warning at a public meeting attended by thousands of supporters at open air theatre in the capital.t
“A rebellion will not only kings but also their hirelings,” he warned saying,” Don’t take Maoists lightly.”
He claimed there was a conspiracy to kill him in Baluwatar when he was prime minister for nine months.
He said a conspiracy was being to put Maoists imprison and asked,”Who sent to be prison? These corrupt and looters are the ones who should
Be sent there. We should not let them walk the streets.”
“Those who lost have formed a majority government. A person who lost from two places is prime minister and a person who will lose from three constituencies will be president,” he said.
Prachanda asked parties to be serious for a political outlet soonest..
“People not Congress or UML have given Maoists responsibility to write the constitution,” Prachanda said.


Nepal, India aviation agreement to boost tourism

By Bhola B Rana

Kathmandu, 11 Sept: An aviation agreement this week between Nepal and India will help boost tourist arrivals and boost the tourism industry to met targets set for Tourism year 2011.
Nepal and India signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) Thursday for revising a 1997 bilateral air agreement and a technical agreement in the Indian capital after in two-day aviation talks that began Tuesday.
Designated airlines of both countries each can now lift passengers not exceeding 10,000 per week by flights to and from Bangalore and Mumbai and not exceeding 15,000 by weekly flights from New Delhi until 31 December 2010 January.
Passenger uplift previously was restricted to 6,000 persons per week.
Flights can be also be operated between the Nepali capital Chennai, Kolkata and Hyderabad.
Nepali carriers, private and public, can now fly to 22 more Indian destinations previously restricted to seven from Nepal’s regional airports.
For the first time, Indian carriers can technically operate flights besides Kathmandu to Pokhara, Lumbini, Biratnagar, Nepalgunj, Janakpur, Dhangadi and Bhairahawa.
Dehra Dun, Gorakhpur and Bagdogra are among 22 points opened for Nepali carriers technically as well.
Designated airlines of both countries have been permitted to exercise fifth freedom traffic rights to/from three points, other than points in the SAARC region.
Designated airlines of both countries can operate unlimited all-cargo service with any aircraft type with full third, fourth and fifth freedom traffic rights.
India will help install a VSAT terminal at TIA to improve communication facilities.
Nepal and India agreed to grant eh other fifth freedom traffic rights to pick up passengers to three destinations from intermediate points outside SAARC member states and West Asia.
India has demanded permission to place air marshals aboard flights between Nepal and India, The Kathmandu Post reports.